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Fat Loss Factor Program Review – Is It Really Effective?

fat loss factor box Fat Loss Factor (known as the FLF Diet for short) is a diet and fitness program created by Dr. Michael Allen, a  certified chiropractic Physician and an advanced nutritionist.

He runs his own practice and has real life experience with many patients who he’s helped to lose weight. There is no doubt that he knows his stuff as his credentials speak for themselves.

In addition, there are many testimonials from people who’ve used his program and lose fat with it.

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That being said, in this Fat Loss Factor Review, I will help you see exactly what this program has to offer.

Fat Loss Factor combines three elements to helps you shed body fat:

  1. A correct and healthy nutrition.
  2. Proper workout routines to promote accelerated fat burning.
  3. Guidelines on developing a powerful mindset for long term weight loss.

As you can see, it’s a well structured and complete approach, the kind of which you need to look for in any weight loss program.

How does Fat Loss Factor Work

The FLF program runs for 12 weeks (and can be redone after that). It begins with a two week detoxing phase which Dr. Allen states helps to clean your body of nasty toxins and makes it easier to shed fat fast.

During those two weeks you need to eat natural foods such as organic fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, beans, and so on. This is the toughest part of the entire process, but as it only lasts for two weeks and the benefits may include fat loss, higher levels of energy, better sleep, and reduced food cravings, it may very well be worth the effort.

Once these initial two weeks are up, you begin following the regular program made up of a collection of “Fat Loss Factors”. These factors are principles that help you shed fat fast and include:

  • Drinking a lot of water.
  • Doing High Intensity Interval training.
  • Doing strength training 3 times a week.
  • Boosting metabolism.
  • Avoiding stress.
  • Eating many small meals throughout the day.
  • Foods to eat and to avoid. You will eat lots of fruit, vegetables, lean protein, and healthy fat.

I actually love the section in which Dr. Michael Allen clarifies which foods help to promote fat loss and which cause you to gain weight. I believe that every person will find 2-3 food items that he or she needs to eliminate from their diet (and maybe more than 3).

Click here for the good/bad foods on Fat Loss Factor

The entire Fat Loss Factor Program is written in a clear and concise manner with clear action steps that you can take almost immediately. I like this style of writing because it makes the program that more doable and right for the modern lifestyle.

What You Get with the Fat Loss Factor Program

This program includes a variety of resources to help you shed body fat and look fitter:

  • The main FLF system manual that talks about the entire program.
  • An exercise log to help you keep track of your workouts.
  • Workout manuals for beginners, intermediate, and advanced trainees.
  • Sample workouts that you can use almost immediately.
  • Recipe ebook.
  • Grocery shopping guide.
  • Goal setting guide.

As you can see, the entire collection is extensive and covers practically everything required for a long term fat loss.

In Conclusion

Fat Loss Factor is a well written and comprehensive diet and fitness plan. While it may not prove to be a breakthrough by any means, it still provides you with useful information to help you get excellent results.

There’s no doubt that Dr. Michael Allen has all the qualifications to help you shed body fat. The results his customers have achieved are impressive. If you’re looking for an easy to use program to help you lose body fat, this may very well be the one for you. Click here to learn more about Fat Loss Factor

Date published: April 3, 2010. Last modified: May 4, 2012


  1. I have a few questions regarding the cleanse for 3-10 days. It says to drink salt water and lemonade. Does this mean I can’t use vegetables to make juice? Is it strictly just salt water and lemonade? I am really confused because in the list it says if you must eat you can have things such as cucumbers…

  2. Jessica Karels says:

    Hi. I want to try this but in doing some research I found 2 Dr.’s name that created this system. Dr. Michael Allen and Dr. Charles Livingston. Why are there 2 names affiliated with the creation of this system and if there shouldn’t be who is the correct Dr.?

    • Hi Jessica,

      They are one and the same. At first, Dr. Livingston published the program under the pen-name Dr. Allen. I don’t know why. Since that time, he has republished it under his own name.

  3. Very good weight loss program, I recommend it to anyone. There is a large effect, personally I am extremely pleased.

  4. saralewit says:

    Rapidly losing weight is very dangerous for your health.
    People should lose half or one kilo monthly, if they want to keep off the weight permanently, or the kilos will be back again and more.

    • Jonathan says:


      Not all rapid weight loss is “very” dangerous. It depends on how big of a weight loss it is, what your current weight is, and how this weight loss was accomplished.

  5. stephanie says:

    what is the price for a paper set rather that online??

    • Hi Stephanie,

      I don’t think there is a paper set. There’s only the online option. The Fat Loss Factor Program contains a number of manual and guides, so having access online to them all is better than having a regular book, I believe.

      • There actually is a paper set, it was an option that I had when I purchased the FLF Program, and I don’t think it’s that much more expensive, just pay extra for shipping and what not. But I agree with Jonathan, having the books online is just easier, so if you go somewhere you don’t have to lug around a whole bunch of books with you.

  6. Todd Umphries says:

    How to order and cost?

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