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Your End Year Resolution

woman with santa cap exercising It is the season of eggnog, family feasts, and jolly old men who come bearing gifts. It is also the season in which many people gain 5-10 pounds without even knowing it.

This is just before January comes and the New Year’s resolutions come with full force. One of the common resolutions is to lose weight… some of which you just recently gained. But why accept the undesirable and delay the inevitable? Why not make an End Year’s Resolution that will help you avoid gaining weight in the first place and and help you avoid needing to work so hard to melt it off come January?

I know that your mind may be full of excuses… OK, reasons why this is not a good time to start a diet and fitness plan and lose weight. Let me dispel those reasons one by one:

I want To Enjoy All Those Family Meals

You can still enjoy all the delicacies that the Holidays have to offer and still lose body fat. You don’t have to choose enjoyment OR fat loss. You can have both.

As long as you don’t decide to eat a Christmas feast every day from now till New Year’s, you can surely squeeze in a few days of lower calorie consumption and more moderate eating. In addition, even on days when you do have family dinners, you can still do a lot to avoid gaining fat and maybe even losing some:

  1. Holiday feasts are often reach in carbs. And one of the best times to eat carbs is after a strength workout. So, do a metabolic resistance training workout on these days and your body will be able to handle all those carbs better.
  2. You don’t need to stuff yourself with every dish. I love sampling: I just eat something little from each dish to experience the taste of each and I only eat a lot of the 2 dishes I love most. This way I don’t overeat.
  3. Remember that you won’t feel so good if you overeat. Feeling stuffed is uncomfortable. So, make use of the Hara Hachi Bu principle and only eat until you’re 80% full. In about 20 minutes you’ll feel that you are not hungry anymore, and you’ll still have room for dessert.

My point is that you can enjoy the Holiday food and, if you do it sensibly, still lose a lot of body fat.

I’m Traveling Too Much To Workout

This is a pretty lame excuse and I have a feeling that you know it. You don’t need a gym to get fit. You can do awesome workouts with just bodyweight exercises or buy yourself some lightweight workout bands that you can carry with you on your travels and use practically anywhere you go.

I don’t care where the holidays take you. You can make the time to workout and you can do so even with no equipment. By the way, check out my post on how to eat healthy at airports to make sure you don’t gain weight due to bad airport food.

In January It Will Be Easier

No it won’t. Waiting doesn’t melt away fat. The longer you wait the harder it will get to get rid of that stubborn fat. There’s nothing about January that makes it a better month for weight loss. You will have the same bills, work, chores, and other issues in the New Year. Nothing will change except the calendar.

I understand that the Holidays are a hectic time and you may feel like you don’t have a moment to spare but the notion that you’ll somehow have more time in January is false. You will be just as busy as you are during any month of the year. In fact, you have some time off in December. Why not use it to do more workouts?

Just One Last Party Before I Go On a Diet

Some people think of the word diet and they get the feeling that a huge tragedy is looming over them and that they’ll soon embark on a journey of stale food and suffering. This is hardly the case.

Yes, dieting requires you to change your eating habits, but it doesn’t have to restrict you 24/7. You can still enjoy tasty food on a regular basis. Maybe not every day, but certainly every week.

Many weight loss plans such as Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and 24/7 Fat Loss include a free day or a cheat day in which you can eat nearly everything that you like. You don’t need one final “party”. You don’t have to suffer when you lose weight.

Setting Your End Year’s Resolution

Now that we’ve got the excuses out of the way, it’s time to set your End Year Resolution. Instead of thinking about how you’re going to improve things during the following year, think about how you can improve things in the time that still remains this year.

You don’t have a lot of time left, so you should set modest goals. Even losing 2-3 pounds by December 31st is fine by me. Remember, as long as you don’t gain weight during the Holidays, you’re already ahead of the average person. Losing fat during this time is a bonus.

I want you to think about your goal. Write it down on a piece of paper. Write “My End Year Resolution” at the top and carry it with you during the holidays. Look at it each morning and before big meals. Keep a mental picture of how you want to look on January 1st. This is your goal.

You should also write a few promises to yourself. For instance, you can promise to do 3 workouts each week during the Holidays. Go on walks with your family and the friends you meet. You can promise to not drink too much alcohol and to eat in moderation. You can also promise to keep your stress down and enjoy the family spirit of togetherness that the holidays offer.

You may even get a friend to join you in this End Year Resolution and each of you can serve as the accountability buddy of the other.

My point is that you need to stop making excuses and stop procrastinating. Don’t wait for the new year. Make an End Year’s Resolution and lose fat during the holidays. It’s entirely possible.

Date published: December 13, 2011. Last modified: December 13, 2011

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