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Top 7 Exercises To Lose Belly Fat – No Stomach Exercises Included

woman with flat abs Losing belly fat and getting flat abs is probably the biggest and most common reason why people go on a diet and start to workout seriously. Having a tight and trim waist makes men and women both look better and feel better.

The problem is that most people go about losing their abdominal fat in a totally wrong way. They don’t really know which exercises to do in order to achieve their goal.

In this article I want to talk about effective exercises to lose belly fat. When you do these exercises, you will be able to burn more fat with each of your workouts. However, you will need to keep an open mind because these may not be the kind of exercises you were expecting to find in this article. This is why it’s important that you read it.

The Big Surprise

The first thing you should know is that you won’t find ab exercises in this article. This may surprise you but it’s for a reason. The fact of the matter is that doing ab exercises is a recipe for slow and medicre results at best. You’re not going to get flat abs by doing ab exercises because:

  1. You can’t lose fat from a specific body part.
  2. Ab exercises are do not burn a lot of calories and fat (at least not as much as other exercises do).

All those people who spend 30 minutes doing crunches at the gym? They’re not going to have flat abs any time soon. They will still be doing those crunches 2 months from now and with little or no effect.

If you want to get real results, do the following belly fat burning exercises and you will see results.

Note: none of these exercises will be helpful unless you also follow a healthy diet plan. For that, I recommend the 7 Day Belly Blast Diet.

Exercises to lose Belly Fat Fast

Exercise #1 – One Arm Dumbbell Swings

The dumbbell swing is one of my favorite exercises and it should be one of yours to. It works the body from top to bottom, it is a great core exercises, it burns a lot of calories, it improves mobility and range. It’s simply an awesome exercise to lose belly f woman with slim waist at and body fat in general. It is a great example of how an exercise that doesn’t target the abs can be so effective at flattening them.

To do this exercise, you will need a dumbbell. Grab it in your right hand. Stand with both feet wide apart. Bend both knees into a squat and let the dumbbell hang between your legs. Straighten your legs and lift the dumbbell with a straight arm until the dumbbell is over your head. You will feel how great this exercise is.

Exercise #2 – Dumbbell forward lunges

Another excellent calorie burning exercise is the forward lunge. You don’t have to hold dumbbells to do this exercise but I recommend it as it will make is more challenging.

To do a forward lunge, you need to grab a dumbbell in each hand. Stand with both legs close together. Take a step forward with your right leg and lower your body to the floor by bending your knees. Your back should be straight and your eyes should look forward. Bend your knee to a 90 degree angle at the maximum and rise. Take a step back and repeat with your other leg.

Exercise #3 – Chest press with dumbbells

If you train in a gym, you can do this exercise on a bench. If at home, you can use a stability ball. This exercise works the upper body but it requires a lot of effort and burns a lot of calories.

To do a chest press, grab a dumbbell in each hand, lie back on the bench or the stability ball, hold the dumbbells with outstretched arms over your head, bend both elbows to the side while lowering the dumbbells until you feel the tension in your chest. Press both dumbbells up to the starting position and you just did one rep.

Exercise #4 – Burpees

This exercise combines cardio and strength, one of the reasons I absolutely love it. The burpee requires no equipment whatsoever.

You begin the burpee by standing straight. Squat down low and place both hands on the floor. Jump and send both legs backward to a push-up position. Jump with both legs back to the squating position. Straighted up and jump high.

You need to do burpees as fast as possible to really get the most of them. If you can do 15 of these in a row, you’re in better shape than you may think. Some people actually do a push up in the middle of the sequence, but this isn’t a must.

Exercise #5 – One arm dumbbell rows

This is one of the my favorite exercise to lose stomach fat as it works the core and is a high intensity exercise. To do this exercise you need to have two dumbbells. I prefer the dumbbells to have a flat edge and not be totally circular.

You place both dumbbells on the floor about should width apart and go into a push-up position, grabbing each dumbbell instead of placing your hands on the floor.

Once you’re in the starting position, you pull up one dumbbell in a rowing motion, bending your elbow and pulling the dumbbell close to the side of your chest. You’re supporting yourself with your two feet and one hand, so your abdominal muscles need to put in a lot of work to keep you stable as well.

Place the dumbbell back on the floor and repeat with the other one. This exercise can be done by women as well as men. Try different weights until you find one which is good for you.

Exercise #6 – Lunge Jumps

This is a jumping exercise which I love. To do this exercise, you need to start out in a lunge position, with both legs bent. From this low position, you need to rise in a jump, switching legs in mid air. You land with your legs at opposite positions to how they were: the front at the back and the back on at the front. You go into a lunge again and repeat the exercise.

The lunge jumps will work your entire lower body, tone your legs and butt, and help you burn lots of calories and belly fat.

Exercise #7 – Deadlift

The final belly fat burning exercise I want to share with you is the deadlift. This is a tough exercise and one which requires a lot of caution. Do not do this exercise if you have lower back issues. I like this exercise because it’s very intense and it helps to strengthen the lower back muscles.

To do the deadlift, you need to grab a dumbbell in each hand, stand with your legs slightly apart and a bit bent. Hold the dumbbells in front of your with stretched arms. From the waist, bend over while keeping your back straight and let the dumbbells hang before you. Straighten your back and feel how the lower back and core muscles are working.

For more exercises visit Truth About Abs or How to Get Ripped Abs.

In Conclusion

Doing these 7 exercises will help you lose belly fat and body fat in general. A lot of these exercises target the ab muscles indirectly but the main thing is that they all help to burn lots of calories, just what you need to burn fat quickly.

Date published: December 22, 2010. Last modified: May 9, 2012


  1. Tony Harp says:

    I have found cutting back on processed foods, reducing sugar intake and performing high intensity interval training 3 – 4 times a week has made the biggest difference with my belly fat. Also the Paleo diet has helped me lose a further 4 lbs in the last month – its worth looking into.

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