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Diet Solution Program Review – Does It Really Work?

The Diet Solution program by Isabel De Los Rios is a nutrition program that is likely to make some enemies in the world of f Diet Solution Program ebook image ood and nutrition and dieting.

The reason is that this program actually goes against a lot of what we think is true and sheds a whole different light on many of the foods we believe are healthy, and the dieting method we believe are effective.

Running this site, I’ve seen my share of bad diets and I also know more than one nutrition myth which millions of people fall for every single day around the world due to crafty marketing by food manufacturers or just a careless or lazy media.

Since the food we put into out body determines a great deal of how our life will be like and the way our health will continue, it is important for you to read this entire review very carefully.

Who Is Isabel De Los Rios?

Every program begins with the person behind It. In this case, we’re talking about Isabel De Los Rios, a well known nutritionist and the author of the Diet Solution Program ebook.

Well known for her no-nonsense style and in depth knowledge on food, health, the effects of modernization on our body and health,  Isabel De Los Rios is a world renowned expert with academic credentials. She is also a well known author, speaker, and practitioner. Simply put, she knows her material and how to deliver it.

In addition, she is not that sort of expert whose only knowledge comes from books and lectures. She has practiced what she preaches on herself. As Isabel was once overweight and suffered from all sorts of health problems, she has tried many dietary approaches over the years. As many of us experience, all of these diets failed miserably. It was only when Isabel set out to find a solution herself that she was able to find a real way to shed off the pounds and become much healthier.

This approach is different from regular diets as it’s not based on a specific plan, but is a personalization process that is created for each and every person based on his or her metabolism type.

This unique approach is the foundation of the Diet Solution Program.

The Diet Solution Program is a program that includes various resources on nutrition, weight loss motivation, exercise, and more. The main ebook deals with the nutritional approach of Isabel De Los Rios and it uncovers a lot of myths and false beliefs regarding so called “healthy foods” that aren’t really that healthy at all.

In fact, you may be shocked to discover that some of what you thought was good for you is, in fact, unhealthy and may make you fatter than you really are.

Here are some of the material covered:

* How to discover your metabolism type – This is the key of the program as you will build a special diet plan that’s made especially for you.

* Why certain popular weight loss methods are simply not necessary or even effective when it comes to achieving a long term weight loss.

* How to plan your meals for you.

* The truth about which foods are healthy and which aren’t.

* The real value of fats and how to find the good fats.

* Why dairy products may not be the best thing for you

* The truth about soy (expect a big surprise here)

* Additional massive information about healthy nutrition.

What I especially  like about the The Diet Solution Program is that it allows you to build a sensible eating plan without deprivation, or unbalanced consumption of macro-nutrients.

It is also one of the most extensive and impressive programs I’ve ever read and the closest thing to a nutrition bible which I’ve encountered.

Trial Offer

You can now try the entire DSP program for just $1. Yes, Isabel De Los Rios is so sure that you will like this program that she’s offering a $1 trial for 21 days. You get the entire program as if you paid the full price in one payment.

You can get the trial on the following page: DSP trial offer for $1

Diet Solution Program Testimonials

Naturally, the best way to see if a program works is to see what other people say about it. You can read a selection of testimonials from people who’ve used this program on this page: Diet Solution Program Testimonials

In Conclusion

This is one of the best nutrition manuals I have ever read and I believe that you can do very well with it both in terms of weight loss and in terms of health.

Here is an interview with Isabel De Los Rios about her method:

Date published: September 19, 2009. Last modified: November 8, 2012


  1. Idella C. Houston says:

    I have not heard from you regarding my order. I placed this order a while back. Yet, I have not received anything. Please look into this. Thank you
    Idella C. Houston

    • Hi Idella,

      This is a downloadable product so you should have gotten it straightaway. Please use the contact email in the receipt you got to get in touch with Isabel De Los Rios directly and she’ll assist you.

