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80/10/10 Diet

80 10 10 diet cover The 80/10/10 Diet (also known as the 811RV diet) is a book written by Dr. Douglas Graham, a noted raw food specialist and a long time athlete.

During his long career, Dr. Graham has worked with several leading athletes and celebrities such as tennis champion Martina Navratilova, actress Demi Moore, and NBA player Ronnie Grandison. He has been eating raw food for over 20 years now.

80 10 10 Diet Overview

The basic principle of this diet is that you need to get 80% of your calories from carbohydrates 10% from protein and 10% from fat in order to lead an ideally healthy life, lose weight, remain energetic, and feel good.

Most of the carbohydrates should come from fresh fruit. This differentiates the 80/10/10 diet from other raw food and vegan programs which include large doses of pasta, rice, potatoes and so on to provide the bulk of the calorie intake.

In this over 300 pages book, Graham provides scientific evidence to support his theories that fruit should be the cornerstone of any healthy eating plan. The emphasis is on low fat fruit.

To make sure you consume enough calories, you are often driven to eat large quantities of the same fruit in a single meal. In fact, meals which constitute of a single fruit in large quantities are part of this eating plan, which some people find hard to handle at first.

In addition, you’re required to eat large amounts of green leafy vegetables like lettuce, spinach, celery, and so on.

In addition, non-nutritional factors also come into play as Dr. Graham discusses the importance of sleep, calmness, and other lifestyle factors which help you maintain a healthy and balanced body.

80/10/10 Diet Reviews

This book seems like something which not too many people will go for but this is far from the case. In fact, this book is high in the best seller lists on Amazon and enjoys excellent reviews. If you take a look at the Amazon listing for this book: 80/10/10 diet on Amazon, you will see that it has a 81% 4-5 stars rating. This is a very high approval rate for any diet book and shows that this book is well written and does provide value to its readers.

Pros and Cons


  • Based on scientific research and studies
  • Has excellent readers’ reviews
  • Written by a true and proven expert
  • Advocates physical exercise on a regular basis
  • Deals with lifestyle factors
  • Can help with many health issues


  • May require supplementing iron, calcium, and Vitamin B12
  • A strict eating plan
  • Requires eating a lot of fruit
  • Not the easiest diet plan to stick to
  • Requires you to give up many of your favorite foods

In Conclusion

As far as Vegan and raw food books go, the 80 10 10 diet is one of the most highly esteemed and respected ones. It is also recommended for people who plan on never going vegan because it opens up your mind to a whole new nutritional approach which you may take some parts of if not all of to incorporate into your own life.

The book is comprehensive, well written, and thought provocative. It is an interesting read even if you will only use parts of it. You can learn more about Dr. Graham’s approach from this interview.

Here’s a short video of Dr. Graham which features an 80 10 10 diet success story:


Date published: September 19, 2009. Last modified: April 8, 2012


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