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The Cotton Ball Diet – Crazy To The Extreme

Image Credits: Porsche Brosseau

Image Credits: Porsche Brosseau

They say that desperate times call for desperate measures. I guess that a lot of people are feeling pretty desperate about their weight to try this new and ludicrous method: the Cotton Ball Diet.

I shouldn’t be surprised. Crazy diets are nothing rare. They’re quite the norm. Every once in a while a nutty plan comes along, captures some media space, gets talked about by bored TV presenters (who push it out to a wider audience), and attracts a bunch of new desperados to give it a shot before it falls by the wayside, soon to be forgotten.

This program is just the latest example, though it is crazier than most of its counterparts.

Here’s a video talking about the diet.

What Is The Cotton Ball Diet

The diet came to be known after an interview with a model who reported its popularity among her colleagues. Models are under immense pressure to be thin—often, too thin—and some of them resort to crazy methods. In this case, the method is to eat cotton balls soaked in gelatin, or another substance with some taste in it, in order to create a sense of fullness, reduce hunger, and to cut down your overall calorie intake so you lose weight.

For my readers who are in any doubt allow me to clarify: cotton balls are not food and dipping them in gelatin or anything else won’t make them so. It would be like taking two strips of wood paneling, smearing peanut-butter between them and calling it a sandwich. It just ain’t so.

Eating cotton balls soaked in anything does not give you calories or nutrients or anything worth having. In fact, doing this carries with it severe health risks.

For one thing, have you ever tried eating a cotton ball? Please don’t even think about it. The first risk is that you will gag on the cotton as you try to take it down. This can lead to lung problems and a variety of other issues. It may also be life threatening if you find yourself unable to clear your airways.

Let’s say you got the cotton ball down. Your body is not equipped to handle such a thing. Your digestive system was not made to deal with cotton balls, as it is not food. Your bowels may get obstructed, you may suffer from intestinal issues, abdominal discomfort and pain, and just imagine what you’ll have to go through if your body can’t clear out these cotton balls. (Imagine, also, what you need to go through to clear them.)

I doubt that I need to spell it out but I think this diet is stupid and dangerous. It pushes the boundary of what crazy diets are. It charts new territory in extreme weight loss measures. It is a bad and silly way to try to lose weight. Anyone with a modicum of sense should avoid it at all costs.

Date published: July 14, 2013. Last modified: July 14, 2013

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