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How to Lose 10 Pounds in 2 Weeks To A Month – The Definitive Guide

how to lose 10 pounds In this article I want to give you tips on how to lose 10 pounds fast. These are tips that you must follow in order to achieve this goal quickly.

This article will include two sorts of tips:

  1. Tips on how to lose 10 pounds in different time frames, from 3 days through 2 weeks to a month, including specific diet and workout tips and suggestions as to when and if to use them.
  2. General diet, fitness, and lifestyle tips to help you drop this weight quickly.

These tips will not just be useful to help you lose 10 lbs. They can be used with any kind of weight loss. However, as I am often asked on the best ways to lose 10 pounds specifically, I decided to make this a specific post on that.

1. How To Lose 10 Pounds In 3, 4, Or 5 Days

1.1 Overview

Losing 10 pounds in 3, 4, or 5 days is not easy, but it is possible. However, I don’t recommend that you try this for two reasons:

  1. It will require you to use drastic measures, as this is the only way to generate the kind of calorie deficit required to lose this kind of weight.
  2. Much of the weight that you will lose will be water weight. This means that you’re not actually getting thinner even if the scale shows that you’re lighter. However, it may make you less bloated.
  3. This kind of drastic weight loss is hard to maintain. You may find that you’ve regained the weight back in a short time.

1.2. Diet Tips and Plan To Lose 10 Lbs In 3 Days

There are two ways in which it may be possible to lose this much weight in such a short time:

    1. Go on a detox diet – This is a diet plan which is usually made up mostly of liquids (often fruit juices) and little solid food. The diet will usually last for 7 days (10 at the most), but within 3 days or so, you may find that your weight has decreased significantly.Detox diets are NOT easy to stick to. The calorie intake is very low and the lack of solid food can be quite hard, mentally. You lose weight because of the low calorie consumption and not because of any real change to your lifestyle. However, a lot of people swear by detox diets and they may be useful as a way to start your weight loss process. The most popular detox plan is the Master Cleanse which some say has been used by over a million people.
    2. Hiking trip or focused fitness effort – Another way in which it may be possible to lose 10 pounds in 3 – 5 days is to go on a hiking trip in which you do a lot of walking throughout the day, eat very little, drink a lot, and try to burn off as much as you can. A concentrated fitness effort with a low calorie intake may be enough to drop 10 pounds so quickly, yet this will be water weight, for the most part.

1.3. My Recommendation

I don’t advise you to try to lose 10 pounds in 3 days. As you can see, the ways in which it may be done are very hard to follow. There’s certainly no guarantee of success and the long term results are very much in question. This is simply not enough time to lose this much weight in any healthy and sustainable way. It’s better to give it a bit longer.

2. How To Lose 10 Pounds In a Week To 10 Days

2.1. Overview and Possible Methods

Losing 10 pounds in a week or ten days is certainly easier than trying to do so in five. However, it is still a pound or more a day of weight loss, so don’t expect this to be easy. This is still in the ‘extreme’ section. Here are two ways in which this may be accomplished

  1. Follow a very intense workout plan which consists of daily workouts with lots of cardio and strength training. In addition, you will need to cut down your carbs to a minimum or use an elaborate carb cycling method. If you’re not already working out regularly, this is out of the question as the intensity can be harmful. If you do train regularly, you can try a plan called Xtreme Fat Loss Diet which can create a very fat fat loss, but be ready for some truly intense workouts.
  2. Follow a very low calorie diet – This one doesn’t have to be as hard as a detox diet, but it will still be strict. A good example of such a plan is the GM diet plan which is a 7 day plan with very low calorie intake. There are other such diets, most of which are fads with little real sense behind them. Much of the weight loss these plans can deliver is water weight and hard to maintain.

2.2. My Take On This

You can lose 10 pounds in 7 – 10 days, but it won’t be easy, will still require extreme measures, and may not be so easy to maintain. If you do try to achieve this goal, make sure to have a maintenance plan in place for the future to be able to keep your new weight.

3. How To Lose 10 Pounds In 2 Weeks

Two weeks is the minimum time to lose 10 pounds which I find reasonable. You’re giving yourself the chance to do this in a way which is not extreme or drastic. However, it will still require you to dedicate these two weeks fully for this goal.

3.1. Workout Plan For Two Weeks

You will need to train every day for you to succeed. Your workout days will be divided into two types:

  1. Strength and cardio days – On these days you will perform an intense, full body strength workout followed by a low intensity cardio session. You need to do metabolic resistance training workouts followed by workout finishers to create the biggest fat loss and metabolism boost. The low intensity cardio can be walking for 30 minutes, though 60 would be better.
  2. Intense cardio days – During these days you will perform high intensity interval training workouts. These can be done through running, cycling, rowing, or any other cardio workout in which you can build up the necessary intensity.

Your calorie intake will have to be controlled, but it doesn’t have to be very low. Cut about 10% of your normal food intake and you should be fine. In addition, continue reading for the general nutrition tips that are below.

3.2. Should You Do It

It is entirely possible to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, but you do need to give it everything you’ve got. The workouts can be time consuming, so make sure your next two weeks are free of any big obligations like exams or family events. If this is the case, then you can definitely try it.

4. How To Lose 10 Pounds In a Month

It’s always better to give yourself more time to lose weight because this allows you to do this gradually in a way which is easier to maintain. It is much better to create new habits which you can stick to for a long time then to go on a short and drastic diet and fitness plan, after which it may be hard to maintain your weight loss.

Losing 10 pounds in a month requires no special diet plan, nor does it force you to dedicate much of your free time to it. You can make some simple changes in your lifestyle and you should succeed in doing so. Let’s go over the fitness plan that you should follow to drop 10 lbs in a month:

4.1. 30 Day Fitness Plan

During these 30 days, you will go on a 5 workouts a week plan. This plan will include two cardio and three strength workouts each week. I recommend the following workout schedule:

  • Monday: Full body strength workout + low intensity cardio (walking or cycling at a medium pace).
  • Tuesday: HIIT cardio session (running, rowing, cycling, or any other cardio).
  • Wednesday: Full body strength workout + low intensity cardio.
  • Thursday: HIIT cardio session (running is my favorite, but you can choose what you like).
  • Friday: Total body strength workout + low intensity cardio.
  • Saturday: Rest or low intensity cardio.
  • Sunday: Rest or low intensity cardio (as you feel like).

In addition, you should try to be as active as possible. Do manual chores around the house, walk whenever you can, play with your kids, etc. All these things burn off more calories which all add up to your total consumption. It will all help.

Follow the lifestyle and diet tips I outline below to complete your routine.

5. Diet Tips To Follow

Hand with Pen Writing a Diet Plan Here are some diet tips that you should follow to help you lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks to a month. These are general tips. If you’re using any specific weight loss plan, follow the instructions in it.

  1. Keep yourself hydrated by drinking enough water during the day. It should be 8 glasses at the very least, more on days in which you do intense workouts.
  2. Spice your food with garlic and cinnamon as they increase fat burning by a bit.
  3. Prepare your own food.
  4. Read food labels to avoid buying calorie rich or processed foods.
  5. Avoid all junk or fast food.
  6. Get rid of sugar rich snacks. Eat fruit instead.
  7. Increase consumption of vegetables.
  8. Eat healthy sources of fat such as avocado and olive oil.
  9. Eat a moderate cheat meal once a week
  10. Increase consumption of protein.
  11. Avoid drinking alcohol. Alcohol makes fat loss harder.

For more tips, check out these nutrition facts.

6. Lifestyle Tips

The way you lead your life can have a tremendous effect on how you lose weight, or if you do at all. Here are 9 tips for you to follow:

  1. Get 7 hours of sleep each night at the very least.
  2. Avoid stressful situations as much as you can.
  3. Make sure to laugh each day. I simply watch a sitcom or a funny show to relax with.
  4. Take any excuse to move and be active.
  5. Don’t sit for too long without getting up and moving about.
  6. Don’t eat when you’re stressed out.
  7. Start each day with a short workout. This way, you will know that you’ve done something.
  8. Have a food journal and write down everything that you eat.
  9. Read success stories of other people who lost weight to keep your motivation high.

7. Fitness Tips

fit woman drinking Here are some general fitness tips that can help you lose 10 pounds fast. These tips are useful for any workouts you do and regardless of how quickly you try to lose the weight:

  1. Do circuit training to increase the intensity of your workouts.
  2. Train with a music player to reduce the chances of too much talking in the gym.
  3. Do your strength workouts before your cardio.
  4. Train your bigger muscles before your smaller ones.
  5. Use free weights more than machines. They are more effective.
  6. Lift heavy weights.
  7. Have a workout plan. Know what you’re going to do in the gym before each workout.
  8. Train our back and chest evenly to keep yourself balanced.

In addition, make sure to avoid these exercise myths and check out these exercise facts for more tips.

8. Conclusions On This Guide

This article provides you with a great deal of information on how to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks or even less. You now need to decide which course of action you want to take. I recommend that you take at least two weeks to do this, a month is even better. It is simply more sensible to do it this way, it doesn’t require strict measures and it will be easier to maintain your weight loss afterward.

I invite you to grab this free fat loss report as a gift from me. It provides even more tips to help you lose fat and get flat abs. You should also join my facebook page in which I share more fitness and nutrition tips for free nearly every day. Good luck with your weight loss.

I’d love to read your tips, feedback or questions on this guide, so leave me a comment below with your thoughts.

Date published: September 20, 2009. Last modified: July 2, 2013


  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Like your Blog…….I believe I must be the Oldest Person Ever to read your site:-)
    Thanks for your insight ~ it keeps me thinking…..
    I do not believe fresh protein, veggies and fruit cost more than junk food…..I spend a lot less on
    food than people I know who eat fast food!! and it tastes so much better. People should learn to
    enjoy preparing their own meals:-)

  2. Dude,

    You rock! I love the tips you gave; they have helped me lose body fat so much quicker than when I would just increase my running to shed ten pounds. I see now that lifting the weights (big muscles first, then smaller ones); plus, doing strength then cardio after on four days a work…rocks. I shred 10 pounds in 15 days; didn’t change diet…but I eat healthy anyway. Thanks so much. You have changed my workouts for the best!!!