  2. I understand that this program is one you download but I don’t always have my computer with me. I would like to have the actual books to take with me to read. In a promo I saw for this program it mentioned the possibility of buying the books for a small fee after buying the download version. I have not seen anything about that since. Is it a possibility to order books?

    • Hi Leila,

      I’m not sure of the exact procedure. You can contact Isabel De Los Rios and ask after your order the program. You can also simply print out relevant sections.

  3. How come there are different prices for the same product? 97 and 47
    In addition, there are trials for 4.95 and 1?

  4. Is it possible to purchase a hardcopy of the Diet Solution or is it only on line??

  5. Hi,

    If possible, I would like someone to contact me regarding the Diet Solution. I am an RN/NP working with a unique organization who are working to “improve” the lives of their clients. All ideas are on the table. I would like to gather more information.

    Thank You.

  6. joe l mondragon says:

    then why have you not e-mail me a number.

    • Hi Joe,
      I’m afraid you can only order this diet online. Please don’t post your phone number here as it will appear openly on the site.

  7. Tracy Weber says:

    I just purchased the Diet Solution Program. Was supposed to have a number of “books” but only was able to keep 3 of the ebooks for some reason. I’m bummed because I ordered the whole package! Can’t seem to get thru on her email address to see about having the ability to get what I paid for….what to do??

    Thanks for any help.

    • Hi Tracy,
      When you ordered the DietSolutionProgram, you got a receipt in the email. In that email there’s the support email of the program. Contact Isabel De Los Rios through there.

      If you don’t find it email me at support [at] worldofdiets.com and I will try to contact her on your behalf.

      • Karen Cromwell says:

        do you have an email address for the DietSolutionProgram?? I have just paid by visa – but my computer froze at the key moment after paying…..and I can’t access the ‘contact us’ information.
        thanks K

        • Hi Karen,

          I can’t post it here on the site. In the receipt you got in your enail, there is a support email that you can write to. Let me know if you have any problem and I’ll help you further.

  8. Can you tell me the difference between this diet and Atkins? Watching the video, they appear to be almost exactly the same in information and education, with the slight difference being that the video indicates eat all the vegetables and fruits you want? Is that the only difference?

  9. I just purchased the product for the 4.95 trial for 21 days. I got an error message because I didn’t fill in the information requested when paying with paypal. For the PP did you click the complete this order button and not close the page as stated? It brought me to a login page I put in my information and was able to download the ebooks without issue. I just wanted to assure people this was not a scam as I was able to access the information promised.

  10. Donna Gilson says:

    when I e-mailed the site, it brings up an error message. so I tried the error e-mail it gave and nothing. I think this is a scam and I want my credit card refunded.

  11. Catherine Depola says:

    I have been on the Diet Solution for about 3 weeks now and thought I was doing great, but I have not lost not one single pound. I even jog every other day, 1-4 miles at a time. I have even followed the 14 days to a sexy body, the first two weeks and nothing. I do have an underactive thyroid, so I know that is one of the problems. I have elimated soy, what, high fructose,etc. Please Help, what is wrong?

  12. would like to order this, but it only calls for creditcard # and e-mail.
    How will I get it without giving an address??
    Is this for real or a scam????????

    • Hi Michelle,

      This is a digital product so all the manuals are downloaded to your computer.

      Once you order the program, you’ll be given a special link where you can download the program in minutes. No need to have anything shipped to you.
      So no, the Diet Solution Program is no scam.

  13. I dont have my own computer. Is there any way to purchase the books?

  14. gayle boudreaux says:

    do you have a book of The Diet Solution for those of us who can’t afford the Program?

  15. I believe that this diet will work and keep me healthy I would love to download it but I don’t want to watch the video again. I will look forward to your response and a way to go directlky to the download.

    Thank you,

    Chef Carol

  16. Sue Plagemann says:

    Please respond asap, I would like to down load your book
    thank you sue

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