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Every Other Day Diet – EODD Review

In this page I want to review the Every Other Day Diet, examine the testimonials provided for it, shed some light on what the secret behind this plan is, and also provide additional diet and fitness resources which you may find interesting and useful.

If you want to know the truth about the Every Other Day Diet, continue reading this review all the way through.

Why was the Every Other Day Diet Created?

The Every Other Day Diet was created by Jon Benson with the help of trainer Holly Rigsby and Daniel Hopkins.

The purpose was to find a way for people to lose weight at a fast pace without going through the rigors of traditional diet plans.

What I mean by rigors is that most diet plans depend on limiting calories or on depriving your body of a certa

in food group like carbs. Not only is that unhealthy and detrimental to your long term success, but it can also bring about cravings and cause you to develop an unhealthy relationship with food.

Furthermore, for many people following a strict and structured eating plan like most diets prescribe is a difficult thing, physically and emotionally. It is especially hard to totally give up your favorite food. In fact, it’s one of the things which can create an emotional need for binging and so is far from positive.

So, the idea was to find a way in which you can still lose weight but to do so without restricting yourself too much or giving up all of your favorite foods.

It’s worthwhile to note that Jon Benson and Holly Rigsby aren’t just notable trainers and nutrition experts, they’re also former fat people. Jon Benson lost over 65 pounds and Holly Rigsby over 60.

What this means is that they’ve been where you are now and know how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off. So, you can rest assured that the Every Other Day Diet isn’t some theory, it’s a plan which was created by people who know what you’re going through and want to help you.

Click here to read more about the: Every Other Day Diet.

What’s The Concept of the Every Other Day Diet

The concept of the Every Other Day Diet is very simple:

On one day, you eat mostly high protein and nutritious foods. This helps you create the necessary calorie deficit for weight loss and also helps in muscle tissue development.

But on the other day, you can basically eat what you want. And yes, this can include pizzas, burgers, and the like. Of course, you can’t stuff yourself silly. It’s unhealthy to begin with, and everything should be eaten in moderation. But the basic thing is that you can eat what you love.

You see, the concept of the EODD Diet is that in order to lose weight and keep it off in the long run, you must develop a healthy relationship with food, not view it as an enemy. After all, food is something to be enjoyed. To do so, you can’t avoid what you love. You need to enjoy it in moderation. That’s all.

Of course, a lot depends on what time of day you eat each type of food in, and what are the high protein foods that you eat. You learn all about this in the diet.

But it doesn’t stop there. You get more things than just an eating plan. Read on to see more…

What Do You Get with The Every Other Day Diet

What has really got me excited about the EODD Diet is the all around package that Jon Benson provides the people who decide to use his program:

This EODD Diet package includes:

  • A full year of support for any question that you may have
  • A full year of motivational tips which are sent to your email for free
  • Weekly recipes to make sure you maximize your weight loss and achieve the perfect body tone
  • Perfect Posture in 30 Days – An excellent book about maintaining a healthy back
  • Cholesterol lies – a Book which teaches the truth about cholesterol and how to make sure your health isn’t damaged by it
  • Hormones 101 – A book which will show you how to make sure your hormones are balanced and aren’t wreaking havoc inside of you
  • A virtual trainer software which will show you how to perform exercises correctly
  • 80 Super-Fast recipes for a leaner body
  • Female Power – An expert interview on how women can achieve a toned, firm body
  • Fitness hypnosis audio – This is a great tool to create massive motivation and self-confidence
  • And more

The Benefits of using the Every Other Day Diet

There are some benefits to using the EODD Diet:

  • It provides results. You can lose a great deal of weight with it
  • It’s very simple to use
  • It includes many bonuses
  • You can still eat your favorite foods
  • You also learn how to be fit, not just thin
  • Written by experts in the field
  • Has excellent reviews
  • Comes with a comprehensive support system
  • Has a money back guarantee so your purchase is safe

In Conclusion

I believe that if you’re looking for a way to lose weight, get fit, and do so without counting calories, calculating fat grams, and depriving yourself of your favorite food, the Every Other Day Diet is the way to go.