  3. Matthew says:

    I’m 14 and a half 5’6 and about 160 pounds. And I would like to get down to around 120 pounds. I get a decent amount of exercise between biking and hockey.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Matthew,

      The changes your body goes through at your age can be immense. I would continue to get exercise and eat right. If you do both, you should see great improvement.

  4. michelle says:

    I’m 19, 5’6 and weigh 140. I know that’s still in the average weight range for that height, but the thing is I definitely gained the freshman 15 (more like 10, but still, the point is I gained weight) and I want to lose it. I’m on the crew team, so I think some of that weight may be muscle (wishful thinking) but my pant size is going up and I have some extra fat on my stomach and thighs that I really want to get rid of. I go to the gym semi frequently – usually 4 or 5 days a week- and do like 40 minutes cardio. I really want to lose this weight but the thing is I love junk food and I’m home for the summer and it’s everywhere in my house and I just can’t bring myself to avoid it. Is the diet aspect of losing weight major or is losing 10 pounds possible without taking into account what I’m eating?

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Michelle,

      You can lose weight while eating junk as long as you burn a lot of calories. However, as eating calories is easier than burning them off, this can be hard to do, which is why I recommend that you do make an effort to eat healthier.

      • kristina says:

        Hi, my name is Kristina I’m 13, I’m 5’3 and I weigh 165 and I don’t know how to lose this weight. I want to weigh 100 at least by the end of the year. I tried a diet it didn’t work, please help.

  5. Hi I’m 19 years old. I want to lose weight. It’s 49 and my height is 4’7”. Please suggest a diet… and is it possible to increase height???

    • Jonathan says:

      No, I don’t think there’s any way to increase height. None that I know of. As for the tips, just follow the guidelines I wrote above. If you have any specific questions, I’d love to answer them.

  6. Hey, I’m Traci I’m 13 and weigh 150lbs and I want to weigh 130 to 140 in three weeks, help?

  7. Linda Masri says:

    Hi, is it good if I dieted for six days and took the 7th off during this whole diet month? will that help my body burn more?

  8. Rosey Tee says:

    I am 53 years old, 5 feet – 6 inches tall and I weigh 160 pounds. My normal weight is 140, but over the last month or so I have just packed on the weight. The weight started packing on when I started eating a lot of garlic bread and drinking soda. I am really stressing over the weight. I have been told to stop eating and just drink water for 3 days and the weight will melt off. I am seriously considering. The weight is really driving me crazy and is all I can think about right now. I have stopped the garlic bread and soda, as well as no food after 6:00 pm. How can I get rid of 10 pounds each week and still be heathy?

  9. Priyanka says:

    Hi! I am 28 Years old, my height is 5 feet and I weigh 169 lbs. How much I should reduce? I tried to do excersies but as my legs are thin as compared to upper part of my body I feel pain in my legs and hence can’t continue the same for more than one week. Due to this pain and excess tiredness I lose interest in weight reduction. BUT I actually want to reduce. Please suggest how I can reduce without pressuring my legs and also please suggest me a good diet to follow to reduce weight. I am a pure vegetarian Indian. I don’t even take eggs. I would like to reduce 10 lbs in one month.

  10. I’m 20 years old, I’ve struggled with excess weight all of my life. I don’t over eat, but I’m not exactly sure of what a healthy diet consists of. I don’t eat candy all day or sweets regularly. I’m not a chef, my cooking skills are horrible, I can’t afford the overly expensive health foods, and I’m not familiar with the best workouts. I’m 290lbs right now, at 5’8″, and I want to make a lifestyle change, I just need the knowledge to do so. I would greatly appreciate any advice you could provide.

    • Basically, I was the same way … healthy foods are less processed or less ingredients lots of water or lemonade etc… too many chemicals probably not good to eat a chemistry lab… look at difference between Breyer’s Vanilla vs Dreyer’s Slow Churned ice cream for example.
      Watch serving sizes and salt and bad fat intakes. Serving sizes are smaller than you think so use smaller dishes to visually trick brain.

  11. Michelle says:

    Hi! I’m 17 years old and I weigh about 166 but my weight keeps yoyoing… I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. I work out every day from an hour to three hours depending on the day and I’m also eating a low carb diet. I want to lose about 10 lbs before my highschool graduation in about less than two weeks. Can you help me please?

  12. Elizabeth says:

    Hi, my name is Elizabeth,
    I am 84 pounds and 55 inches and want to be 74 pounds. I do 9 hour of gymnastics and would like it to take 2 weeks.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      You do 9 hours of gymnastics a week?

      To lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks, you will also need to cut down your calories considerably.

  13. need a few tips for weight lose? Can i get some help.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Rashem,

      Do hard cardio workouts, do 3 – 4 strength workouts each week and train your whole body. Eat healthy, fresh, unprocessed food and you should do fine.

  14. I want to lose about 40 pounds in 3 months how can I do it?

    • Rebecca says:

      It IS possible to lose 10 pounds/month with aggressive exercise. The way I did it a few years ago was portion control, change in diet and working out EVERY DAY. No weekend “cheat days” or “days off”. If you’re serious about dropping the weight I recommend an eating plan similar to this:
      Breakfast: fiber cereal with skim milk or oatmeal
      mid-morning snack: 1 piece of fruit
      lunch: Protein with carbs, and salad
      snack: fruit/yogurt/cheese and wholewheat crackers
      work out!!
      dinner: high protein lo-carb.

      No sugar, no refined white breads, limit alcohol intake, and stop eating after 8pm.

      Best of luck!! (it’s a hard plan to follow especially if you are social, and going out to eat at restaurants a lot)

      • Jonathan says:

        Seems like a good eating plan. As for restaurants, you should tell your friends what you’re trying to achieve so they understand. This way, the pressure to eat out will be off.

        If you do go to restaurants, avoid sauces. They can include a lot of unwanted calories.

  15. jordana says:

    Hi, my name is Jordana and I’m 13 years old. I’m 154 cm and weigh about 100 pounds. I wanna lose about 10 pounds… can I get some tips on how to do that in about a month or 2 ?

    • Stop eating for 3 days just drink water,

      • Jonathan says:

        Karla, this is not a good idea. I hope you’re not serious.

      • Rebecca says:

        That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. First off, the “weight” you lose in a week is generally water weight. Secondly, she is thirteen years old.
        As if we are not affected by the media already, let’s cut young teens a break.
        The key to permanent and real weight loss is TIME.

        You’re thirteen years old. My advice. Go to the park with friends, play basketball, swim, and BE ACTIVE. This is the age when weight will melt right off you as long as you’re moving. As you get older that’s when “Diets” become popular.
        As you may already be aware, diets come and go and are just fads. You do NOT want to start yo-yo dieting at such a young age.
        I’d limit the time you spend sitting at the computer, and find games to play outside. When I was you’re age my favorite sports were running, jump rope, and basketball.
        Just watch the desserts, and you’ll be FINE.

  16. Hi I’m 4’9 and 98 pounds. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but I’m super short and I carry all my weight in my stomach. I’m pretty athletic, like I do soccer, basketball, and I dance for 3 hours every week but no matter what I do I can’t seem to lose the weight in my belly. I would be fine if I could just lose my belly fat. I’m having a party in a month and I will be wearing a swimsuit and I really want to have a flat, thin stomach for the party. Please help I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to work!

  17. Hi I am Suzi and I am 30 years old. I am 5’5 and was always very fit. I used to weigh 115-120 lbs. I have had 2 kids in the last 5 years and have gained some weight. At my heaviest I was 160. Now I am down to 140. I put myself on a high protein diet and have lost 15 lbs in 2 months. My sister is getting married in 5 weeks and I am the maid of honor. I would like to lose at least another 10 lbs by then. Even though I have lost some weight I still have a belly. My legs are skinny but I tend to carry in my belly. People have even asked me if I am pregnant again. I probably can work out 4 days a week, but no more because I am very busy and work a full time job. Is it possible to lose 10 pounds in that amount of time? Right now I wear a size 8 or 6, I would like to wear a 4 or 6. Help.

    • Hi Suzi,

      Great work on what you achieved so far.

      I believe that you can drop another 10 lbs in 5 weeks. It’s definitely doable.

      I suggest that you begin by going over what you eat. Look at it critically: does this food contain too many calories or sugar? Are you eating too much white flour? If so, cut it down.

      As for your workouts, you should combine intense cardio with strength training. This will help you boost metabolism and make weight loss easier.

      Let me know if you have any specific question. I’ll be happy to help.

  18. hey well I’m 13, 5’2 and 125 pound. I’ve tried everything from detox to just not eating and it doesn’t work, it just makes me hungry and I gain weight. I need something different to help me lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Also I want to know if at my height and weight if I’m overweight.

  19. Hi my weight is 65 kg and height 5’3. I want to lose my 17 kg. My age is 19 please tell me in how many weeks or months I can lose it and suggest me a diet. I live in a hostel and don’t take fast food, cold drinks. Careful about my diet but I’ve put on my weight. It’s so embarrassing.

  20. Hey, I’m 13 and I just got my grad dress and it’s too tight by the zipper. HELP! I have 2 months till graduation, what can I do to make it fit?

  21. Tressa P says:

    I am 26 and weigh 170. I am trying to lose about 30 pounds but nothing I do works. I go for walks, I eat healthier and still nothing. I am very unhappy with my body at this point and really NEED to get these pounds off. Any helpful tips that can help me get this weight off in about 2 months? please help!!!

    • Hi Tressa,

      Weight loss comes to 3 things:
      1. Nutrition habits.
      2. Workouts and general activity.
      3. Lifestyle habits like sleep, stress reduction. etc.

      The first two are the most important. You need to make sure you’re not getting any hidden calories through drinks and food and to increase your activity. Just workout more.

      Give me some more details about what you currently do and I’ll try to give you some detailed tips.

  22. Hi I’m 21 years old mother of a 3 year old. Before pregnancy I weighed 130. I’m 5’4 so that was prefect. I weighed 177 during pregnancy I probably weigh like 180-185 now. I’m so depressed my body is gross I hate it want to get down to 160 at least my hips got thicker so I will never be a size 6 but I want to have my old body back have issues with eating. At age 17 I was anorexic yet only got down to 118. Help.

