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Fast Track To Fat Loss

kim lyons image The Fast Track to Fat Loss online fitness and nutrition program, run by Kim Lyons, is unlike most of the programs reviewed on this site. I usually cover diet books or weight loss plans which contain ebooks and/or videos.

This program is different because:

  1. You get to have a personal trainer who’s assigned to you to help you get the best results.
  2. Fast Track To Fat Loss is an online service rather than a simple program.
  3. The program is ongoing. It doesn’t serve just one goal or provide a single method. You can change your goals and create a totally different plan anytime you want within the program itself.

For a limited time, Kim Lyons is offering a 10 day free membership to this program, no strings attached. Click here to claim your free membership.

In this review, I want to share with you what I learned from my membership with this program (a complimentary membership, so I can review the program on my site) and help you see whether this is a plan that’s worth using by you, for your own goals.

The Fast Track To Fat Loss Membership

As I said, Fast Track To Fat Loss isn’t a program that just gives you an ebook and let’s you succeed or fail. This is a complete fitness and nutrition membership type service.

Personal workouts

Once you’re a member of Fast Track to Fat Loss, you login to your own, private, members’ area where you can create your own meal plans and workouts. You enter your goals, weight, and other details and you get a workout plan that’s suited to you and to the fitness equipment you have access to. You can also get a bodyweight workout plan if you want to train at home with no equipment.

You choose how often you want to workout and how long each workout should take. You get your list of exercises with a video showing how each exercise is done. Some of the videos feature Kim Lyons herself, while others feature other trainers. It’s a very easy interface to work with once you get the hang of it.

Nutrition Plan

To set a nutrition plan for yourself, you actually choose the foods you like. The list is divided into carbs, protein, and fat sources, and each food is given a mark so you know to choose more of the healthier items.

Once you choose your food, the system generates your menu. You can have pretty diverse and tasty meals. I like how the Fast Track to Fat Loss system gives me the freedom to choose my own foods. Naturally, you can’t choose unhealthy foods but, unlike other diets, you can create a personalized eating plan which is great.

Accountability and Motivation

Two critical factors of long-term fat loss success is your motivation and how you are held accountable to your routine. This is where your assigned trainer comes in handy. My trainer is Brad, but there are others you can choose from. Once I set my goals, Brad is there to keep me accountable. I can log my workouts and meals and he can keep track of how well, or poorly, I follow the program. He can then remind me and motivate me to do better.

I can also turn to Brad with any question I have and get his feedback on how I’m doing. While I haven’t been on the program very long, and I’m still testing some of the features, this is a very useful service which provides an all around solution to the many challenges faced by someone who wants to lose fat.

Pros and Cons of Fast Track Fat Loss


  • You have access to your own personal trainer.
  • Everything is accessible online from any computer.
  • You have extensive workout, nutrition, goal setting, recipes, tips, and motivation resources. More than you need to lose a lot of fat with.
  • You can even contact other members and create a group of buddies that supports each other.
  • This program can help you lose fat, get toned, and achieve your goals quickly.


  • It can take a while to become familiar with all the many features of the site.
  • Requires a monthly membership fee rather than a one time charge, but you can quit anytime.


In Conclusion

The Fast Track To Fat Loss program is an excellent all-around service for people who want to achieve long-lasting results. The support you get with this plan as well as the many workout and nutrition resources helps you to create a personalized plan which, I believe, can help you lose fat quickly and change how you look. Kim Lyons created a great service here.

Click here to get your Free membership to Fast Track To Fat Loss

Date published: December 23, 2010. Last modified: August 16, 2011


  1. Amy Cuellar says:

    I would like to cancel me membership. I ordered the free 10 day trainer, but do not want to continue my membership. I do not want my credit card to be billed.

    • HI Amy,

      I’m not part of the Fast Track to Fat Loss team. I just reviewed their product. You need to contact them directly by email.

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