I have great faith in this program and in Jon Benson. I believe that you will find that this program delivers. Learn More About The EODD Diet .

Date published: September 19, 2009. Last modified: June 15, 2012


  1. My question is to WOD. In your response to the first comment sent by “Line” you say that a lot of people have done this diet. How do you know this is the case? Did these people have good results? Please convince me that eating whatever you want every other day will get you to lose a lot of weight fast while sticking to this diet plan. Thanks! Laura

  2. when will I start losing weight? And how much?

    • Hi,
      No one can tell you how much you’ll lose because it changes from one person to the next. What I can say is that a lot of people have used this plan.

      When you’re losing weight, the results often start off very fast so I believe you’ll see results within as little as a week.

  3. I wanted to try it but if it takes veggies I am out. I only like fruit.

  4. Eood diet Works! After losing 50lbs. I was stuck for 3 months. I was So upset because I have alot more to lose. I started Eodd and in a week broke through the plateau and lost a 3 more LBS. I’m sticking with it!

  5. Hi,
    I want to Buy the book but didn’t quit get the meaning of digital program, does it mean when I purchase the EODD, I won’t get the book physically but instead get it on eBook, if that so can you please explain to me what does that mean. Would they give me a serial number to download the book through eBook or what, please I need an urgent and well.. not complicated answer because I really need to lose some weight and thanks.

    • Hi Suki,

      Don’t worry, it’s simple.

      Once you order the EODD Diet, you’ll get to a page where you can download the ebook to your computer. Within minutes you’ll have the program saved on your computer. You’ll be able to copy it to any other computer as well.

  6. Hi,
    I’m looking into this diet but does it require you to but anything else once you get the book? Is there pills or something they don’t tell you about? I just want to make sure if i pay for it, al i have to do is follow the directions in the book/ meal plans…

    • Hi Alice,
      Once you order the diet there is nothing more for you to buy. You don’t need anything else but the diet ebook.

  7. Are there any official reviews done on “The Every Other Day Diet” in the American Journal of Medicine, by the American Medical Association, or other well known reputable resources (preferably more than one) that you can direct me for more information and to lend weight to the validity of this system? I Google inquiries for reviews and have had a hard time finding resources I am familiar with. Obviously if I do find a source, try the plan and it works; I would be willing to spread the word to family and friends as “word of mouth” from someone you know is the best form of advertising.

    • Hi Charles,

      I don’t subscribe to either of these Journals so I don’t know the answer. However, this site that you’re reading now is a reputable source, even if I do say so myself.

  8. I downloaded the books and got the supplements quite a bit later. I am contacting my doctor to see about using the supplements since I’m diabetic and on several meds (yes, i should’ve done that first, but I didn’t) I have not found out how to contact them to cancel or to ask questions. Do you have the contact info for Jon Benson’s company? Thanks.

  9. Charles W. Martell says:

    I was wondering about diabetes, to go on it

  10. patricia williamson says:

    I was hoping this was a book, is it not?

    • Hi Patricia, EODD is a digital program so you download the ebook to your computer. The big benefit is that you also get access to Jon Benson’s support system which you would never get with any book

  11. I listened to your knowledge on the weight loss. Without ordering, I was going to get off the site. Then another offer came up that said you would even pay back the $4.95 prossessing fee if not satisfied after 30 days. The price seemed to be the same, but what you received looked like so much different. Can you let me know on that? Thanks S Huver

    • Hi,
      Jon Benson has a trial offer in which you only pay $4.95 initially and the other $39 after 21 days. You can cancel anytime and even get the $4.95 refunded. It ends up as the same amount and you get exactly the same EveryOtherDayDiet program as you would had you paid in one payment.

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