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2468 Diet Review

knife and fork The 2468 diet is another fad diet plan which is popular among those who seek a fast weight loss with little thought of the future. I tried to find out who came up with this plan, but couldn’t find any book or website which teaches it. It is mentioned on a lot of websites, but none of them is official in any way, and none seem to know the exact origins of this plan.

So, you can’t find out for sure why this diet is supposed to work and how much, if any, thought has been put into it. As you will shortly see when I lay out the fundamental details of the diet, it doesn’t seem like a lot of thinking took place when this diet was created. I have no idea how the 2468 Diet was created nor why it is the way it is.

One thing is clear: this is a very low-calorie diet. What you eat is irrelevant. The only thing which is important is how much calories you eat. Naturally, calories are important for weight loss. You need to have a calorie deficit to lose weight. However, this doesn’t mean that the lower your calorie intake is the better. In fact, there is a point in which it becomes counterproductive.

2468 Diet Plan

The diet is very simple. You have a 4 day eating cycle which you repeat as many times as you wish.

- On day 1 you consume 200 calories

- On day 2 you consume 400 calories

- On day 3 you consume 600 calories

- On day 4 you consume 800 calories
Then the cycle begins again with day 1. The amount of calories that you eat each day is what gives the 2468 diet its name. Quite catchy, isn’t it? I mean that in a cynical way. I truly have no idea how anyone came up with such a silly plan. Why not create the 3579 diet, instead? It makes as much sense.

As you can see, there isn’t any method or too much thinking behind this diet. You just cut down your calories to near starvation level at times so you lose weight. There is no real system or any consideration of long-term results. In fact, this diet is often talked about on forums in which anorexic girls wonder to poison each other’s mind with nonsense and crazy “systems”. I hate it when some idiot creates a dangerous plan and it actually gets used.

2468 Diet Pros and Cons


  • Can yield a short-term weight loss. This is strictly because of the calorie restriction. Because it is a routine which you’ll find hard to maintain for a long time.


  • An unhealthy diet plan. This is to say the least. It can damage your health. The risk grows the longer you stay on the diet.
  • Will likely lead to long-term weight gain due to metabolism slowdown. Cutting down your calories too low often does create this problem.
  • Too low in calories.
  • May cause tiredness, headaches, irritability, and other health problems.
  • Very hard to stick to. You will find it very challenging to eat so little.
  • Near starvation

In Conclusion

Don’t use this diet under any circumstances! It is just not healthy. It may produce a short-term weight loss but it will prove very challenging to maintain. You need to create a real change in your habits and lifestyle to really lose weight. This diet doesn’t teach you to create this change. It is just a gimmicky method.

If you want to lose weight without exercising but do it in a healthy and gradual manner, try the Fat Loss 4 Idiots diet. It’s a more sensible plan and it can deliver more lasting results than the 2468 diet.

Date published: September 19, 2009. Last modified: October 30, 2011

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