    • Best advice is to find a trainer that trains figure models and has competitors either at the pro level (ex. Jaimie Eason) or is a pro competitor themselves. It becomes a lifestyle as you can do it. Women in their 40’s and 50’s with rocking bodies after several children. It’s the best coaching, nutritional guidance and balance I have ever had. Changed my life! If you can’t find one in your area (highly unlikely) then read oxygen or look up fitness model’s plans and follow them! They give good advice. No fat burners, or unnatural stuff. If you do it right, put in the time and work hard your commitment will show and you will have an awesome body for life!
      You can do it! Now go get started mamma!

      • Hey, I’m in the same boat I had my son is almost three and now my baby boy who’s 7 months. I was like 110 when I got pregnant now I’m stuck at 160. I’m trying so hard to push through this. My vow renewal with my husband is coming up in 20 days and I need to lose those 10 lbs I’ve been eating right and running and nothing womp wimp, but if you find something let me know.

        • Hi Kayde,

          Congratulations on your baby and the upcoming vow renewal. Can you share some information about your workout routine and diet? If it’s more convenient to you, you can also join my Facebook page and ask questions there.

  23. I’m 14 5’5 I Weigh 176 lbs And I’d like to weigh 125 by June is it possible ?

  24. Okay so I’m 17 and 5’1″. I weigh 145 lbs right now due to recovering from an eating disorder- going back to eating healthily caused me to gain (ie starving yourself does not work!) which I expected for the first few weeks, but now it’s just getting ridiculous and I’m 10 lbs heavier than when I started losing weight. I want to lose 40 lbs in about 3-5 months. I ride my horse for at least 30 minutes 4-6 times a week and walk for about 1-2 hours a day doing the jobs that need doing at the stables. I sometimes come home and do jogging on the spot and sit-ups/crunches/leg lifts etc. about twice a week. I’m now eating 1000-1300 calories a day of mostly healthy food, I have healthy meals but the odd treat, never more than 200 calories for that though. So what am I doing wrong and why am I not losing, why am I gaining instead? It’s really frustrating me, I just want to lose this disgusting fat, how can I do it?

  25. Hi, my name is Chrissy. I am 13 and weigh 136 lb. I want to lose at least 10 pounds before May and its April now. I have been dancing and going to the gym sense October. This doesn’t seem to help. I don’t eat fast food ever and I always eat vegetables and fruit. I rarely have soft drinks, so water is basically my bud. My problem area is my stomach and hips. Please help!

  26. Hi, I’m a 15 year old 5’10 and I weigh 129 but I want to only weigh 115 what can I do to achieve this in a month?((:

  27. Hi! My name’s Ashley. I’m 16 years old and only 5’0″. I currently weigh about 140 lbs, and I want to tone and slim down my thighs, stomach, and possibly chest until I weigh about 120. I would also like to lose 5-7 lbs. a week (maybe even more give or take) for one month. Do you think this is a smart, healthy choice? And are there any tips you could give me on certain meal plans or work out plans for me to follow?

  28. Cheyenne says:

    Hi, I am 14 years old and I am about 5″4 and I weigh 141 pounds and I am so embarrassed by it and I feel like a prisoner in my own body. I walk at least once a week for at least an hour. I want to lose at least 15 pounds before my birthday in June, any advice?

  29. Hi,
    I have back issues so getting to the gym is not in the cards. I want to lose 20 -25 lbs asap both to help my disc issues and general weight loss. I am 5’9″ and 175 lbs. Goal is 150 ish. I am only eating one salad a day with chicken or tuna. Once I can get to the gym, I’ll up my intake. Do you think this will work for me in a short period of time? Like a month?

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Angie,
      Losing 20 – 25 pounds in a month is extremely hard and requires very hard workouts. I’m not sure that you’re eating enough, actually. If you have back issues, you need to consult with a doctor before beginning any workout program. Also, make sure that you’re feeding your body enough.

  30. Hello,
    I’m 15 years old, and I weigh 83kg = 182 pounds (aprox)
    I have been eating nothing but healthy foods for the past 3 months and I have not seen any differences. I eat spicy foods to try boost my metabolism, I drink lots of water daily, I get 8 hours of sleep almost every night. and I dance for about 4 hours a night. (have been doing the dancing since I was 10) I sometimes go for very long walks, up steep hills to get my heart pumping. Nothing is working. what should I do? (desperate)

    • Lauren Tate says:

      I suggest doing the workout for the month plan. Take brisk walks like usual, keep up the dancing, and you might want to jog or run every now and then. Power walking is also good. I suggest 30-45 minute jogs every night for a month, see if that works. Good luck!:)

  31. Hi there my name is Sonja. I am almost 20, 5’7 and 230 lbs. I’ve lost 20 lbs since last year but, I want to lose 70 more so that I am a healthy weight of 160 before I start toning. I am moving to Europe in 3 months and I really want to drop as much as I possibly can by then. I’ve started doing ‘turbo jam- fat blaster’ for 30 min a day and I’m going to add walking in there as well. I have actually gotten rid of my drivers license and selling my truck so I don’t even have the temptation (I am THAT bad with temptations)… Now I just need help on what to eat! I hate to cook, if it takes a lot of effort its pretty much out of the question. I have been eating plain oatmeal for breakfast and chicken breast for dinner with either rice or just veggies… Can anyone suggest a better, possibly easier diet that will help me lose lbs fast???

    • Join Nutrisystem and follow the plan. You can lose about 10 – 15 pounds a month, safely if you follow the plan. Most of the food is good, some of it of course is not but you can select your own foods and even exchange the foods you don’t like for something else you’d like to try. I dropped 12 lbs my first month on it with only a little exercise, walking 30 minutes a day , 3 or 4 days a week. It is great.

  32. Hi, my name is Hannah I’m 5’4 and weigh around 125 lbs. My goal is to weigh 97 lbs. I wanted to fast but my mom said it would be unhealthy so I’m looking through a lot of websites that will help me lose weight. If you know how I can reach my goal please get back to me.

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Hannah,
      I take it that you’re a teenager and I agree with your mom: fasting can be unhealthy. I believe that a sensible eating routine and an active lifestyle is the way to go.

    • 5′ 4″ and 125, should put you at about a size 4, so that is perfect. If you want to lose weight, I would suggest only going down about 10 pounds. Don’t lose your curves being stick thin is not attractive.

    • The reason you are not losing weight is because you’re already at a perfect weight. 97 lbs is not healthy! More important is the reason you want to lose weight. If you have problem areas like your stomach, back, thighs then work on that, toning is better than you losing weight just because.

  33. Hey I’m 16 and I weigh 165 lb and Im 5’5. I’m trying to lose 30 pounds in like a month or 2, but it doesn’t seem to work and I just want to be a normal weight.

    What can I do to lose weight fast and keep it off?

  34. kendra dow says:

    I am 13 years old, I am 5’6 and 1/2, and I weigh 113 pounds. My birthday is in May and it is February now. How do I cut down a few pounds off of my stomach? Thanks for the help!!

    • Trina Koveich says:

      Kendra, you are only 13 and wanting to lose weight! Be happy with who you are and don’t worry about it so much! If you want to lose weight, here is the simplest way: eat HEALTHY and just exercise. 60 minutes a day to exercise is kinda hard to do for some people but I suggest do at least 30 minutes a day! And there are plenty of exercises you can do and find on the internet! But jogging IS a great way to keep healthy!

  35. Hi I’m Courtney I weigh like 131 or somewhere around there, I have love handles and my gut sticks out when I push it out a lot and I feel really fat. I am like 5’5 or 5’6 I’m not very sure. I’m 14 years old.
    But I don’t have a lot of time to exercise whenever, please help !

  36. Hi guys,
    I’m 16 years old and 5’8. I weigh around 170-175 and I’m looking to lose 20 pounds by summer. I just want to lose my muffin top and a little from my thighs, any exercise ideas? What should I be eating more of?


  37. Hi, my name is Jilly, I’m 5″11 and around 150-160 lbs, not sure which, dad hid the scales- My goal weight is 110 lbs, how long do you think it’d take? I’m not bothered which diet, I’ve tried most, I just need a rough time, it’s my 17th birthday in 8 months, do you reckon I could be 120 by then?

    • honey, for your height you should weigh around 140-155…anything less than that would look and feel abnormal. Just walk around your neighborhood for 45 min to an hour everyday, drink a liter of water a day, and try to eat as many fruits, vegetables, and fish as you can-the more you eat the higher your metabolism will be, which will help you to burn fat and not muscle… you will surely lose 15 to 20 lbs in about 2 months if you follow this regimen.

  38. HI, my name is Rummy. I am 16 years old. I am 165 lbs. I really want to lose about 30 to 35 lbs before my birthday in February. I know it really seems dumb for me. Please help.

    • Hi Rummy,
      Trying to lose 30 pounds in a month is pretty drastic and I don’t advise it. With proper nutrition and exercise, you may be able to lose 10 pounds in a month and that would be fantastic.

      I need to point out that teens have other physical needs than adults do, so you need to check with a youth dietitian for specific recommendations.

      • Hey Rummy, my name’s Dayanna. I’m 15 and I’ve always tried losing weight. I did a diet that really helped it’s a seven day diet and you lose 6 kilos. It’s pretty good.
        1st day only fruits no bananas.
        2nd day vegetables no potatoes.
        3rd day mix of fruits and vegetables.
        4th day bananas and milk .
        5th day a mix of all that.
        Also, I’ve started doing p90x its a 90 day thing, but it REALLY helps. My cousin was over weight and he did it and looks great. I’ve been doing it for a short time but i can even see a change in myself and the way I can run and do other things. Good luck!!

  39. I am 15 years old and weigh 180. I want to get down to 99 pounds but am having trouble getting there. Everyday I am made fun of because I am overweight and get called names so I really need help. Please help me and tell me how to get some of this weight off.

    • Kaycee, I weigh 180 lbs as well, and I am a 19 year old girl. I’m responding to your post because my eyes bugged out of my head when I saw that your weight goal is 99 lbs. You’re basically cutting your weight in half… look at yourself right now. Do you really want to be half as big as you are right now? The honest truth is that you wouldn’t look healthy. One thing that I’ve learned is that it matters a lot more how you feel and the confidence that you show than how much you weigh. So don’t focus on a number, maybe just try to get down to a weight where you feel good.

