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Extreme Diets

weight scale The general feeling about losing weight is that the faster that you can do it the better. After all, we all want to have a great looking body today and not a month or a year for now.

This common desire is the reason why there are many Extreme Diets in the world today, each promising a super quick weight loss with little or no effort involved. Some of these weight loss plans are then used by hundreds of thousands of people all around the world.

In this article, I’ll go over some examples of Extreme Diet plans and help you avoid the risks involved in going on such a plan. If you read this article, you’ll be able to lose weight in a healthy way and find it easier to keep it off for a long time. If you don’t, you are likely to fall prey to some plan that doesn’t work and may actually cause you to gain weight instead of lose it.

How to Identify an Extreme Diet Plan

In today’s world, it’s often not so easy to know an extreme weight loss plan when you see one. Here are some tips on how to do so:

- If a diet promises an unlikely fast and big weight loss such as helping you to lose 10 pounds in 3 days, it is probably going to use extreme methods to do so. Otherwise, there’s no way that it will succeed.

- If a plan calls for a massive reduction in the amount of calories that you eat and causes you to basically starve yourself to lose weight then it can be defined as extreme. Naturally, there is a distinction between reasonable calorie restriction which is often necessary for weight loss and a drastic one. It is something that you need to examine on a case by case basis. However, if you need to cut down more than 20% of your calories and there is no real system behind this massive reduction, then you know you’re dealing with an extreme diet plans.

- If a plan calls for cutting out a major nutrient, either entirely or very close to it than it may be an extreme diet. Now, not every low carb diet plan or low fat diet should be labeled as drastic. It depends on how much you’re told to eliminate this nutrient and for how long you need to do it. As a rule, I advise using sensible and balanced eating plans that provide your body with all the nutrients it needs. One such plan is the Diet Solution Program.

- Often, Fad Diets are also extreme ones. Fad diets deserve their own focused discussion but they often focus on eating a specific food in large quantities (such as the Grapefruit Diet), using some catchy name and easy to remember formula which often makes very little sense and usually involve a large calorie reduction (such as the 2468 diet), although they try to hide this fact behind their formula or method. These diets often gain great but short term popularity and may have unclear origins (such as the Israeli Army Diet).

- Some would say that anything that involves very long and intensive workouts done daily or almost daily. I’m not sure this is always the case and would judge it on a day by day basis.

- Some detoxing programs are also sometime referred to as extreme although they are more accepted than other drastic weight loss methods and as long as they’re used for a limited time only may be quite effective.

Should You Use Extreme Diets

If you’re looking to achieve a long term weight loss and to remain as healthy as possible too, then it is recommended that you follow a sensible and balanced eating routine that gives your body the nutrients it needs. However, the choice is yours to make. Just know that while these diets may lead to a fast initial weight loss, this will probably be made up of mostly water weight and not real fat. If you’re looking for a way to lose a few pounds quickly for a specific deadline, then this may be the way.

However, allow me to state that there are other diet plans that can deliver a quick weight loss without being as extreme as some of the examples I’ve listed above. Two examples are the Fat Loss 4 Idiots Diet and the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet. These are more balanced weight loss plans that can deliver results.

Often, it’s best to stay away from what seems to be too drastic as it will backfire in the long run. These diets don’t create the right weight loss habits for your body and so may be appealing in the short term but destructive in the long. I recommend using programs that offer a complete solution and method and not just some easy to use formula or trick. Often, these just don’t work.

Date published: July 20, 2010. Last modified: July 23, 2011

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