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I first became interested in fitness and healthy nutrition when I realized I wasn’t going to lose weight any other way. At the age of 20, I decided to run for 3 miles in the neighborhood where I lived. Before I started I asked my father whether he thought I could make it. Dad, always the encouraging person in my life, told me that he doubted it. Thanks for being so supportive, Dad (-:

I proved him wrong that day… and the day after that… and the one after that.

In no time I became a running freak and all the neighborhood dogs knew me. They used to bark my praise when I ran by their homes. At least I think it was praise… I’m not sure.

In the peak of my ability I used to do two half-marathons each and every week. That’s me, always trying to reach for the sky.

In a matter of months I dropped over 30 pounds and have kept them off ever since. I attribute my success to a belief that nothing worth having ever comes easy. You have to work to achieve it.

On this site I hope to help as many people as I can learn from my experience and my knowledge. As a book worm, I quickly turned my passion of learning to health and fitness. This is why you will find many posts on this site with reference to research. I make it a habit to bring you the best and most updated information I can.

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Date published: September 7, 2009. Last modified: June 13, 2017


  1. Do you have any evaluations of RealW8 by Asantae? These are weight loss pills made from micro algae and a coffee derivative and have been getting a lot of attention recently. Did a little research and found out that this is an MLM company.

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