      For example, I’m 5’8″ and athletic. Thus, I’m not sure that losing even twenty pounds would be a healthy weight for me… I’m setting my sights on ten – fifteen and seeing how that goes. The important thing is that I think that I’ll feel a little better about myself and be able to do the things that I love more easily with a little less weight on me, not getting to any mythical number.

      Anyway, good luck! Find some type of exercise that you love to do and stick with it. Drink a lot of water, and just work on limiting yourself a little more every day in what you eat. You can get healthier, but try to set reasonable goals for yourself.

      • Hi Kaycee,

        Nina is absolutely right. I don’t think you need to lose 50% of your weight. You need to talk to a youth dietitian and get some guidance on the proper diet for teens and engage more in sports. However, even if you lose 10 pounds you will feel and look much better. You don’t need to lose as much as you’re planning.

  40. I would like your input about losing weight after 40. I never had a weight issue, and if I ever had an extra pound, having a good breakfast with plenty of proteins, normal lunch and light diner took care of it.
    Now it seems impossible to lose a pound… I eat very healthy, no fried stuff, plenty of fresh juice out of a juice extractor, balanced carbs, etc. I tried 1200 cal, plus some exercise (eliptical) and still nothing.
    I will try fat loss 4 idiots but still would like some comments about the topic

    • Hi,

      It may get harder to lose weight as you grow older because your metabolism slows down and your hormones may change. What sort of workouts do you do?

  41. Hi I am Tahani. 18 years old and I want to lose 10 pound. Guys, please help me…. thanks.

  42. hey y’all, i weigh roughly 200lbs im bout 5ft 7″. I know I’m overweight. I’m 21 and I wanna lose at least 20 lbs for now….help…

  43. So in the suggestion thing there it says if you don’t eat and you just drink lemonade for three days does that really help lose weight

  44. Hey lexi, I’m 19 yrs and I’m 136 pounds and 5’2…. please recommend me a fast diet plan for 7 days.

    • 1 cup Cherrios with 1/2 cup of skim milk and 1/2 a bananna for breakfast, 4 apples slices and 2 tsp of peanut butter for a mid-morning snack, 1/2 cup chicken salad or two slices of lean turkey and 1 slice of low-fat cheddar cheese on honey wheat and baked lays for lunch, a piece of low-fat string mozerella cheese or protein bar for afternoon snack and 6 oz grilled chicken breast or 6 oz lean steak tips, with a tossed salad and 3 tsp light dressing or 1 cup steamed brocolli with 1 tsp light butter for dinner. No carbonated beverages, limit to only 12 oz of lemonade or sweetened tea per day, and atleast 64 ounces of water per day.

  45. Hi I’m Lexy, I’m 5 ft 3 in, weigh about 165, and want to lose 40lbs by my birthday (sorta like a birthday present to me) which is march 17th but if I lose 30 lbs by then I’ll be happy 🙂 I need help though so please give me as much helpful advice as possible 🙂 thanks!!!!!

    • Halima Sadia says:

      hey, that’s alot of time to lose 40 pounds. It took me about 5-6 months to lose around 25 pounds and that even at a very slow paced diet. I’m the same height too. Let go of all kinds of fizzy drinks, juices, chocolates, rice, potato, and white bread. No need to follow a strict diet with grilled chicken and vegetables only. just limit yourself to eating healthy. And lots of water. Good luck 🙂

  46. Oscar Barrera says:

    Hello my name is Oscar & I’m 13 years old I weigh 285 pounds I think I know it’s crazy but believe , I always say too myself I’m going too stop but I can’t , but today I tried my school sweater on & it doesn’t fit me & school just starts in 8 days I’m worried like crazy , I wanna lose at least 5 pounds .

  47. Jessica says:

    Wow girls I wish I could say I weigh 130 lbs but I do not. I am 19 5’6′ and weigh 174 lbs. I used to weigh 134 lbs and still thought I was fat but looking back now I give anything to just be 140 lbs. I have tried everything and nothing works.

  48. you guys are all crazy. be happy for who you are. Don’t change yourself for others. Be healthy because YOU wanna be happy.

  49. Chelsea says:

    Hi I am 20 years old I am 5’7 and 132lbs I really need to lose 10 pounds by the end of august I walk 5 miles at least 3 times a week and I also dance ballet for a few hours a week. I really eat healthy and try to stay under 1000 calories a day. I need help what else can I do or what am I doing wrong…

    • First of all, NEVER go under 1000 calories per day, your body needs at LEAST around 1200 calories a day to function, so if you ate less than that your metabolism will slow down and you won’t be able to burn as much calories. Also, you are at a good weight for your height, so you don’t need to lose 10 pounds!

    • Going to 1,000 calories a day is not such a good idea. It can lead to a slower metabolism which will make it harder for you to lose weight. Cut your calories moderately and do more exercises. This is a better way to lose weight.

  50. Hi my name is Sarah I am 13 years old and I weigh 159 pounds! I am looking for an acting job and want to loose 50 pounds in a couple of months I am 5″8 PLEASE HELP ME!

  51. Janelle♥♥ says:

    Hi my name is Janelle i am 13 years old and i weigh 130lbs and my height is 5.1 feet… My family tell me that i am over weight and i also think so too… I would like to lose 30lbs in a month.. Do you have a diet that will work for me??? I need some help PLEASE♥♥

    Thanks…. 🙂

  52. courtney ward says:

    Hi, my name is courtney. Im 18 years old and i weigh 132. I cheer for tarleton state university but I need to lose 10 lbs in a week starting tmrw. I dont have time for a diet due to the fact that I’m running my sister to different places every day. Which in this case means I cant get exercise. I go to camp im 8 days and I need to lose some weight so these guys can lift me. What do I do?

  53. hiii i am 20 years old and i weigh 60 kgs my height is 5:2 i want to get back to 50 kgs i wanna loose 10 kgs in 3 mnths please tell give me some tips n a diet chart 4 the whole day thnx

  54. Hi there, i’m 16 yrs old and well im considered as an adult. I found that i just gained 2 pounds this summer because i was eating madly in the last days of school and i feel terribly guilty about it and i want to bring my weight back to where it was. I’ve been eating food such as yogurt and wheat bread, turkey are they considered bad or ok?, i really need help, i will really appreciate it, i want to lose these 2 pounds, please

    thank you

    • Jonathan says:

      Hi Mariam,

      2 pounds is nothing to worry about. It can be just regular weight fluctuations. You may lose it soon without trying too hard.

  55. ItsTougherNowThanThen says:

    Girls, Girls….this is a site for adults wanting to shed pounds quickly. Don’t worry about a little weight now, you’ll lose that by the time your leave high school as long as you do it in a healthy way. Adopt a healthy lifestyle now and it’ll work for you in the future. I wish I would have known then what I know now. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be on this site. Best wishes girls. It’s tougher now than then.

  56. I’m 13, 135lbs, and 5’8. I wanna lose 8-12 lbs so my six pack will show does anyone have any ideas?

    • You are at a healthy weight already. You should not diet, just eat healthy and get moderate exercise to maintain your weight.

      • Jonathan says:

        Hey Jeanie, thank you so much for all your comments here. It’s great that you’re sharing your own experience with other World Of Dieters.

  57. Hi, I am 13yrs old and I am in the risk of being obese. How do I lose weight fast, in 3 weeks, for a family gathering?
    Pls reply ASAP


  58. Hi Dana,

    A girl your age should consult a youth dietician. The advice on this site is geared toward adults.

  59. I need to lose 10-15 pounds by high school this year i also would like to lose it before my family reunion which is in 3 weeks i have been on a diet for about 4 days and doing about 60 sit ups a day. please let me know if there are any other ways to lose 10-15 pounds in 2 weeks. 🙂 i need advice!

    • Kay, I’m no expert but my Dad is a total fitness guru. He suggests not doing situps because they put your back out of allignment. I suggest low-carbs or at least no sugar. It really works! I’ve tried alot but this is the only thing that’s worked for me. I lose like a pound a day! Sometimes more. P.S. I know exactly how you feel. I’ve lost nine pounds in 8 days!

  60. Mhearts says:

    I am a new mother to a 6 month old daughter. Before I was pregnant I weighted 145-150 (I was continually trying to get to the weight of 140). I weighed myself about 3 weeks ago and I weighed 180. I decided to go on a diet to get back to my normal weight. Today, I weigh 175. I started my diet 3 weeks ago and have only lost 5 lbs. I want to get down to about 140 now, and I don’t feel like I’m making much progress. I have really cut my calorie and fat intake (eating only the freshest and healthiest foods). I have also been working out a whole lot. about 3-5 days a week. I’m 5″9″ and in a desperate attempt to get back to my normal weight, and even my weight goal. I may try one of your suggested websites if I don’t see results within the next week. Any other suggestions you might have?

    • I’m only thirteen and I know you may not think I know much but cutting your calorie and fat intake doesn’t really work. The best thing to do with calories is burning what you take in so the exercise is good. But with fats, the number one thing is to eat the good kinds. Cut out the bad and take in the good. Low-carbs is probably the best diet if you’re very serious.

  61. Hi, my name is Bun. I need major help. I am 5’5 and i weigh 165+. I am extremely obese. I have not been eating healthy due to my bad habits and school. I attempted to walk around my neighborhood but I gave up. Please HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey, I’m 13 and I’m 5 foot tall. I weigh 130 and I can’t lose at all. I need help too and somebody should give me advice, please!

  62. Vinny23 says:

    Hi my name is vianett and im 23 yrs old im 5’7 and I weight 180 I need to loose at least 30 to 40 lbs in 6 weeks because im going back to work im a model and I dont wanna lose my job how do I loose all this weight PLEASE HELP..!!!

  63. Hello, My daughter weighs around 140 pounds.
    She is 4’11 and 11 years old..
    She gets teased everyday!
    Also, she drinks a lot of water… does that affect anything?
    Please answer… I’ve been trying to get some answers.

    • Drinking a lot of water, especially at that age, could be a sign of hypertension or diabetes. I would have her checked out by her pediatrician for more information.

  64. I’m 18 years old and I need to loose a least 15 pounds in 2 weeks for my prom in June . I’m a type of person who is easy to sweat but my parents say that i have big bones,so it’s very hard for me to loose weights.I NEED HELP ON THIS , thank you !!!

