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Does Coffee Make You Gain Weight

You like drinking your coffee but you’re worried that it may make you fat?

Good for you. A lot of coffee drinkers don’t even bother considering the possibility that coffee can make you gain weight. Because coffee isn’t a food but a beverage, they hardly think about how it can affect their body. This is a false and risky assumption. Drinks contain calories too and your body doesn’t care where your calories come from: solid or liquid, it’s all the same.


In this article I’ll share the truth about how coffee can ruin any diet plan and what you need to do to drink it without letting it make you fatter. If you want to continue enjoying your Cup of Joe without gaining weight because of it, check out the following tips…

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Can Coffee Make You Fat?

The answer is yes… and no. I’m afraid that this is a question that I can’t just answer with a single word. As I wrote in a previous article which talked about how many calories there are in coffee, I showed how coffee at its basic form contains less than 10 calories. For the most part, it contains less than 5. Plain coffee won’t make you put on weight.

However, not too many people drink their coffee plain these days. This is a time of “designer” coffee in which every cafe and coffee chain offers a variety of caffeine based beverages, each with different add-ons. Some of these drinks hardly taste like coffee anymore. Their calorie content is different too.

For instance, some coffees at various cafe-chains such as Starbucks, Tim Horton’s and Coffebean contain more than 300 calories. The average woman needs to consume less than 2,000 total calories in a day. For the most part, 15% of those calories do NOT need to be wasted on coffee. This is a sure way to create a calorie surplus which can make you fat.

Why do some of these coffees become so calorie rich?

It’s all in the additional ingredients. People add stuff to coffee which makes turns cup into a calorie trap. Things like sugar, cream, milk, chocolate, and so on. It’s similar to how a potato may not be high in calories, but when you cover it with cream, it is no longer diet friendly.

I doubt if most of the people who drink coffee each day are aware of just how many extra calories they may be putting into their body. Don’t be one of those people.

How to not gain weight with Coffee

1. Drink simple coffee – Drink coffee which is as close as possible to its plain form. The more things you add to your coffee, the more calories it is likely to contain.

2. You don’t have to drink a large, grande, or gigantic sized cup each and every time. The bigger the cup, the higher it is in calories. If you do drink a Latte or Mocha which tend to be higher in calories than regular coffee, stick to small and medium cups.

3. Avoid side dishes - A lot of people don’t drink coffee without eating a cookie or a small cake to go along with it. This may be the perfect combination as far as taste goes, but it is also a sure way to eat more empty calories which you don’t really need to consume.

4. Be aware of the calories – You can find the nutritional information of every drink in most, if not all, coffee chains. You need to do some reading and you may be shocked when you find just how much calories you’re drinking. Awareness will help you to take these calories into account when you consider the total amount of calories that you’re consuming.

5. Drink in moderation – You can lose weight while drinking coffee. Of that I have no doubt. It’s all a matter of calories in the end. However, if you like to drink calorie-rich coffee, it would be good if you did so in moderation. You don’t need to have multiple cups each day or even every day.

In Conclusion

Coffee does not make you fat. It’s all the stuff people put into it that is where the calories are really hiding. As long as you stick to plain coffee, you will be fine. Coffee can make you fat only if you stuff it full of sugar, cream, and other add-ons. If this the kind of coffee that you like, then you will have to drink less of it. Simple as that.

What kind of coffee do you like to drink?

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Date published: January 4, 2011. Last modified: July 29, 2012

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