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fitorbit banner It’s no secret that having your own personal trainer can help you get better and faster results than you could have achieved yourself. But the cost of a personal trainer can be high. In recent years, there have been some attempts to create a sort of personal training experience using the Internet. No service seemed to simulate this experience very well as they usually relied more on technology than on human interaction.  FitOrbit seems to be different.

What FitOrbit does is connect you, the person who wishes to lose weight, get fit, improve physical fitness, or get better at sports, with your own personal trainer. This isn’t a simulated trainer or a computer software, but an actual, live, certified trainer.

How FitOrbit Works

You begin the process by choosing your own trainer. You can pick one from the many available through the FitOrbit system or just take the FitOrbit trainer quiz. I took this quiz a few days ago and it made a lot of sense. By answering several questions about yourself and your goals, the system suggests several trainers who seem like a good fit. You choose the one that’s right for you.

For instance, you state your current fitness level, your goals, any specific body parts you wish to work hardest, the activities you like doing, and those you hate doing. All this comes into play when selecting the right trainer for you.

I particularly like how you get to choose the type of personality your trainer needs to have and his or her trading style. For instance, you can choose a trainer who practices “tough love” and trains you in a bootcamp style. Other trainers have a more mellow style. You get to choose. You can also read a short CV of each trainer, see their areas of expertise and pick the one that best fits your goals.

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After you have your trainer lined up, you actually begin to do the work. By your preferences, goals, and lifestyle details that you inputted to the system (nothing too personal), your trainer now creates a personalized program for you. This includes a daily workout plan and a daily meal plan. It is up to you to follow what your trainer prescribes.

The FitOrbit site allows you to keep a detailed account of all your activities: which exercises you do from the program and how and what you eat. You’re accountable for this and it’s important to keep track of how you’re doing. Your trainer can then make adjustments in your future daily plans based on what you did, or did not do.

Support is also available in many forms from your trainer, through special supporters on the site, to other users of FitOrbit like yourself. You can make connections, get in touch with other people, so on and so forth.

Here’s a short video which shows how it works:

As you can see, this is a pretty simple to use interface with many available options.

Fit Orbit Pros and Cons


  • An easy to use system.
  • Personal fitness and nutrition plan based on you and your needs and goals
  • Support by a personal trainer
  • Affordable. Plans begins as low as $9.99 a week
  • Very flexible, can fit practically every lifestyle and preference
  • Working with a personal trainer can yield excellent results


  • It does take some work to keep track of your progress on the site
  • Trying it out for 1 week is $29.99 which can be a bit too much. Longer duration plans are priced in a much more affordable way.
  • Doesn’t teach as much about nutrition as books or online programs do

In Conclusion

FitOrbit is an impressive service. I like how they give you tremendous control over the entire process, how you get to choose your own trainer, and how the plan that this trainer creates for you is updated and tweaked continuously. Indeed, I believe that practically every goal can be achieved with such a service.

However, you are taking on a commitment here: you will need to use this site on a daily or semi-daily basis to keep track of what you’re doing, to get feedback, and to generate future plans. This is something that not all people would enjoy or stick to. Just make sure this is something you want. If so, then this can be a great way to change your looks, feeling, and fitness levels.

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Date published: December 13, 2009. Last modified: December 18, 2011


  1. There’s a reason why they want to hire more web developers than personal trainers. This entire website is based off of algorithms and making money off of people joining the health movement. They’re taking advantage of people and not truly delivering on what they promise. Their system is glitchy, the so called trainer experience seems simulated, and there is NO way to contact them via phone. When a company won’t let you call them, that generally means they know they’re going to have a ton of issues. Save your money, do some google research, and use that money on some gym shorts and better quality food.