  65. Hello, my name is bonnie, I am 5’6″ and 205 pounds 21 years of age, ive been over up and down between size 12-16 for years. I started going to the gym three weeks ago,lost 13 pounds so far. I want to eat healthier, my issue isnt cutting out junk or breads and cereal, usually I eat the vector brand. my issue is I am from an isolated community and fresh foods are fairly expensive on regular size grocery bag your usually spending around 60- 80 dollars on a bag. is there any supplements that will ensure I get what nutrition I need to ensure I am burning fat when I cannot afford what is available to me.

  66. hi. my names abby, im 5’3, 116 pounds and ready to drop 10 pounds. i dont know how to do this since its almost summer and i want to loose weight fast. how can i lose 10-15 pounds in 1 week without a pill and without spending money on a “weight loss plan”. please, advice anyone? how many calories should i consume and how long should i work out for?

  67. Alissa says:

    Hi, im 13 yrs old and weigh around 125-130 pounds im 5.5″ and i really do think im over weight. even though i swim year around i still think im over weight. i have a small midsection but i think my legs and arms are chubby. i dont want to lose that much weight because i dont want to look like a walking stick, but i am personaly ask for your opion. thanx so much, Alissa

  68. hey y’all,
    My name is Lindsey and right now i am getting ready for prom it is just over a week away and i need to drop as much weight as posable i want to look grate for this big day i just dont know how to do that right now i am 5’4 and 18 years of age i weigh about 130. im a cheerleader at my school and well we arnt doing much lattly so thats not an option i just realy want to drop at least 8 pounds by prom any ideas?

  69. Cory :):) says:

    Hi I’m 4’9 (really short I know) and am 86 pounds. DO you think I’m fat? ANd by the way I want to lose like 3-5 pounds, do you know how I could do that?

  70. Hi, my name is Sarah. I am 17 1/2 years old. I weigh 133 lbs but I want to go down to 120 in 2 months. I have my graduation and I really want to look good. Also my height is 5’3″.

  71. Hi, im 18 5’2 and im 140 pounds . i dont know how i gain so much, but i was always around 117-123 , but i just started getting so stressed and im miserable. what should i do?

  72. I’m 14 5’7 and weigh 125-128 am I overweight ?

    • Hi Alexis,

      I should point out that this is a website for adults, so this isn’t the place for teens.

      That being said, I think your weight is normal. You should talk to a youth dietician or your school nurse if you want to ask questions about it.

  73. Hey im 6’0 335 lbs and the most miserable i have been in my whole life. I am a x athlete that used to be in tremendous shape but over the last 10 years i have gained 135 lbs. i want to loose weight fast as possible the 1-2 lbs per week thing is no good i want 10-15 per week please help anyone.

    • To lose 10 pounds a week for more than one or two weeks may be a stretch. I doubt that it can be done in a healthy way. You can try to use the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet as a starter to get a big weight loss for the next 25 days. Afterwards, use a more gradual program. Just keep working out and eating healthy and you will lose weight. However, it will take some time. There’s no getting around it.

  74. Hey I am 6’3″ 235 lbs I am naturally strong and have some muscle on me but I would like to achieve my goal of 190 lbs mostly muscle I am 16 years old. And I would just like to know if I hit it hard then maintained it for a while how long would it take to reach my goal?

  75. Hello,
    I am going on a Cruise at the end of this month, I weigh 134 and am 5 1 yeah overwight i think so, before i left for college my steady weight was 115 i am wondering how i get back down to that size. I have a knee injury and i can not do cardio, walking is a problem at the moment, so exercise is out of the question. I need the advice.
    Thank you!!

  76. hey i am 20 years old i weight 82kg and my height is 5’6. i want to lose alot of weight but the problem me is that i study and work side by side and i donot have enough time to do exercise. if anyone can suggest me a diet plan so i can lose this wait through dieting…plz help he

  77. Heey, I am 190lbs and 5’3, I am obviously overweight, an need to lose 60-80 lbs before grade eight graduation, I really need some advice, I am seeing a dietition, but i feel i need more, may I ask for advice??

  78. Hi, I am 14 years old, 5.2 and weigh 120. When I was 10 years old I was kinda chunky and weighed 120, but I was alot shorter then. I managed to lose 15 pounds by accident ( I guess puberty was the reason) ever since then I have gained it all back and feel very I secure. It’s not that I am huge, I am just bigger than most girls my age. I don’t eat junk food regulary and almost never drink sugary drinks (I feel like I am addicted to diet pop though and am not sure if I could hive that up). I use to work out alot, but I stopped for a while, and now I am going to start again. I want to lose inches and gain muscle so how do you feel about my plan? 6 days a week, 20 min cardio, 20-40 min pilates, 300 crunches, and some squats, arm lunges, lunges, pushups, and pullups.

  79. Hey, Iam Baily. Iam 16 years old and I weight about 140-145 pounds, Iam also 5’5. My doctor says Im overweight, and I totally agree! I play soccer but when I get home I tend to eat way too much. Now that I have stopped playing for my school I don’t know how else to lose weight. I still play outside of school but the amount of exercise doesn’t seem to be doing anything. Is there anyway that I can lose about 10-20 pounds, and fast?!

    • Hi Baily,

      I’m sorry, but this article is only for adults. I recommend speaking with your school nurse or a youth dietician.

  80. Brittany (; says:

    Heey I’m trying to lose wieght. I’m wondering if vitiam water will work or the only drink water diet ? Or if I cranberries will that work too ? Or anything will zero calories in it ?

    Thanks, Brittany (:

  81. Hey I’m 15 years old & all my life I’ve been strugglin on losing weight because I was a chubby kid & now I’m up to weighin 180-200 pounds & I never thought that I would end up wieghing this much. So there is this Halloween party Ima go to & There is gonna be old relatives I haven’t seen in a awhile, so I want to impress them & show that I am capable of losing wieght!! HELP!!

    Height:5’5 or 5’6
    Am I overweight?

    • Mr. Advise says:

      yes u are bcuz of ur age limit!! sorry but hey u dont need tablets …jus walk for like 3-4 miles everyother day n watch ur diet!! swim, play sports and do wat u gotta do.

    • You are very young (never take any tablets/pills do it all naturally). I understand how you feel you would be surprised that by making a few adjustments how it can actually make a difference such as cutting out sugary snacks (find healthy snacks to eat). Don’t make big changes all at once just start by eating good foods and eat a little less than what you would normally eat until your portions are normal (hand fist of grains, meat and a lots of veggies. (NEVER STARVE YOURSELF)Drink plenty of water. Start walking It’ll help get your stamina up, it’ll help jump start your weight lose.(dance) I hated to exercise but i now love it. It may feel impossible but all things take time. Don’t stress out, be positive add more veggies & fruit to your diet it will make a world of a difference.Remember lots of people don’t like veggie like me but they are good for you, therefore you have to eat them I do:)LOL! Another thing is don’t think of your changes as a diet think of it as a healthy way of living you are very young and it will be hard to do but NEVER GIVE UP!!! Remember to take one step at a time. Start off by walking 20 to 30 minutes a day as you get use to walking DURING YOUR WALK jog a minute or two work your way up to running for 20 to 30 minutes as you get use that add more time to your regimen.Get plenty of rest!!! Don’t give up,YOU CAN DO IT!!!! If YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY

  82. im 5”2 1/2 and i weigh 123 is this a good weight for me?

    • hey well to answer your question i am 5″3 and my weight should be around 115-125 so i believe your weight is fine you could lose 5lb to make yourself happy but if you like the way you look your weight is fine as long as you walk every day and eat well you should be fine.

  83. im 5″1 and i weight 165 ive gained 20 pounds in about 2 months i dont kow how it happened i knowits bcuz ive been so stressed out now i have news i might be one month preganat ad iknow either way im ganna get bigger but i need help to lose the fat!!! thats
    ganna be around my babybelly i need help im super self concious my bf thinks i look beautfiul but i want him to see me back th way i was when i was skinnner n can fit in all the cloth i use to

    please someone =[

  84. i dont see y lil girls 11 n 12 r on here saying there fat when they sound skinny to me

  85. you people thinck ur life is bad i am 15 years old and my 10 year old brother is taller than me and he is only 5’1 and he is like 2 inches taller than me and i i am 195 pounds how do you thinck i feel when skinny tall people say there short and fat i would do any thing for a body like that

  86. I’m 16 years old (5’4) and weigh about 180 lbs. My healthy weight range is around 120-140 pounds, but I’ll be fine weighing about 150. I exercise regularly but I tend to snack on a lot of junk, so nothing really happens. Can anyone help & give me some tips on what to eat, or what not to eat, in order to lose that extra 30 pounds? Thanks so much! It is greatly appreciated.

  87. Hi my name is kelcey i am 13 years old and i weigh 165 pounds and i would like to lose 45 pounds in about 3-4 months can anybody help me?… canu pleasde help me with tips on eating and exercising? Please!

  88. Alright, I’m Alaina. I’m 13 and I weigh 116 pounds and I’m 5 foot. Uhhm, it’s summmer break and I really wanna go back to school weighing at least 90 pounds. Yah see all my friends are skinner than me. And when I’m around em’ I feel like a complete failure. So If anyone has any advice on how to lose weight real fast could yah pleaaaseee let me know? Thanks 🙂

  89. JoVannah says:

    hi im jovannah,i want to loose weigt so that when i come bck from summer break i can look great.all my friends r skinnier i just want to prove to them that i can loose weight.im about 14.and about 104.5 pounds.i just at lease want to loose 8pounds n ilm be super happy.or enought weight for it to show.how can i loose weight in a week,?

  90. hi i am hardeep and my weight is 253.0 and this is not cool and i am 16 year old plz plz replay me i need your help.

    • tearyiiis says:

      I know know how hard is to loose weight. I think that for someone who likes to eat, a low carb diet would be good for you. You don’t have to eat much different from your family- just add more veggies to you plate. Cut out the bread, rice, grits, pasta. You can eat veggies and meat as much as you want and NO CORN. Ask you parent can they bake your meats instead. If you want to eat rice…eat brown rice instead once or twice a week. Eat things like sugar free jello. You have to cut out sodas, juices, drinks high in sugar. Use crytal light packages instead. They have all kinds of no calorie packet drinks these days. You can even get them from the dollar store. At 16 you are able to excercise more than someone who works. Walk around your neighborhood for an hour especially when you are hungry or just sit to watch TV.

