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Cheat Your Way Thin

cheat your way thin cover The Cheat Your Way Thin Program by Joel Marion is a fat loss plan that uses strategic cheating to help you shed body fat fast. Joel Marion is a well known and respected trainer and nutrition expert that is an expert on “cheating to lose weight”.

Strategic cheating happens when you eat non-dietary foods and fattening foods every once in a while according to a researched eating strategy to help you burn off calories faster (this program is based on over 306 research papers).

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This program has been used by thousands of men and women from all over the world to shed body fat and get lean with cheating. The foods you can cheat with include some that you wouldn’t find on a regular diet plan including pizzas, ice-cream, burgers, and so on. These foods can be used to actually help you achieve better results with your diet plan due to two main factors:

1. Psychology – We all know how hard dieting can be, how depriving it can become. Not being able to eat you favorite foods becomes a heavy burden that makes it harder and harder to stick to a diet for as long as you need to. By allowing you to cheat, Joel Marion makes it easy to stay on the program until you reach your target weight.

2. Physical - As I’ll explain further in this Cheat Your Way Thin review that you’re reading right now, you will find that cheating is actually better for you physically if you wish to lose fat and keep it off in the long run.

While you do need to mostly eat high quality, healthy food such as oats, fish, chicken, eggs, wild rice, whole foods, fruits, and vegetables, and so on in order to lose weight and keep it off, cheating to lose weight may give you even faster results…

How Cheat Your Way Thin Works

There are 4 types of eating day on the Cheat Your Way Thin program

1. Low carb days – Lots of protein, some fat, and lots of vegetables.

2. Low GI carbs  – Protein, vegetables and low GI carbohydrates such as wild rice and some pastas.

3. High GI carbs – The same as low GI only you can eat high GI carbs such as potatoes.

4. Cheat days – Eat whatever you want including junk food, pizzas, burgers, cakes, and so on.

On each week of the diet, you are instructed to follow a special order of these eating days. One thing that is repeated is that, once a week, you get a cheating day when you can basically eat what you want (and even overeat to a certain degree). This lets you build up your carb stores for the rest of the week and helps you to maintain a higher metabolism

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Why Does Cheating Help You To Lose Weight

To achieve and maintain a long term weight loss, you need to have a high metabolism. Your metabolism is what determines how fast or slowly your body burns calories. The slower your metabolism is, the harder it is for you to lose weight since you burn less calories and a calorie deficit is required to lose weight (you need to burn off more than you take in).

The problem with most diets is that they cause your metabolism to slow down. This is caused by the depriving nature of most weight loss plans.

You see, when you begin to cut down on your calories, your metabolism slows down gradually. This is because your body enters what is known as Starvation Mode and begins conserving energy. Starvation Mode is the result of long years of evolution and times in which food was scarce. This is the way your body protects itself when there’s not much food available. It saves the energy it has until you eat again.

Starvation mode is the reason why people hit a weight loss plateau where they just can’t seem to lose more weight. It is also one of the main reasons why people gain the weight back that they lost on their diet.

The Cheat Your Way Thin program helps you to avoid starvation mode. By allowing you to strategically cheat and give your body a boost of calories and carbs, you’re basically “tricking” your metabolism to continue running quickly, helping you to continue shedding weight and fat fast.

Naturally, you can’t eat what you want every day or you’ll just gain weight. This is why you get 1 cheating day a week. On the rest of the days, you eat to create a calorie deficit and you workout to burn even more. However, the added benefit is that now your metabolism is high and your body is working with you to burn even more calories and fat. This leads to a faster fat loss than you could have achieved with other diet plans.

There are 3 phases to this program:

1. Priming phase – This is a 3 week phase which is the most challenging as it gets your body into the fat loss “zone” and gets you ready for long term fat loss.

2. Core phase – This is a 1 week phase that you can do over and over again to shed weight more gradually and consistently until you reach your target weight.

3. Maintenance – This is the phase you can follow for the rest of your life to help you maintain your current weight.

On each phase you’re given easy to use guidelines to control portion sizes and eating recommendations, including healthy food choices for each day.

You need to workout 3 times a week for about 30 minutes on each workout.

What Cheat Your Way Thin Contains

Here are the things included in the Cheat Your Way Thin Program:

  • The Cheat Your Way Thin ebook which details all the eating strategy and the workout guidelines. What you should eat, when, why and so on.
  • An audio in which Joel Marion goes over how he created this program and why it works.
  • No fail video – In this video Joel Marion covers various situations you may encounter and how to stick to the program while you’re on them. These include travel, going out to eat, vacations, and so on.
  • Reference card that you can carry with you. These cards contain the basic elements of each eating day and how you need to stick to the plan on each day.
  • Workbook and success journal to help you stick to the program for as long as you need to reach your target weight.
  • 60 day money back guarantee in case you don’t like the program.

In Conclusion

Cheat Your Way Thin is a highly recommended fat loss plan for people who wish to burn fat fast without giving up their favorite foods. This has both psychological and physical benefits that can help you to achieve a long term and sustainable weight loss for many years to come. It is a program that requires some work on your part but the results may very well be worth it.

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Note: Joel Marion is also the creator of the highly successful Xtreme Fat Loss Diet

Date published: May 31, 2010. Last modified: October 29, 2010


  1. jamieeric says:

    Having a high metabolism, while it will help to shed weight fast is not as healthy as having a slower metabolism. Search online for calorie restriction and life time. There is a shown correlation between starvation mode as you say and living longer. Get to this mode first, then lose weight. It’s better for you to have a slower metabolism.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Calorie restriction is connected to longevity, but not the kind of restriction that leads to the “Starvation mode”.

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