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The Cotton Ball Diet – Crazy To The Extreme

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They say that desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess that a lot of people are feeling pretty desperate about their weight to try this new and ludicrous method: the Cotton Ball Diet. I shouldn’t be surprised. Crazy diets are nothing rare. They’re quite the norm. Every once in a while a nutty plan [...]

Date published: July 14, 2013. Last modified: July 14, 2013

Managing Expectations

Beautiful young woman working out in fitness club

Let’s talk about expectations for a moment; we all have them whenever we begin a fitness routine or go on a diet. How do you manage these expectations and ensure they don’t hinder you as you strive to achieve your goals. A weight loss goal can be articulated as an expectation, but it doesn’t have [...]

Date published: May 15, 2013. Last modified: May 15, 2013

I Could Never Do That – How To Achieve Anything

Man jump

Why does it take us so long to change our life even when the desire to do so is very powerful? Is it because that this change is objectively hard or are we sabotaging our own success? Looking back on my life and the things that I’ve accomplished and the personal transformation that I have [...]

Date published: April 3, 2013. Last modified: April 3, 2013

Irrational Fears About Fitness And Weight Loss

Brunette Athlete on Track

Losing weight can be highly emotional. There’s a great degree of insecurity involved. A lot of irrational fears. Some of these are more common than others, but they are all potentially damaging. Let’s go over five of these irrational fears and eradicate them one by one. If I Lift Too Heavy I Will Get Bulky [...]

Date published: February 21, 2013. Last modified: February 21, 2013

Diet Tips To Disregard

empty plate

The internet and magazines are full of diet tips to the point of overflowing. It is quite a challenge to separate the true tips from the misleading ones, to know what is useful and what is useless. What we’ll do in this post is go over some of the common misleading tips so you won’t [...]

Date published: February 10, 2013. Last modified: February 10, 2013

Long-Term Weight Loss – What Does It Take

sexy woman

Most people who want to lose weight want to do it right now. OK, they’re willing to give it a week or a month tops. Six weeks, but that’s it. No more. Even people in their 20s with 70 years of life ahead of them have this mindset. If you ask them, though, for how [...]

Date published: January 18, 2013. Last modified: January 18, 2013

Morning Exercise Tips For An Awesome Early Workout

exercise myths busted by man and woman exercising

I’ve written before about why I love morning workouts and how I include them in my morning ritual. I believe that the morning is a fantastic time to exercise, especially if you’re busy and your schedule is hectic. The reason is simple: getting your workout done in the morning is the only way to make sure [...]

Date published: January 17, 2013. Last modified: January 17, 2013

5 Common Beginner Exercise Mistakes

Young woman weight training

You signed up to a gym and you’re feeling excited and full of energy. You lace your sneakers, grab your workout gloves, a towel, and head out to the gym. On the way, you’re thinking about how good it will feel to pump weights or hop on the treadmill. You can already feel your muscles [...]

Date published: January 14, 2013. Last modified: January 14, 2013

6 Reasons NOT To Buy An Abs Machine

woman with flat abs

Where there’s a strong desire there will be plenty of products. In the world of fitness, there is no stronger desire than getting flat abs. This is why many sports stores carry a number of abdominal exercise machines and why the Internet and shopping channels are inundated with advertisements for these contraptions. No one knows [...]

Date published: December 30, 2012. Last modified: December 30, 2012

7 Ways To Make Your Resolutions Stick

Man jump

The new year is around the corner and as 2012 flips over to 2013, so does your mind turns to the goals that you failed to achieve in 2012 and those you wish to achieve in 2013. This is a valuable time and must not be squandered. This kind of focus and desire for change [...]

Date published: December 29, 2012. Last modified: December 29, 2012

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