      It is tough, but you will lose the pounds and enjoy what you eat.

      The best thing is about eating like this is that you can eat all the veggies and meat you want. You can snack on cheese, but be careful. No colas. Drink plenty of water mostly. But challenge yourself to drink 8 glasses. Try to eat every 3 hours and drink the sugarfree drinks in between.

      Before you eat drink a glass/bottle of water 2 if you can. It will make you full.

  91. Hi my name is Lariya and im 13 years old. I am 5’2 an weigh aproximately 145 pounds. My family pressures me to lose weight but i just dont know how, any advise?!

  92. ok well im 15 and im 5’6 and wiegh 145lbs i want to be 120lbs and i was wondering if theres anything i can do to loose it:)

  93. Hi, my name is Selena and I’m 13 years old.I want to lose as much weight as possible for when I go to see my family members in 2 weeks.I currently weigh about 100 pounds and im 4’11.I think Im a little over weight and it wouldn’t hurt to lose about…10 or 20 pounds.I started working out daily for about 45 minutes on the tredmill,I sometimes lift weights, and I’ve been skipping breakfast 5 days out of the week.But I also don’t eat very healthy with snacks.And im still at the range of 98-104 pounds.If theres anything more I could do I would love some advice.Thank you!

    • You do not need to loose weight you are perfectly fine! and skinny!

    • Skipping breakfast isnt going to help you at all- it does the exact opposite.
      When you eat breakfast in the morning it speeds up your metabilsm for the day- your body goes on a fast over night, so if you skip breakfast it thinks its being starved and then what ever you eat later in the day it stores as fat and burns your muscle instead. If skippin any meal it should be dinner. cause after dinner your the least active and less likely to burn calories.

  94. Danielle says:

    Hi, i am 16 years old my friends graduation is in 2 1/2 weeks from today…i am 165 and 5’4 and and of course 16…i dont want to lose alot of weight because i belive in a more natual way in loseing it. and i have been doing that for a months now but nothing has happen..and now that nothing has happen i very desperate..you see i am going to see all these people i havent seen for two years and i want to look beautiful…if any of you know any good way and fast way to lose weight i am up for it i just want to lose a good amount where the shirt iam going to wear dosent look wierd its a tight body figure shirt so it shows if i dont look good thank you-Danielle

  95. Hello my name is Linae and im 19 and 230 lbs. Thats makes me reallly depressed. I just finished my freshman year in college and I was 180 when I entered in at school. I was overweight before but now I morbitly obese. I would like to join ROTC in the fall but I dont fit the weight requirements to even fill out the applications. I am active everyday and my weight tends to go up and down. Does anyone know how I can get back in shape and healthy by the end of the summer?

  96. Hi I’m 13, weigh 149 pounds And am 5’2.
    I want want to weigh about 110, how do I achieve that in 2 months? I checked my BMI, and am considered overweight The places I gain my weight are my chest area, Stomach, thighs, I need help!

    • Hi,

      You’re only 13 so your body is going through natural changes. Unfortunately, this article is for adults. You should consult with your school nurse. I also feel that you should be patient as things can change as you grow older.

  97. My friends is always complaining about how she weighs 145 pounds. She is about 5 foot 4 inches,and she is only 13. Do you think she is overweight?

  98. Savannah says:

    Cut down you’re bread intake and junk food to only one on the weekends. Do cardio (running, biking, dancing) for at least a half hour each day, and for thighs do 20 walking lunges, for stomach do 20 crunches, for upper arm do 10 push-ups. If you can do more than 20 or 10 do so, if you can’t do that many make it a goal. Good luck!

  99. Savannah says:

    I agree with seriously. At you’re age you are supposed to snack and gain weight so that you can grow. Just make sure it’s healthy food.At five feet you should weigh 100 to 117 pounds. If you’re worried about staying in shape, join a sports team or exorcise a bit each day.

  100. I NEED HELP!
    I’m 5’5 and weigh 140 lbs. I feel fat alot and people say that im not fat…but im not sure. So am i overweight??

    • hey if you aren’t sure if your fat or not try a BMI, a Body Mass Calculator. Try to find one that includes your age, weight and height also you may just have a lost of muscle 3 pounds of fat is equal to a pound of muscle

  101. hi am 17, 5ft 10 and i weigh 138 pounds i really want to lose weight for my grad in four weeks. i am quite active i train twice a week and have games every weekend but i still cant manage to lose any weight. HELP ME please!!!

  102. NEED HELP!
    hey fellow dieter experts, im in need for some advice. Im sixteen, 5″4 and i weigh about 117. That seems about normal, right?? Well wrong! I have prom in 2 weeks and my size 2 dress barely fits, i can barely sit! I ordered it from online so its not like i can go to the store and get a bigger size, i need to flatten out my butt and thighs pronto. What’s the best way to do that??
    I am a very active person.


    • I think you should try walking at least 1/2 hours a day. Do about 50 jumping jacks. Then jump rope for 10 minutes.
      ALL this should be done before breakfast. Good Luck!

    • Savannah says:

      The best thing i can think of is just to run. Run daily for about two miles, this will help all over. If you want to target your butt and thighs run up and down some stairs for the duration of at least 3 songs. Food wise, limit you’re bread products to one or two servings a day and only whole grain. Instead eat fruits and veggies (especially bananas if you’re running) fish, and white meat-no frying. I hope this helps and enjoy the prom!
      P.S It seems like that company put a size 2 label on a child’s dress. Size two is small, but it still usually leaves room for curves.

  103. seriously says:

    First of all if you are 11yrs old, which i doubt,(based on your grammer level) then hopefully your parents are vigillant about your internet use.
    Second you are way too thin!! Eat a veggie filled turkey sandwitch and feel good.

  104. Hey, I have a little bit of a belly and am pretty insecure about it. And in a week and a half i have a deal where I’ll be seeing someone kind of special. I’ve down sit-ups everyday for the past month and have been jogging everyday for the past 2 weeks. Nothing really seemed to help. So, here I am a week and a half away from a big event and still I have a belly. Does anyone know how to lose a belly in a week and a half?

  105. hi im 15 and weight 160 lbs i have to loss this in 2 weeks please help me

    • Savannah says:

      I do this after Easter every year and it seems to help. Every day exorcise doing something you love such as dancing or running which help you’re entire body. Do target exorcises every other day for problem areas such as crunches push-ups. For eating, eat about a 500 or less calorie meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (consisting of fruits, veggies, whole wheat, and lean meat). Eat a snack between these meals which is about 200 calories. Eat your meals and snack every 3 hours. Ex: Breakfast at 6:00, snack at 9:00, lunch at 12:00, ect. Try to limit your glucose intake .
      Good luck!

  106. SadandFat says:

    All of the people on here who are 13 or 14 and say they are fat cause they way 165lbs need to get over themselves. I way over 230lbs and i’m fourteen! Imagine how i feel! I would give anything to be your size. I’ve tried at least seven different diets over the past two years and none of them worked. I worked out and everything, but i never stopped being hungry, even after months on the diet. I would advise you to stop saying that you are fat and enjoy life and don’t let yourself get to where i am because i hate my life and myself and don’t feel happy anymore.

  107. also wondering how much more weight I should lose

  108. I’m 6 ft 200 pounds 16 years old i just lost 30 pounds and grew 4 inches and I’m pretty active during the school year but I was wondering since I’m not that active during the summer will all that weight I just lost come back and also facter in I take aderall(it doesn’t make you hungry) but I won’t take it in the summer can someone please help. thanks

  109. hi I’m 14 I’m about 5’5 I way about 163 lbs I’m tired of that weight slowing me down I’m always thinking about exercising but I never get the chance to really do it can u please helpe I wanna loose 10 lbs in less than a week

    • Hi Mike if you are really serious you’re going to lose weight. Don’t be lazy. You have to run as fast as you can and diet.

  110. Hey Im about 5’5 and im 126 I wanna lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks.whats the best way???

  111. your all too young to be concerned about your weight. then again this is the U.S.A. so the media has gotten to you. so my tip is just don’t eat after 6 or 7 ( better yet just eat dinner then stop) and drink water. have fun doing stuff with your friends. good things will come to you

  112. Hi girls! I just ran across this page and noticed alot of you young ladies who are desperate to find a way to lose weight. I am an old lady compared to most of you..lol..I am 29 years old, but I was 165lbs in 6th grade. (age 11-12). I was also very obsessed with losing weight bc kids made fun of me and no boys liked me at all, in fact they thought I was gross! This treatment made me very sad and lowered my self esteem alot. The summer between 6 and 7th grade, my brothers played baseball and I walked the track around the ball field every time we were there, which was like 3-4 times a week. The track was a mile,so I walked like 3 miles. I didnt even have an iPod or anything like that to listen to! I just walked and thought about things. When I started exercising, my appetite went down so much! I didnt even want that junk food anymore! I lost 40 pounds over that summer and when I went back to school, nobody even recognized me! So my advice for all you young ladies is to make time to exercise!!! DIET ALONE WILL NOT WORK! You want to know the secret, well this is it! JUST EXERCISE and watch what you eat! You dont need to obsess over calories or fat grams. Just try to eat foods that arent processed and are natural. If its in the outer edge of the grocery store (like veggies, meats, fruits, etc) it is probably natural. Your body doesnt like JUNK FOOD! Just dont forget that you are AMAZING already and your body is just a part of who you are. Who you are inside is more important, but being beautiful outside IS important to you all, so just remember to get moving and you WILL see results!! Best wishes 🙂

    • Savannah says:

      I was never overweight, but i was never very fit either. I remember when I first started eating salads, I started to really crave them. The same thing goes for exorcise. If you start it eventually you wont be able to stop. Your body craves health,so that’s the best way to pamper it. Great advise Angie!

  113. hi, i’m 14, 4”9 and weigh 115. Am i over weight? I feel it all the time i want to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks with a diet thats easy. I love to snack and i have brother so i see them eat so much food and i can’t. I lost alot of weight last year but still need to get some off for summer. Please help me i am so lost

    • you are DEFINITELY NOT overweight you should weigh 125 at least according to your height so you are GREAT!

    • No you are not overweight, simply under weight, so stop complainig

      • She’s not underweight, and I find it quite rude you’re telling people to stop complaining when clearly you have no idea what you are talking about.

