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How Many Calories in Edamame


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Green soyabean or ‘edamame’ has a sweet, nutty taste and is fast becoming quite popular thanks to its amazing nutritional value.

Edamame, or ‘beans on branches’, is nothing but soyabeans that have been harvested when the plant is young and the seeds have not hardened. That is why these seeds are green in color.

Since these nutty seeds are still in their pods when they are harvested, they look a lot like peas. These seeds grow in bunches on branches and are handpicked. Since the peas are not ripe, they must be eaten immediately. For this, the peas are frozen immediately or parboiled.

Calorie content in edamame

Half a cup of shelled edamame consists of:

  • 120 calories
  • 9g of fiber
  • 11g of protein
  • 13g of carbohydrates
  • 2.5g of fat
  • 15mg sodium

Besides the above, edamame also contains:

  • 10% of the Daily Value (DV) of Vitamin C
  • 10% of DV of iron
  • 8% of DV of Vitamin A
  • 4% of DV of calcium

Benefits of Edamame

It is obvious that edamame is a fiber rich carbohydrate. Such complex carbohydrates are digested slowly, which helps keep blood sugar levels steady.

Both the carbohydrate and protein content in edamame act as mood enhancers and keep anxiety and depression at bay. Edamame also contains omega-3 fatty acids, known for its beneficial effects on the heart.

Edamame contains traces of vital nutrients like Vitamin A, Vitamin C, iron and calcium. Therefore, regular intake of edamame could arrest the development of osteoporosis and anemia.

Since Edamame contains folate and Vitamin K, it is considered to be highly beneficial for pregnant women. Vitamin K is essential for the natural clotting of blood.

Calcium rich edamame can strengthen teeth and bones. The isoflavones present in it helps maintain bone density.

The antioxidant property of edamame eliminates harmful free radicals in the body and defends the body from several types of cancers.

Edamame is a low calorie, fiber rich food, so it may be eaten without the risk of putting on weight. Since it is high in fiber, it helps flush out toxins and promotes regular elimination.

Due to the above benefits, edamame is fast becoming one of the favorite snack foods of health conscious Americans.

How to eat

Edamame is incredibly easy to cook. Just steam the seeds for 5-7 minutes, sprinkle some salt over them and eat them as a snack.

If the seeds are within their pods, the pods may be boiled in salt water and served as a tasty side dish.

The seeds may be removed from pods and added to soups and salads.

In conclusion

Edamame has many benefits. It is easy to find and easier still to cook. So, the next time you experience a food craving, just cook some edamame and eat instead of gorging on crisps and fries. Your body will be immensely grateful!

Date published: November 30, 2010. Last modified: November 30, 2010


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