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How to Get Rid of Back Fat – Exercises And Tips

woman with toned back This article is dedicated to those of your who wish to get rid of their back fat.

You know the kind I mean, the kind you know is there even if you can’t always see it. The kind that shows up under your bra strap, or when you go to the pool or the beach, or the kind that just shows under the band of your t-shirt. It’s all back fat, and we all know how unattractive it can be and how great a person with a toned back looks.

Don’t try to hide your back fat. Do what it takes to burn it off.

If you want to lose your back fat, keep reading this webpage.

1 Huge Mistake People Do When Trying To Lose Their Back Fat

When people want to lose their back fat, they usually do 1 huge mistake. This isn’t surprising since most people train the wrong way regardless of what they aim to do.

But this mistake is indeed nasty since it will lead to failure in about 97% of the cases.

The huge mistake is that people try to eliminate their back fat by doing back exercises. While I highly recommend doing back exercises in order to strengthen your back muscles and tone your back (and I describe excellent exercises further down this page), they do very little to your back fat.

The simple reason is that it’s close to impossible to spot reduce back fat. The only way to lose fat from any body part is to lower your overall body fat. This doesn’t matter whether you’re aiming for your lower back or upper back. You need to reduce your body fat. Then you’ll also have a lean back.

The best way to reduce your overall body fat is to follow a sound diet and fitness program.

Here are 3 recommended programs:

  1. Truth About Abs program for flat stomach and toned body
  2. Turbulence Training program for a lean body and back
  3. No Nonesense Muscle Building
Read on to see which one is the best for you and to learn some highly effective exercises to lose back fat.

Truth About Abs

Truth About Abs is a specialized diet program created by trainer Mike Geary. I have to say that it’s a favorite program of mine since I use it a lot.

You may be wondering what an abs program is doing in a review of ways to get rid of back fat but Truth About Abs can help you with both.

The reason for this is that Truth About Abs helps its users to get flat abs by teaching them how to lower their overall body fat. There’s little chance of spot reducing fat, remember?

That’s why Truth About Abs doesn’t only have abs exercises. It has a ton of total body part workouts as well as cardio routines. In fact, belly exercises are a small part of this excellent program.

The same way that using Truth About Abs helps people to lower their stomach fat, it can help you lose your back fat, whether upper back or lower.

Truth About Abs is highly popular and I recommend it personally.

You can read a more detailed review of this program here: Truth About Abs Review.

Turbulence Training

Turbulence Training is a diet and fitness program created by expert trainer, Craig Ballantyne.

Turbulence Training is mostly a fitness program which entails doing short, intensive, and effective workouts. It’s probably the best program for doing effective cardio workouts.

Unlike most people, who spend hours at the gym at a time, the users of Turbulence Training are provided with a set of 45 minutes workouts which encompass both strength and cardiovascular routines.

Most of the workouts can be done at home. This fact, along with the relative shortness of the workouts have made Turbulence Training a popular program among busy people, parents, and those who simply don’t like to spend a lot of time at the gym.

The only minor downside to this program is that it does not contain a diet part. However, people who get this program receive a diet ebook (written by a doctor) as a bonus.

If you want to reduce your back fat, and gain some lean muscle tissue in the process, you should check out Turbulence Training. It can provide you with the guidance you need.

Exercises To Lose Lower Back Fat

men doing exercises to get rid of back fat Most people divide their back into the lower back ad the upper back. Some people want to lose lower back fat while other people desire to get rid of their upper back fat.

Even though targeted strength exercises can do little do reduce your back fat, they can tone it and improve its appearance. They can also make you more limber and alleviate back pain.

Here are lower back exercises:

  • Back extension:

    • Start: lie on the floor facing down with both hands at your side
    • Finish: Raise your head and upper back from the floor until you create a comfortable arch in your back. Hold this position for 3-7 seconds and lower your head and upper body back to the floor
  • Straight Arms & Legs Lift:
    • Start: Lie on a mat face down and stretch both hands in a V shape over your head. Stretch both legs on the floor in a slight V shape as well
    • Finish: Raise your head, both arms, and both legs slightly off the floor until your balanced on your midsection. Hold this position for a few seconds and lower yourself back to the mat
  • Diagonal arm and leg lift:
    • Start: The same as the straight arms and legs lift
    • Finish: Raise your right arm and left leg slightly off the floor. Hold this position for a few seconds. Lower yourself back to the mat. Switch sides.
  • Stability ball back extension:
    • Start: Lie curled face down on a stability ball with both feet on the floor and your your pelvis and lower abdomen touching the ball. Place both hands at the back of your head.
    • Finish: Raise your upper body without shifting your feet until your back is straight. Don’t arch your back further than a straight position. Lower yourself back to the starting position.

Cardio Exercises to Get Rid of Back Fat

One of the best way to lose body fat in general and get rid of back fat in particular is to engage in cardiovascular activity. Yet some cardio is better than others in helping you get the perfect back.

Here are some excellent back fat cardio exercises:

  1. Rowing – There’s nothing like rowing the tone up the back and get rid of back fat. The reason is simple: the rowing motion strains the back muscles, toning them up. Rowing is also a high intensity cardio workout which means that you’ll be burning a ton of fat while doing it.
  2. Jogging – The reason why jogging is a great cardio for losing back fat is that the arms movement you do when you jog incorporates your back muscles into every motion so that you’re firming your back while losing fat. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone!
  3. Swimming – Swimming is an excellent carido workout to get the best back possible since it incorporates the entire upper body into each stroke. I don’t care if you do the back stroke or any other stroke, swimming builds the entire upper body, your back included. This means that you’re burning back fat and firming up your back muscles at the same time

I hope this gave you the motivation to start doing a little cardiovascular activity. It can really help you become fitter overall.

A program which has a particularly great cardio part is Turbulence Training.

No Nonesense Muscle Building

No Nonesense Muscle Building is different from the other 2 programs I reviewed since it’s not a fat loss program, it’s a muscle development program. That being said, it’s more advanced than either of the other 2.

I bring No Nonesense Muscle Building 3rd not because it’s not as good as the other 2 programs but because I think that most people will prefer using one of the other 2 programs and not this one for a number of reasons:

1. It’s more expensive
2. It deals with gaining muscle

But, if you’re looking to add some muscle tissue as well as lose your back fat and overall fat, No Nonesense Muscle Building is a very good guide for you.

No Nonesense Muscle Building author, Vince Delmonte, is a natural bodybuilder, which means that he doesn’t use any supplements. No Nonesense Muscle Building is full of fitness and diet information all intended to make it easy to gain a lot of muscle mass.

Here is a video with additional exercises to lose back fat:

In Conclusion

If you want to get rid of your back fat you need to take a wide perspective about your entire body and overall fitness and diet goals.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be able to lose back fat while being overweight. You need to reduce body fat in total and your back fat will melt off in the process.

I recommend that you use one of the programs I’ve reviewed. They can make it easier for you to get rid of your back fat once and for all.

Date published: September 20, 2009. Last modified: September 23, 2012


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