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My Review Of The Customized Fat Loss Plan

customized fat loss book covers The Customized Fat Loss Plan is a personalized nutrition and workout program created by Kyle Leon, a fitness model and certified nutrition expert.

Kyle has graciously given me access to his program so I could review it here for you. So, if you want to know the good and bad things regarding Customized Fat Loss, read this review.

What is Customized Fat Loss

As the name of the program implies, this is a program which offers a customizable nutrition plan to help you shed body fat quickly. The idea is that if you use a generic weight loss plan, you have a slim chance of succeeding because it wasn’t made specifically for you. With a customized plan, you can achieve faster and better results.

We’ll see how this works in a moment, but first let’s talk about the overall concept…

Fit Your Nutrition To Your Body Type

The basis of Kyle Leon’s program is that your nutrition plan should be customized to your body type. According to Kyle, each person belongs to one of 6 Somatotypes, or body types:

  1. Ectomorph – This is the very skinny body type with narrow shoulders and hips with thin arms. This body type finds it hard to put on muscle or fat.
  2. Mesomorph – This is the body type which gains muscle easily. They tend to have muscular arms, shoulders and calves, with narrow hips.
  3. Endomorphs – This is the “soft” body type which is prone to fat gain.
  4. Ecto-Mesomorph – A body type which is mostly Ectomorph but with come Mesomorphic traits.
  5. Meso-Ectomorph – Mostly Mesomorph but also shows some Ectomorphic traits.
  6. Meso-Endomorph – Mostly Mesomorph but slightly softer and more rounded in appearance.

Your body type isn’t just about how you look. Your optimal diet is also different. If you eat not according to your type, you will find it very hard to lose fat. If you do eat for your type, you will easily shed body fat. This is how Customized Fat Loss works.

Note: In the program Kyle Leon teaches a very simple way to find your body type. You shouldn’t have any problem with it.

Customized Meal Plans

When you first login to your account on Customized Fat Loss, you’re taken to a special software which allows you to create your own customized meal plans.

Here is a screenshot of the initial page with some details I entered:

customized fat loss software image

As you can see, you need to enter some details about yourself such as your gender, age, weight, and your body type.

Once you enter your details you are taken to a page in which you get 3 pre-designed meal plans which are made for your body type with the total number of calories and nutrients that you need to lose fat quickly.

There are meal plans for workout days and for resting days and there is an emphasis of the post workout meal being the most important. You can choose after which meal you plan to workout and you’re given a customized plan which fits your choice.

Here is part of a sample meal plan which was designed for me, it shows the first meal out of a total of 6 daily meals and snacks that you can eat (I just didn’t have space to paste the entire plan here):

customized fat loss meal plan

As you can see, I have detailed account of the total calories, fats, protein, fiber, and carbs from each food and meal.

But you’re not limited to the pre-designed meals, good as they are. You can also create your own.

The Customized Fat Loss system gives you the ability to create your own meal plans with you favorite foods and save them for your own use. The system then gives you a total calorie, protein, carbs, and fat count for the plan you designed and you can quickly see how close you are to the target totals which the system has determined for you (you can see that on the right of the image above).

This gives you the freedom to choose your own favorite foods and still lose weight. Naturally, you can’t eat as much as you want and some foods may not be in the system yet, but you’re still given an incredible amount of freedom and you can keep track of how you’re doing. You don’t need to guess anything.

Having such freedom, and the ability to change your meal plans anytime you want, will make is easier to stick to your plan and to achieve long-term fat loss.

Customized Fat Loss Workout Plan

This program also comes with a workout plan for 12 weeks. The workout plan is divided into 6 sections, one for each body type. The workouts combine a variety of methods:

  1. High intensity interval training.
  2. Low intensity cardio.
  3. Free weights training.
  4. strength machine exercises.

It should be noted that this plan is for intermediate trainees. If you’ve never entered a gym before or you haven’t been working out in recent months, you will need to do a less intense version of these workouts.


It should be noted that these workouts require access to a gym and, because they include working out past failure, they sometime require a spotter (someone to train with you).

Other than that, I find that these are pretty good and diverse workouts and I have no doubt that they will work for you.

1 Week Peak

Customized Fat Loss also includes a 7 day mini-plan which helps you reach peak condition in one week. However, this mini-plan is for people who are already lean. It just helps them look at their top form. You may use it before an ocassion after you go through the main program.

Pros and Cons


  • This is a customized nutrition plan which helps you lose fat faster.
  • You can pick your own food and craft your own meals.
  • The software is easy to work with and gives you a lot of options.
  • It is all done online so you can access your software from any computer.
  • Kyle Leon has an established record and has helped people to lose body fat before.


  • The workout plan is not for beginners.
  • As Kyle Leon works for a supplement company, he does try to get you to purchase their products. This may be a bit annoying but it’s not necessary to succeed with the plan.

In Conclusion

The Customized Fat Loss plan gives you great deal of control over your entire fat loss process. It allows you to create your own meals and makes sure that they fit your body type. It is obvious that a lot of thought has gone into this program.

I believe that you can get very good results with Kyle Leon’s plan. It has a lot of good information and is different from most online nutrition plans. To learn more about this program visit Customized Fat Loss.

Date published: July 1, 2011. Last modified: March 23, 2012


  1. Hey kelly I bought the muscle maximizer but I couldn’t get into the program so I got the refund. I was wondering if you know what went wrong. I did everything they emailed me and nothing worked. Does this work on a macbook pro laptop?

  2. I just wanted to say thanks for having the first objective and informative review of this product. Everything else I have found has pretty much been propaganda.

  3. Hi everyone!

    I represent the Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer & Customized Fat Loss programs by Kyle Leon. I came across this review and all of your posts so I thought I would make a post is case any of you would like to talk to me about our programs.

    Kelly S.P
    Muscle Meals Inc.

  4. I am in week 4 of Kyle’s program right now, and I am here to tell you that it WILL work you hard! The first couple of weeks I was sore all over, and then I got used to it, but it does do what it promises. The exercise programs are right on, intense, and not for beginners, but they do the job. I look better now than I ever have, and I am 57! I can hardly wait until I get done with the program and what I will look like then. And this is not even following the diet recommendations exactly. I use them as a guide, and eat healthy sugar free foods, but I don’t follow them to the T. Still, I am getting stronger, more ripped, and have lost even more weight, so I am making excellent progress. Try it, you will like it.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey TJ,

      Thanks for posting your experiences. Please keep us posted.

      • I lost my harddrive right after I bought this program. I cant seem to get tech support to answer me back but all I need is the website so I can get to the program. When I lost my harddrive I lost the book mark too.. HELP !!!

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