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Don’t Go Hungry Diet

don't go hungry diet cover When Australian molecular scientist, Dr Amanda Sainsbury-Salis was a teenager, she, like many girls her age, went on regular diets. It was not that she was overweight but dieting was the fad she could not resist.

Many years of yo-yo dieting ultimately lead to her putting on weight. Years later, her career in medical research led her to the solution to her weight problem. ‘The Don’t Go Hungry Diet’ is the result.

The book begins with an understanding of bodily processes. When the body experiences food deficiency, there are alarm signals going off. Chemical and hormonal changes try to store up fat and protect the body from the perceived threat of famine. This is called the ‘Famine Reaction’ and this reaction makes it extremely hard to lose weight. The metabolism also suffers.

The author then goes on to explain how to achieve weight loss. According to her, eating nutritious food in sufficient amounts is the only way to boost the body’s metabolism. Eating this way does not lead to weight gain because the body has an internal weighing machine that keeps our weight balanced if we were to follow healthy eating principles. When dieters do not eat to satiate their nutritional needs, they experience food cravings.

The book does not offer any structured plan of action for weight loss. Instead, she suggests that readers become aware of their own dietary needs and eat accordingly. They must devise a plan that answers their unique needs.

The author does caution readers that they need to be patient because the program takes some time to take effect. The body needs some time to get used to the nutritious food you are putting in and will begin to react to it in a positive manner after a while.

According to the book, no foods are taboo. In fact, followers are encouraged to eat a wide variety of foods. This will arrest food cravings automatically.

However, there are suggestions for healthy food. For instance, followers are asked to take in foods that have a low glycemic index. Whole grains, legumes, nuts and vegetables help boost the energy of the body without inciting hunger.

The doctor also recommends exercise as an essential part of the weight loss plan. According to her, a person must take 8,000-12,000 steps a day to facilitate weight loss.

The Don’t Go Hungry Diet Review

Dr Amanda speaks about how she had learnt the basic fundamentals of eating right and losing weight after she used her own body as the first testing kit.

Glycemic Index is a useful indicator that plays an important role in healthy eating. Foods that are high in GI values can satiate you quickly but they also lead to energy crashes a few minutes after the food intake. On the other hand, foods that are low in Glycemic Index keep you feeling full for a longer period of time.

Here is a video with the author, talking about the Don’t Go Hungry Diet:


- The diet is easy to follow

- The diet plan is backed by plenty of research

- The diet also contains a detailed FAQ section

- A number of support services is provided

- No calorie counting and restrictive eating.

- Advocates exercise


- No structured diet plan

- No online support

In Conclusion

In this book, the author offers a clear and concise strategy to weight loss. There is no diet plan. Instead, the author encourages readers to become aware of what their body’s nutritional demands are and eat accordingly. When you work in tandem with the body’s processes, weight loss is easy and healthy. In this way, the book assists in finding the path to a healthy body and lifestyle.

Date published: February 5, 2010. Last modified: September 24, 2012

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