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Extreme Fat Loss Workout To Do At Home

woman doing a plank Say you want to achieve an extreme fat loss without having to go to the gym. How will such an extreme fat loss workout look?  I’m talking about doing a workout, at home, that will make you sweat like crazy, feel that your muscles are burning calories by the bucketful and that you’re getting leaner by the minute.

Don’t think that it’s possible to do such a workout? You’re wrong and when you read the rest of this article, I’ll prove it to you. You can do a great bodyweight exercise workout at home with no equipment whatsoever and burn a ton of fat in just minutes of your time. Check out this workout for yourself…

Extreme Fat Loss Exercise Routine

1. Warmup – Though not technically part of the workout, warming up is crucial to maintain health, reduce risk of injury, and to prepare the muscles to the intensity of the workout ahead. Some people neglect to do a proper warm-up and I’m here to tell you to not become one of them. Make sure to always warm up before a workout. Take 5 minutes of your time and do some stretches to boost your heart rate and get those muscles loose.

2. Start out with squats or lunges – I love these two lower body strength exercises as they really push the heart rate into a high pace and immediately get you sweating. I don’t care if you’re already fit, these two exercises are always challenging to me.

3. Burpees – This is an awesome cardio workout that you can do at home to burn lots of calories and fat. Burpees are performed in the following way: You start with a low squat in which you also place both hands on the floor before you. Now, push both legs straight backwards until you’re in a push-up position. Do one deep push-up and bring those legs back toward your hands. Stand straight and jump up. This is one set. Do at least 10 to really get that burning sensation.

You’re practically working the entire length of your entire body with this exercise. One way to make burpees harder is to jump and bring your knees toward your chest. You don’t have to to do this. It’s just a way to make it a bit harder.

4. Jumping sequence – Stand with your legs apart at slightly more than shoulder width. Jump forward as far as you can and go into a deep squat as soon as you land. Rise from the squat and jump backwards in two or three small jumps until you’re at the starting position. This is one repetition and you need to do it again and again. Trust me, you won’t be able to do a lot of those.

5. Super Crunch – Once you’re done with these jumps, get down on the floor or mat and do a super-crunch. Bring both knees towards your upper body and raise your upper body toward your knees as well, so the only part of your that’s always touching the floor are your buttocks. The movement should be at medium pace but it should be sharp. Really crunch down on those ab muscles to get the sensation. This can really help you to get ripped abs like you’ve always wanted.

6. Plank – Finish off the workout with a plank exercise. You can see how the position of the plank looks in the picture at the beginning of this article. You lie on the floor on your belly. Rise up on your forearms and your toes. Maintain a straight back and neck and just hold that position for as long as you can. Breathe normally throughout. Pretty soon, you’ll begin to find it hard to remain stable. This works your abs in a tremendous way.

7. Stretch and cool down – Take a few moments to cool down and bring your heart rate down. Do some stretches and allow yourself some time to relax after your fantastic workout.

This is how you can do a bodyweight workout for extreme fat loss at home. If you’re interested in learning how to do more bodyweight exercises and shed weight check out the BodyWeight Blueprint For Fat Loss, which is a unique workout plan for home without any equipment. You can read a complete review of it here: BodyWeight Blueprint For Fat Loss Review

In Conclusion

I hope that you enjoyed this fat loss workout and that you will actually do it. You can get a great workout at home without any equipment. As long as you’re willing to workout hard and use a little imagination, your body is the only weight you need to get an awesome workout at home that will results in a lot of fat burning. Enjoy.

Date published: July 15, 2010. Last modified: December 1, 2011

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