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Cut 67,675 Calories From Your Diet With 1 Simple Step

If you want to lose weight or stop gaining it, you need to control your calorie intake. I can show you a quick way in which you can cut, on average, 67,675 calories from your diet each year. If you don’t think that this is going to get you to drop a few pounds, then you’re in for a pleasant surprise.

How are you going to cut 67,675 calories (a big amount by any standard) from your diet? Easy, you’re going to stop drinking soda.

drinking water on a beach

Drink water and save over 60,000 calories a year

If you’re wondering whether I quit learning math in the third grade and simply don’t know what 67,675 calories really are, allow me to give you one fact you probably don’t know about:

The average American in 2010 consumed 44.7 gallons of soda (source). This means that, on average, each American drinks more than one can of soda each day and, on more days than not, consumes more than a full bottle of the stuff.

What does this have to do with all those calories?

Good question.

As there are plenty of soda drinks out there, I will use Coca-Cola as an example. According to Livestrong, a liter of coke contains 400 calories.

Now, let’s do some quick math: Each American consumes 44.7 gallons of soda a year. A gallon contains 3.785 liters. Each liter contains 400 calories. 44.7*3.785*400 = 67,675 calories!

It’s simple math, but the ramifications are far from easy or light.

What Do All Those Calories Mean?

If we take a simplistic approach and remember that 3,500 calories make up a pound of fat, it means that, on average, Americans are drinking over 19 pounds of fat each year. Does this mean that you will lose 19 pounds a year by not drinking any soda? Not necessarily.

The weight you will lose or gain depends on many factors: your metabolism, your whole diet, level of activity, health, etc. Just by cutting out a certain amount of calories, you’re not guaranteed a certain amount of weight loss. Sorry.

However, there is no doubt that this is a huge amount of calories and cutting them out of your diet will be a big help. In fact, if anyone asks me what they should do to lose weight, I would say that they need to watch what they drink. Now you know why I believe this is key.

Calories Are Not The Whole Picture

Calories are not always bad. You actually need them to function. They’re energy. What you want is that your sources of calories also provide you with good nutrients and actually make you less hungry.

Sodas do neither.

Sodas usually lack any substantial nutritional value. They are often rich in artificial sweeteners or refined sugar or salt, etc. They don’t really give you any decent amount of vitamins, minerals, or any other good nutrient. What they provide you is a big amount of empty calories.

Sodas often make you hungrier and thirstier. Have you noticed that? It’s because of what’s in them. They’re designed to create a taste for more, to get you to consume more of them. It’s good business.

What usually happens is that you actually eat more when you drink a lot of soda and it’s often junk food. So, the direct calories from sodas are not the only ones you will consume. You will likely eat more of them.

Water For Soda

As water has zero calories, if you swap soda for water, you will, on average, save 67,675 calories each year. However, if water alone seems bland for you, then tea and plain coffee contain a very low amount of calories and are good alternatives. You will save less calories, but the total will still be huge.

So, if you want to drop some pounds, quit drinking soda. You will cut your calorie intake down dramatically and this will make weight loss much easier.

Date published: July 27, 2012. Last modified: August 7, 2012

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