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How To Exercise Without Exercising – Get Fit Without Working Out

woman exercising without exercising

Do you want to get fit, but can’t stand exercising? Does lifting weights bore you? Does running on a treadmill or riding to nowhere on a recumbent bike make you crazy?

I’ve got some good news: I can teach you how to exercise without exercising and get fit without lifting a dumbbell, visiting the gym once or taking a single step on a cardio machine.

Let’s go over some of the ways in which you can exercise without exercising:

1. Go Dancing

No matter what the style is, whether you do it alone or with a partner, dancing is an excellent way to burn calories and get fit. Have you ever seen the body of dancers? They don’t look so fit for nothing. They work for it in their training.

As I showed in this post, Dancing is an excellent way to workout while having fun. You connect with your whole body in a way which regular workouts simply can’t deliver.

2. Work Hard in the Yard

No, I don’t mean gardening or weeding. These are excellent activities for extra calorie burning, what’s known as non exercise activity thermogenesis, but they’re not intense enough to make the cut for this post. I’m looking for things which are not exercising per se, but give you a similar kind of stimulation.

So, we’re looking for something like building a shed, chopping wood, clearing rocks, digging, etc. Whatever really works your muscles and makes you sweat is good for me.

3. Play Wii

I didn’t take this seriously when I first heard about it because video games are linked in my mind to couch potatoes, but after playing some wii fitness games at a friend’s house a few times, I can say that these are far from a joke. In fact, you can actually get a pretty good workout from them [1].

The same goes for dancing video games like Dance Dance Revolution that kids love so much and many parents find idiotic. They’re certainly not idiotic. In fact, they can be an excellent way to get your kids to be more active, stay fit, improve coordination, and avoid childhood weight gain. Try them, you may find that you’re having a lot of fun with them.

4. Play a Sport

Playing a sport is an excellent way to workout without working out. After all, a sport is, by definition, a physical activity. I know people who can’t stand spending 30 minutes in the gym, but can play basketball for 5 hours straight. It’s not about their physical fitness, but about their mindset.

Doing something you love and enjoy is always better than forcing yourself to do something you don’t. If you love playing a sport and you can do it often enough to stay in shape, go ahead and do it.

5. Go Hiking

Back in ancient times our ancestors spent a great deal of their time walking. They either stalked prey or wandered from one place to the next in search of food and shelter.

If you take some time to connect to those ancient times and experience nature by hiking through it, you will find that you can burn a lot of calories, make your legs strong, and enjoy the beauty of nature.

6. Do Extreme Sports

Extreme sports like rock climbing or rafting carry some inherent risk, so you should do them with caution. That being said, they are very effective for fat loss.

These sports can be quite intense and result in rapid fat burning. Rock climbing works your whole body and can give you the kind of body people would kill for. Rafting works your upper body quite intensely. Other forms of extreme sports train the body in other ways, but they all burn a lot of calories.

Exercising Without Exercising Is Possible

You now know how to exercise without exercising and the range of options that you have to choose from. You can probably find other worthy activities that may be added to this list. If you do, please leave a comment with your suggestion below.

The main lesson is that you don’t need a gym to get fit. You don’t even need fitness equipment or regular workouts. All you need is something you love doing which is intense enough to burn sufficient calories and provide the right kind of muscular stimulation. Once you have that, you can get fit without exercising. It’s still work, but it may be more fun. Check out some of these fun ways to burn calories for more ideas to get lean.


1. Metabolic Responses to Wii Fit™ Video Games at Different Game Levels. Worley, Jennifer R; Rogers, Sharon N; Kraemer, Robert R. Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research: March 2011 – Volume 25 – Issue 3 – pp 689-693.

Date published: May 28, 2012. Last modified: May 28, 2012

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