    • Hi Sarah,

      At 4’9″ and 115 lbs, your BMI is 24.9.
      Under 18.5 is Underweight.
      Between 18.5 and 24.9 is normal weight.
      Over 25-29 is overweight.
      Over 30 is obese.

      So, you are normal weight, and to be honest as you are so young, I think you will probably stay the same weight, but grow a lot, so you will be slimmer and your BMI will average out. Before you are fully grown it is difficult to determine a true BMI because sometime kids will grow 6 inches but they don’t put on any weight until a couple of years, and sometimes kids will gain weight (as every teen does) and their height won’t catch up with them for a while. I bet in the next few years you will grow at least 2 inches. And at 5’1 and 115 lbs, your BMI will be 21.7 which is actually very slim.

      I wouldn’t try to lose weight if I were you, as it could actually stunt your growth. Trust me I tell from experience. I’m fully grown now but because I started “dieting” at 13, I never grew many more inches from then.

  114. natalieee says:

    i am ALWAYS worrying about my weight, like seriously nonstop. i start different diets like every week. Haha. I’m 15 and I weigh like 115. I’m pretty tiny actually. But I am really worried I will gain weight like my momma. So I’m a spaz about it! Some days I’ll be so upset about it I just eat a sandwhich and some fruit, and that’s all… It helps. I eat it like different times during each day. But then again, I don’t get hungry as fast as normal people. I’ve got a real fast metabolism. Uhh, the best I can tell you guys is drink LOTS AND LOTS of water. Eat real little portions a day, do like 100 crunches every morning and every night! I’m soo much happier when I’m like 100 pounds, hahahaha it sounds crazy but it’s really not. i even tried throwing up a couple times, don’t do it. it fucking hurts. hahahah, bye!

  115. Lexi Conner says:

    Hey, I’m Lexi and I’m fifteen years old. I asked my mother if I could be on Nutrisystem, and its actually been working well so far. I’m mostly dieting because I am at risk for diabetes and because I have fairly mild asthma. I was 134 and 5’0 tall, now I am 128. If you can’t get to the gym like me, get a wii fit! It’s actually really helpful and helps me set goals and burn calories quickly :). I hope I’ve been helpful, thanks ;).
    With Love,

  116. hi I am thirteen years old and I am a swimmer. the problem is that I’m not a skinny and fit as the other girls that I swim with. I need to loose stomach fat because I only have it there. it’s really weird and I’m really self concious about it. please help me. I really want to go to the olympics when I older and I have to be skinnier for it. thanks a lot if you help, it means a lot, and I mean a lot, to me. THANKS =)

  117. Miranda says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I’d been struggling with my weight ever since I can remember. I’m almost 19, and I weigh 204 pounds. I’ve lost 22 pounds since the end of December by just counting calories!

    Right now, I’m only eating 1100 calories a day, which gives me a deficit of 1000 calories a day, making me lose 7000 calories or two pounds each week! And I eat whatever I want, I just measure it out and go by the calories per serving on the label. I also keep a little notebook to track and write down what I eat so I don’t forget~

    Doing what I’m doing is really simple, you don’t need to buy any fancy pills or equipment or only eat certain things, but you might want to by a pocket-sized notebook to keep track~ n.n

    • Calories aren’t the problem. You should only be eating around 60- 75 carbohydrates a day depending on your height. The ratio of calories to carbohydrates has a pattern. When you eat something that only has 100 calories, then most likely you are eating something with low carbohydrates. Try counting carbohydrates for a while. Try to eat 3 meals a day, but it doesn’t really matter. You should only take in around 180- 225 carbohydrates a day. If you eat 180- 225 carbohydrates for breakfast, then you shouldn’t eat for the rest of the day because you already maxed out the carbohydrates. Carbohydrates aren’t bad though, they actually keep your body going. Calories are units of heat. You need both Calories and Carbohydrates to keep your body going.
      You should also try Turbulence Training. It doesn’t take that long at all and it will help burn calories.
      You won’t see the pounds shed off for a few days, but after that you should notice a difference on the scale. And after a month or two of this you’ll be able to see it in the mirror.

      I don’t know you at all, but I think you would benefit even more by doing this. You can’t eat like a 200 pound person and expect to be 160. That never works, especially if you have a history of being a little chunky.

      I’m 194 right now. So please don’t take offence to this.

      I hope I could help.
      ~Cam 🙂

  118. Im 13 and I weigh 165npnds. I know way over weight really sence i’m only like 5’3. I would like to be 115 or 110. Actually I would like to be 110. I want to be a model or a singer and you can’t do either one of those things if your fat like me. So… how do I do this? Any advise?

  119. Hi i 13 years old and I weigh about 165pnds. Am I over weight? I have tried diets before… I have even tried not eating before but nothing ever works. My ideal weight would be 115 or 110. Is that possible to do in two months. I would like to be able to buy this dress but they only make it up to a size 3 so guess what. I’m losing weight andbody got and ideas how to do this? 🙂

    • Savannah says:

      At 5 feet, 3 inches aim for 120. 115 is for people who are 5 feet and below. Other than exorcising whenever you can, especially cardio, and eating healthy, try drinking a whole glass of water and waiting a few minutes whenever you crave something unhealthy. Cut out white bread and sugar cereal, and whenever you watch t.v. do something like jumping jacks or crunches. Good luck!

  120. Gabriella says:

    Hi i am Gabriella and i am 13 years old.
    i am probably 20-30 pounds over weight i want to lose it as quick as possible.
    Can you help me???

    • Hi. I don’t know a whole lot about losing weight; I am 22, also overweight. Two things to help u lose weight is don’t eat bread or sugar and exercise lots. I was able to lose about 6 pounds in a month just by cutting out bread and sugar. I am going to start walking at least 30 min every day.

    • Tessa Lynn says:

      I am 5ft5 and am 130 – I would like to lose 10 pounds. Anyway, this is what always works for me: I have dinner for breakfast – I mean meat, potatoes, vegetables – the works. I have a lunch of the same. I have a 3:00 snack of yogurt with cottage cheese and almonds. Then at 7:00pm I have a bowl of cereal. Stop eating for the day after that bowl of cereal. This all works and it keeps my metabolism up high – especially that big dinner for breakfast. I am usually so full from breakfast that I have to force myself to eat lunch at noon. Plus that big breakfast at 7:00am kicks off my energy very strongly and I am springing around a lot burning calories.

  121. Hi I am 13 years old I weigh 119 lbs. I want to lose 20 pounds. About the detox diet, what kind of drinks can you only drink for 3 days? Can you have water and healty breakfast shakes. I have these healty breakfast shakes so if I do the detox diet, am I allowed to still have it. Also, what is a good way to keep off belly fat. Help and thanks everyone. I hope you guys reach your goals. 🙂

    • Hi Miley,
      All the diets on this webpage are made for adults. You shouldn’t be using these at your age. Just eat healthier, be active, and if you need to, ask to see a teen dietician.

    • This is for Miley. You are a great weight and if you have specific problem areas then you just need to work on them because there are girls out there who are your age and they are a lot bigger than you and they are seriously overweight. I think you should just talk to a dietician and see what they say. As for a detox diet, I think they are too extreme for you to even try them cause you would look kinda sick and you would probably be too sick so in your case just try something that would make you lose 5-10 pounds cause thats all you need to do.

  122. hi this is shabana and i want to lose 20pounds please help me out………….

  123. hey, I really want to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks but will it effect me if I eat breakfast??

    • No it won’t effect you. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. People who don’t eat breakfast are more likely to gain weight. Also, to lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks will be very hard and u have to be very self disciplined. I am 22 and overweight and also trying to lose weight.

  124. hey, I’m lily and I’m 13 and weight 145 pounds, my friends say they don’t notic,but I do and it dosn’t help being short. So Im trying the juice detox diet for 2 weeks, hope it works 😀

  125. Poohear0122 says:

    Hi in am 14 years old and i have this 8th grade formal coming up soon and i really want to look hot im 225 and i want to bo only in the 90-100 to get in a nice looking dress. my mom is doing this with and we dont know were to start so could any one help me please. Thank u

  126. LaurenLauren says:

    Hi I’m 13 and i am way over weight. I weigh 130. And i’m tired of people calling me fat and i would be pretty if i lost weight. Please help. I want to be a model and i need to get super skinny if i want to be one. Please Please Help Me…

    • Hi. If people are calling you overwight then they need to get glasses because when I was you age I weighed the same as you and when you look back at your pictures when you get older then you will realize just how small you were because that’s what happened to me. I am 17 years old right now and I am trying to lose weight and believe me it’s not easy but it’s not too hard. So you know what just walk around and drink a lot of water and I promise you that you will see results, but don’t be so self conscious about your body because you have a whole life ahead of you and in case people haven’t noticed skinny is not in anymore. So embrace yourself and just be a little patient and it will pay off in the long run. GOOD LUCK!!!!

    • there are many types of models and not all of them are super skinny. If you really want to be thin just eat a certain amount of calories till you reach the desired weight. Youths use about 2500 to 2000 calories every day just to function while adults can use as low as 1200 calories. If you want to lose weight try to eat only 1000 calories and doing plenty of exercise, but if your a youth i suggest eating more because you’re still growing and talking to you doctor first it may be embaressing first but in the end you’ll be healthy and fit.