  2. Christine says:

    I just Joined and started this Monday. And yes the range of food you choose is slim, but I like to make all my food (so I know whats in it) so that part doesnt matter to me. But the items they choose for me are ridiculous, canned soup with a sandwich, or canned chili? So I messaged my trainer and said I most likely will choose my own foods and then have him tell me if they are healthy or what healthier options I can choose from. I also use BodyMedia arm band so it’s great that they sync together. I now have to answer to someone and I cant lie cause it automatically tracks my food, calorie burn, sleep patterns, exercise, and how many steps in a day. But I find you def have to work a few weeks to get a balance with your trainer

  3. Hello. I just joined FitOrbit one week ago, so I’m still new to the site, but my experience has been wonderful so far. My trainer has sent me a message (or responded to my message) almost every day… maybe like 5 out of 7 days. So so far it’s been good. I sent a message to the customer service, and they also responded promptly. Of course I am still very new here, and would be happy to update my experience if things change. But thus far, I’m really liking the service. For those whose trainers don’t respond, maybe try another trainer to see if that person is any different? My trainer is really good. I’ve looked her up off the site, and found out from other clients elsewhere that she’s really good as well. So I would really suggest trying another trainer if you aren’t happy. My trainer totally customized my food, as I had very set requirements… vegan, gluten-free, mostly unprocessed, needs to be made super-fast (less than 10 min prep, though slow cooker is fine). She put together all of this for me, which I greatly appreciate.

    • Jonathan says:

      Thanks for sharing your experiences.

    • Hello there. I just wanted to update my review, having had more time to experience the site. My trainer was quite nice and I liked her a lot. But my experience with the site quickly soured after the first week. I had numerous technical problems with the site. Many of the produce calorie values were just wrong. For example, I’d enter into the site that I had a cup of watermelon, and it would say that was 8 calories, which was clearly not right. This was not the only produce item wrong, as I found several others. I also experienced a technical glitch where the site would wrongly add or delete quantities of things I added. For example, if I inputted that I had 50 blueberries, the site would update that to 50 CUPS of blueberries on it’s own, which would totally throw off my calorie totals. Another problem is that the food database is incredibly small, so you will have to add in most foods yourself. I wrote to customer service numerous times with these technical issues, and they admitted that they found problems when they went into my profile. Although I only used a month of the plan, they are refusing to give me a refund for the 5 remaining months. It is just HORRIBLE.

      Another thing is that as a member of the site, I had filled out a Fitorbit survey which stated that you’d get a $20 gift certificate to Amazon if you fill out the survey. So I spent a lot of time filling out the survey and giving feedback on how to improve the site. But I never got that $20 gift, and despite me writing to them about it, nothing has been done. I was very excited about being a Fitorbit member, but now my view has entirely changed and I feel that they are a most unethical company with a glitchy website and lousy unhelpful customer service.

      • Oh, I forgot to add another thing. The interface is set up to include 5-6 meals per day. I wanted to change that to have 3 set meals per day… I even wrote to customer service about this, but they simply said that they recomend lots of small meals. (This is very frustrating for those of us who do better on 3 meals per day rather than lots of little ones that are unsatisfying.) They shouldn’t force you to have many small meals per day if you don’t want to. I suppose you could just have your 3 meals and not tell them… but it defeats the purpose to lie about your meals, if the whole purpose of being on the site is to have someone who keeps you honest and accountable for your eating.

      • The $$ is what I was afraid of to begin with. Makes me afraid to sign up.

  4. I’ve been a customer for 3 weeks now and they have given me the same meals for 3 weeks. There’s no variety in the menus. The messages from the trainers sound like a computer is talking to you.

  5. Shavonne says:

    Fitorbit is a good concept however the trainers and the interface need some work. I purchased a plan for 6 months for around $200 through the Jackie Warner site and I am so upset. The customer service is medicore at best and the trainers don’t respond to messages or your personal fitness goals. I purchased this program because I thought it would give me the personal interaction that I desired in an online format. Wrong!!! When your trainer doesn’t respond to your messages it makes two way communication very difficult. When I emailed the help desk they said I should send her a message. My response was, I should send her a message to her why she didn’t respond to my message; insane!!!! The fitness plans are not customzied but seem to come from master database that they just throw in there according to what fitness equipment you have available. I thought this would be a good alternative to hiring a gym type personal trainer but I could not be more unhappy with my purchase.

    Furthermore, the interface for the program is crappy. You can not switch days if you miss or day and it is a pain to add foods to your plan. There needs to be more edit functions and more selections. Until the make a program….it’s on to the next one:)

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