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Easy Veggie Meal Plans Review

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The Easy Veggie Meal Plans collection is a 90 day vegan meal plan (for men and women). The meal plans include detailed recipes as well as cooking instructions to help you create tasty and highly nutritious dishes. The meal plans include guidelines for people who wish to include dairy products and eggs and turn their meal plans from vegan to vegetarian.

The meal plans were created by Kardena Pauza, a former Ms. America Fitness, personal trainer, and a veggie nutrition expert.

Despite being totally vegan, Kardena managed to achieve a remarkable fat loss and muscle definition since her early 20s. Her fitness achievement won her the title of Ms. America Fitness.

Benefits Of Eating Vegetarian

The health ramifications of eating meat or not eating it are still subject to debate. Some people believe that we’re natural meat eaters while others believe that we’re actually plant eaters by nature.

Kardena Pauza claims that with today’s mass production of meat, this question is irrelevant. As the meat industry struggles to meet ever growing demand, the meat we eat is getting farther and farther away from its natural form.

Many experts believe that as factory raised animals are stuffed with high doses of anti-biotics and are raised in crowded conditions, that the meat we eat is of very low quality and may contribute to serious health issues.

Of course, eating meat does have its benefits but the bad may outweigh the good if you don’t stick to grass fed animals, raised in close to natural conditions.

Regardless of whether you’re a vegetarian or not, choosing to lay off meat for a while can contribute to a sense of heightened energy, lightness, and induce weight loss.

Of course, your vegetarian diet needs to supply you with all the macro-nutrients you need. This is what the Easy Veggie Meal Plans tries to accomplish.

What You Get

Here’s what you get as part of the Easy Veggie Meal Plans system:

1. The full 90 day Veggie meal plans including detailed recipes and preparation instruction so you’ll know exactly what to eat and how to eat it.

2. The Vegetarian Lifestyle book – This book deals with the ways you can make sure you lead a healthy vegetarian life and consume a healthy quantity of all the major nutrients including Calcium, protein, and Iron, and also shows you how you can get you required dose of Vitamin B12. This ebook is important since it deals with the concerns many people have regarding vegetarian diets and helps to overcome them.

3. Quick Start Coaching Call – Often, the transition from a meat eating lifestyle to a veggie lifestyle is hard and full of obstacles. This audio discussion between fitness trainer Craig Ballanyne and Kardena Pauza tries to help newcomers overcome these obstacles and begin following a vegetarian lifestyle in the smoothest way possible.

Easy Veggie Meal Plans Pros and Cons


  • Provides detailed instructions on how to prepare and eat full vegetarian meals
  • 90 Day Meal Plans are provided which is a long time period
  • Has excellent testimonials
  • Has a 60 day money back guarantee
  • Contains all the necessary nutrients to be healthy and lose weight
  • Has adjustments for dairy and egg eaters


  • Does not place enough emphasis on exercising
  • May be difficult to make the transition from meat eating
  • May require you to buy Vitamin B12 supplements

In Conclusion

Easy Veggie Meal Plans is an excellent system for vegetarians, vegans, and for people who just want to take a break from meat eating while still shedding fat and adding muscle tissue. This program dispels many of the myths surrounding vegetarian diets and opens your mind to a whole new way of eating and living that is worth knowing. I recommend this program even if you do like to eat meat.

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Date published: September 19, 2009. Last modified: July 19, 2011

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