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Cheat Your Way Thin Questions And Answers

cheat your way thin cover The Cheat Your Way Thin Program by Joel Marion has become more and more popular over the past 2 years as the whole idea of cheating to lose weight has become more widely used in many diet plans.

This concept of cheating, of being allowed to eat non-dietary food and still lose weight is something that seems unreal. This is why there are so many questions about this program and why I decided to write this short questions and answers post.

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Question: What does “cheating to lose weight” mean, anyway?

Answer: “Cheating” is the act of indulging yourself in fattening foods and high calorie dishes every once in a while during a diet plan. Joel Marion uses what he calls strategic cheating to help you lose weight faster and achieve more long term results. In the Cheat Your Way Thin program, you’re allowed one day of cheating per week. On this day, you can eat practically anything you want and even overeat. You still lose weight.

Question: Is Cheat Your Way Thin a scam? It seems to good to be true.

Answer: This isn’t a scam and the testimonials prove it. While you may think that one day a week of cheating is too good to be true, you’re missing the fact that on the other six days you are eating a more traditional diet which allows you to create a calorie deficit and shed fat. So, while the one cheating day a week is nice, it is not the entire diet.

Question: Why do we need cheating anyway? Should we just eat like a regular diet prescribes for 7 days a week?

Answer: You can choose to do what you like but what Joel Marion states (according to his research) are two things:

  1. Having a cheating day helps you to better deal with the diet on a psychological level. You don’t feel deprived as you do on other diet plans and you can enjoy yourself while losing weight.
  2. Cheating actually helps you to lose more weight in the long run because it prevents your body from going into “starvation mode”, a state in which your metabolism slows down due to a low consumption of calories, making it harder and harder to burn calories and lose weight. Cheating “resets” this process and helps to maintain a higher metabolism than can be done with other diets.

Question: What’s the difference between this program and the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet plan?

Answer: Both programs were created by Joel Marion and both use cheating. However, they’re not the same. The Extreme Fat Loss Diet plan is a 25 day plan meant to provide a fast and furious fat loss. The Cheat Your Way Thin program is a more gradual plan and is easier to do. If you want a really fast fat loss go with the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. If not, stick with this one.

Question: How hard is the Cheat Your Way Thin Plan?

Answer: Losing weight cannot be done without making an effort, despite the many infomercials claiming otherwise. You do need to make an effort to succeed with this plan. However, because of the cheat day, this plan is not depriving or too difficult. I believe this is a program that is very doable.

Question: How can I be sure this actually works?

Answer: Joel Marion lists a ton of research sources he used to create this method. It’s not just something he made up out of the blue. In addition, there are many positive Cheat Your Way Thin testimonials that show how well this program actually works. That being said, no program works for everyone. In case it doesn’t work for you, you have a 60 day money back guarantee.

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Question: Do you recommend this program for teens?

Answer: No, this is a program that was created for adults only.

Question: How fast can I lose pounds with this program?

Answer: I can’t say anything definite like you can lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks with this plan or 30 pounds in a month. What I do know is that you can lose weight with this plan. This is the most important thing: your long term results, not how fast they occur.

Question: Does this program offer support of any kind?

Answer: Joel Marion offers email support for anyone who uses this plan.

Question: How do I know whether this program is for me?

Answer: As long as you’re committed to losing weight and you’re willing to make an effort to succeed, I believe this program is for you. However, only you can say whether you have this determination at the moment.

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Date published: June 19, 2010. Last modified: November 1, 2010

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