  127. Hi my name is John and im 19. I am trying to loose 20lb in the next month. i currently weigh 265lb if i can get down to 245lb they will let me join the army. i have yet to try any strict diet plan. all i have been doing is not drinking pop and going on a 1 mile jog every day. i have only lost 4lb in one week. it kindda discurages me and i have been searching the web for the quickest plan. I do not fully understadt the lemonde diet. is all you do is exercise and drink that? no eating at all for 3 days? if so then im going to start asap

    • If you want to lose 20 pounds to get in the army you’re not only going to need to lose the weight, you will also need to be fit. Go on a 1400 calorie diet for the next 2 months and go on this workout routine:
      1st week run 1 mile at night 6 days in a row
      2nd week run 1.5 miles at night 6 days in a row
      3rd week run 2 miles at night 6 days in a row
      4th week run 1.5 miles at night and in the morning 6 days in a row
      5th week to the end of the 2rd month run 2 miles in the morning and 2 miles at night.
      My brother in-law did this and lost 30 pounds in 3 months and they let him in the army

  128. Hey my name is Michelle im 15 and almost 16.. im 5’7 and im 200 pounds.. im over weight and really want to lose it.. I just started a diet a couple of days ago.. but idk if it will work! I really what to drop theses pounds.. can anyone help me 🙁

  129. hi…i’m 14 and i weigh 230 lbs.. and my goal is to lose atleats 50-100 lbs this year..
    how can i do it. plz help!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi. I can honestly say that if you just add lots of water to your diet I bet you could lose pounds right off the back. You also need to get lots of veggies in your diet and I’m not going to say any specific veggies because all are good for you. You also need to stop eating at a certain time which proably would be 6pm or 7pm because thats when our bodies retire. Also stop snacking after a certain time and if you are going to snack then you need to get veggies and make sure you don’t eat things like potatoes and carb packed foods. You also can walk at least 10 to 15 minutes a day to lose weight. And if you need to just ask a friend to help you with this or just ask a family member to help you because you are going to need motivation to get through this. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

  130. Unavalible says:

    Hi im am wayyyyyy oveer weight. I relized it when i read someones comment. They are 13 and 90pounds. Well im 10 and 96. I want to lose weight FAST. i want to lose 26 pounds. All my friends weigh less. I dont want to use pills or diets that cost money. Some people even call me fat. When my teachers say obese i feel like people r going to say me. Please help me.

    • Unavalible,

      This is the problem….don’t worry about what others think. We get so self conscious about our weight because of what others might say or worse…what we “think” they might say. Just eat a balanced diet, cut out the junk, but dont freak out. Its ok to have some junk once in awhile, just be balanced. Get involved with a group of young people that are trying to be what the world thinks you should be. Be a champion of good values, honesty, kindness, service and integrity. Don’t judge others and then you will stop judging yourself. Be happy with you who is inside…then you are beautiful.

    • you are 10,you don’t need to lose any weight. your body will eventually change, you may not be the weight you want to be now but that certainly doesn’t mean that you need to lose weight. you are still young and you probably have baby fat still. maybe your friends have already hit puberty and have lost their childhood weight, i would wait two years before you even start to think to go on a diet. diets at your age are unhealthy and can cause you to have an eating disorder when your older. if you want to prevent your self from becoming fat then you need to start eating healthy, start someing so when you do become older you already have an established healthy diet. and remember, just because your skinny doesn’t always means your healthy

    • hey when i was in seventh grade i weighed a bit more than you now. I hit my groth spert and i did get slimmer so before you do any thing you need to talk to your doctor because if your body wants to grow and it doesn’t have energy stored up for that stretch then your going to be small and trust me it may be great to be short at times but not when your trying to get things up high.

  131. I’m going to try the master cleanse diet! I hope it works! 🙂

  132. hii i wanna lose 9 kg in 4 months..im 1.65m tall..can u help me…wat should i do..

  133. i heard that lemonade diet works really good if your truing to loose weight fast =] im gonna try it & let u all know how that goes my goal is to loose 20LBS in 2 weeks

  134. soccergirl says:

    there is no magic pill or secret when it comes to losing weight. At the end of the day it is a life style choice we ll must make to maintain a healthy balanced life. We have all heard it time and time again we need to eat a healthy breakfast have a post breakfast snack which can be a small handfull of nuts and a handfull of grapes. then its off to a lean lunch followed by an afternoon snack then a well balanced dinner then a post dinner snack. its important to not stuff yourself where you feel bloated and unable to move ( like after thanks giving) but to satisfy your hunger where you feel energized for the next activity you are about to engage yoruself in(remeber eating healthy isnt just for your body it also contributes to your brain) . DRINK lots of ice cold water throught out the day. and if you want to really see results plan to be active or make time to work out. These are things we have be told – it is a matter of adjusting your mind to a new lifestyle. Be very cautios on how often you chose to treat yourself to those high in carbs and fatty foods. Its a smart idea at first to prepare all your meals for the 1st month – watch your porportions and if you truly need assistance go to mypyramid.gov a free website that will tell you how to lead a healthy balanced liftstyle and give you a great starting point with some start up menu ideas. I know how it is to want to see results yesterday but i have learned the hard way time and time again. its very simple in concept but harder to master it is an every day effort. After while you will be so use to this routine that it becomes second nature. Be smart and be safe when you make the choice to lose weight. Keep a positive out look – you may not see the results right away but you will – give it some time but stay true to your goals. Good Luck to all of you who want to lead a more healthy active life!

    • Savannah says:

      Never use pills for weight loss! Ever, if they do works, there are going to be side effects, after all all that weight doesn’t just disappear. It will probably give the user diarrhea or something. Plus, the [person’s body become’s dependent on the pills and the one time you don’t take them it comes back. Sometimes the best thing is a little hard work.

  135. Yeah, I put one up there. I know. I am thirteen and only about fifteen pounds over weight but im frantic about it. It keeps getting worse and worse. I want to lose it this week but i really dont have time to workout. what should I do?

  136. Hi I haven’t tried any of the above but one think that helped me lose 5 pounds in 1-2 days is that I played dance dance revolution (d.d.r.) and I still do. If you have this yourself at home play this game about 3o minutes or until you get tired and you are sweating a lot. This really really helped and helps me lose weight quick, fast , and easy. THANKS SARA

  137. i had lost 4 pounds in two days & when it came to the 3rd day i gained 2 pounds when i have been doing the same thing, i dont understand why i gained them? i really need to loose this wait for thos special occasion. but i dont know how to?

    • its called muscle. a single pound of muscle weighs the same as about 3 pounds of fat. Because your exercising and gaining muscle your body gained some weight which is really good.

  138. i am 15 years old nd about 40 pounds over weight, i dont look it at all though, but i am, for my height i am over weight, i have tried so many things over the years, but its just so hard for teens, like at school theres the school food, when you go out with friends and they all order chips what do you do, iv lost 6 pounds in about 2 months only because i havent been trying hard enough, but i will try harder and try and pick up the numbers, any advice?

    • Okay I’m younger than you. And I’m about fifteen pounds over weight. A thing you could do though is start bringing lunch to school. Like a P,B-J, or something healthy like that. When you and your friends go out, what you need to do if thay all order something unhealthy is order a salad. It might be embarrasing but you want to lose the weight right? So if your too embarrased to than dont but, if you want to lose weight you really need to learn to hold your head up high. When in doubt, DON’T run to food, this is going to sound cheesy but, you could try talking to a parent/gaurdian/adult of somekind. Or you could write in a diary or something like that. =] hope my advice helps. Kate

  139. im actually having trouble in losing weight..and when i lost 8 pounds in 2 months..i gained them again..
    to tell the truth..ive been not eating junk food for 2 months only..but when i lost 8 pounds i ate more than you could believe.. in like 2 meals of junk foods in only 1 day..for a week..so i need a Diet Plan that wouldn’t let me feel that “i will never lose weight at all” (miserable) or anything..im only 13 years old and i weight 90 POUNDS + i need a diet after losing these Extra pounds to avoid gainning them again! please i need to have this quick..because, i have a problem at my right leg that i couldn’t stand anymore because EXTRA Pounds of mine.
    Thank you.

    • Lexi Conner says:

      My question is how TALL are you. If you are over 5-5’3 you are UNDERWEIGHT. If you are like me at 5-5’3 that is fairly average and healthy. Plus you have to take your age in to consideration, it honestly might not be that you are overweight. It could very well be that you are just not toned enough to look thinner. Gaining muscle weight is good! Just because it might seem that you are heavier, does not mean that you are unhealthy or overweight, it actually means that you are healthier and more superior in comparison to other kids your age.
      Hope that helped :).
      With Love, Lexi

    • by not eating the junk food for those two months you craved them and craved them till your will poower snapped or you decided to indulge just a bit you can have a tiny bit of jumk food here and there after you start improving your matabolism but you shouldn’t over do it

  140. i really want 2 loose 15 lbs quick but i dont have time 4 a lot of exersise so i need to no how to do it please help me loose it fast

    • u shoud try to do a water diet/veggie/fruits diet
      just eat 2 apples a day or 2 veggies a day along with water
      do this trick and you can lose so much
      i know someone that used this method and lost 3 pounds in about 1-2 days

  141. I NEED HELP ON THIS! on the lemon diet thing are you suppost to eat food with it? please tell me!

    my myspace is :

  142. The best one to go with out of all of the above is the 30 day diet. There is no need to starve yourself. Simply eat healthy, cut out the soda’s and only drink water, do at least 30 minute cardio a day and don’t eat 4 hours before u go to bed. You are guaranteed to lose 10 lbs in a month.

  143. lifes lyric says:

    I tried the master cleanse and I lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks! U don’t put that much lemon juice, from a fresh squeezed lemon, its only 3 tablespoons and 10 ounces water among other things like cayenne pepper and grade b syrup. you should be fine but u should also do a sea salt cleanse in the morning which is 1 pint of warm water and 3 or more teaspoons of sea salt. drink this as fast as you can and within 20 to 30 minutes u should have to use the bathroom several times over the next hr. or so. trust me it works and u will b o.k. just drink more water as well. look up the master cleanse online and it will tell u everything it is that u will need to know. good luck!

  144. I want to try lemonade diet. But lemon gives me acid- what can I subtituew for lemon juice?





      This may be effective in the short term, though very bad for teeth, Like eggs is vinegar! It will dissolve your teeth! Also, if your body harbors any toxic waste, you will not lose these as quickly as the fat,fat is where the toxic crap is stored, you might experience seizures!
      You will never quit struggling with being fat until you quit eating CRAPPY. you really have to change your attitude and become a food snob, eat all natural, organic if possible, these are expensive, you will eat less !
      NEVER eat the chemical foods,You know the ones, artificial sweeteners, and msg plus every other artificial color and flavor. THE BRAND NAMES!!!! They want to make you a glutton so they will get rich!!!!
      If you do this it will change your whole life!
      This means reading every label and turning your nose up at taco hut and fatty ville. Also watch shows like “Supersize” and, “Food Inc”, these are gross,but it will help!
      Consider others…. Think about that starving baby you saw on the television… be thankful for your food, your real food, and don’t be a glutton!
      And, what every one else says, water only and a lot of physical activities!
      If I can do it you can too!!!!

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