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Eating For Energy

eating for energy cover Eating For Energy is a weight loss and well-being enhancement program which is based on eating raw food, primarily.

The author of the program, Yuri Elkaim,  BPHE, CK, RHN is a raw food specialist. Yuri is a certified in Kinesiologist, a registered Holistic Nutritionist, and serves as Head Coach of Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition for the University of Toronto men’s soccer program.

When I first heard of the raw food diet, I immediately felt an aversion to it. It sounded like an extreme interpretation of environmental mumbo-jumbo, a new age nonsense.

However, after getting immersed in the topic and going over Yuri Elkaim’s program I have to admit that I’ve had a change of heart. It is obvious that there’s a lot of truth and sense in Yuri’s program and that anyone who finds it hard to lose weight, suffers from fatigue, chronic ailments, and other health problems should pay attention to what he has to say.

Yuri Elkaim begins the Eating For Energy program by stating the reasons why he wrote this program. He goes into detail about how, despite massive advances in medicine and research over the past few decades, the Western World and developed countries suffer from a huge increase in various lifestyle related diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, and heart disease.

There is no doubt that he is right in that respect. There is something terribly wrong with how we, as a society, lead our lives and eat. We are actually making ourselves sick. Yurl Elkaim says eating according to his method can fix a lot of that.

In fact, some of the benefits Yuri mentions in his program include:

  • An increased work productivity
  • Healthy and long term weight loss
  • Healthier skin, nails, and hair
  • Reduced risk of many diseases and sickness
  • Increased chance of a longer lifespan
  • Higher energy level
  • And more

There is a great emphasis on health in the Eating For Energy program. In fact, Yuri Elkaim states that you can be fit and lean and still be unhealthy. One of the ways to judge your current health is how often you get a cold, develop other forms of sickness, and your overall well-being. Just because you’re in shape doesn’t mean that everything is alright within.

I like that emphasis because I believe that a healthy body is also going to be a lean one for the long term. We want the highest quality of life, not just the best looking body.

What You Can Learn From Eating For Energy

  • Why the very soil we use to raise our foods is depleted of its minerals making it a bigger challenge than ever to eat healthy.
  • Why stress is a big factor in our well-being and may induce illness and sickness.
  • How athletes can actually increase performance without meat and dairy protein.
  • How acidity in your body can lead to a host of health problems.
  • Why overcooking your food can actually reduce its nutritional value.

As this is a program over 350 pages long (with no fluff) the breadth of information is astounding. I only provide small examples of what you can learn from it.

Eating For Energy Food Spectrum

One of the keys of the program nutritionally is what Yuri Elkaim calls the Food Spectrum, a rating system for food groups. Green vegetables are the best, according to this spectrum, as they are nutritionally dense, have an alkalizing effect on the body (reducing acidity) and are rich in calcium.

This was something I didn’t know. Yuri makes the case that you don’t need to eat dairy and milk to get a healthy dose of calcium. Green veggies like Kelp, Dulce, and Parsley can give you all you need.

The mid levels of the food spectrum include other fruits and vegetables, Healthy fats such as Coconut oil, olive oil, avocados, pumpkin, sesame seeds, fish oil, hemp seed, and so on.

The second to last level includes grains and legumes such as quinoa, brown rice, lentils, chick peas, and so on.

The last level is what Yuri calls Leisure Foods. These are foods which aren’t really healthy but do add enjoyment to your life. And they are allowed in the Eating For Energy program. But you need to do so in moderation. Here, the 80/20 rule comes into play. As long as 80 of your nutrition is based on the right kind of foods, you can enjoy other, less healthy, foods the other 20 of the time. I like that because it makes this program much more sustainable.

There is specific explanations of the benefits of many specific food items. Many of these facts may surprise you.

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Additional Sections

yuri elkaim

Yuri Elkaim

All through the program, Yuri makes the case that our body is best suited to eat the most natural form of food, raw food.

While we can live on synthetic, processed food, it will almost always be less healthy for us than food in its natural form. I agree with that completely

While you can live, living right is the key. It’s not just about weight loss. It never was.

The program has some additional sections you may be interested in:

  • A 12 week meal plan.
  • A section on nutrition for athletes. Remember that Yuri Elkaim is a soccer coach so the general stereotype of the raw food advocates being weak and lacking muscles is simply false.
  • A recipe section with some easy to do and tasty dishes you can begin eating today.

Eating For Energy Pros and Cons


  • Promotes eating of healthy food
  • Advocates increased consumption of fruit and vegetables
  • Has a money back guarantee
  • Extensive and complete
  • Has a recipe section and a structured meal plan
  • Has an exercise section with additional nutritional information relating to workouts
  • Includes many references and scientific supporting data


  • Can prove to be a difficult transition from regular nutrition
  • Not right for those who wish to continue eating meat (but that’s one of the basics of the diet plan)

In Conclusion

Eating For Energy is an exceptional program in terms of breadth of material, extensiveness, and the sheer passion with which is was written.

Raw food diets such as this one are always a challenge to adhere to for a long period of time. They do require a dramatic change from your regular eating routine. However, it can prove to be just the change that you need.

If you suffer from stubborn fat, chronic allergies, and ailments, or suffer from low energy levels and fatigue, than this program may prove to be just what you need.

Date published: December 19, 2009. Last modified: October 29, 2011


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