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How To Lose Weight In 30 Seconds Or Less

man standing at sun set Do you feel like you’re swamped and can’t spare the time to lose weight? I know how you feel. Between work, home chores, and other obligations, the very thought of reading a diet plan or going to the gym to workout can be depressing.

However, it doesn’t always take a lot of time to make a small dent in the extra weight you may be carrying. What’s surprising is how much small actions can contribute to your overall weight loss. In fact, they can spell the difference between success and failure.

Just think how powerful this can be: a number of actions that take very little of your time, can be done practically anywhere, and have the power to help you shed pounds quickly. All you need is to dedicate 30 seconds long blocks of time through the day to reap the benefits.

Here are a few small things that you can do in 30 seconds or less to get rid of those excess pounds faster. Choose one or do them all. This is as time efficient as you can get.

1. Think for 30 seconds before you eat

Have you ever found yourself with your mouth full of food without even thinking about it? Many of us tend to eat more when we’re stressed out, sad, nervous, or emotional. This is why it’s called emotional eating. We’re not feeding our body, but our emotions. We’re not thinking about what we’re eating, we’re surrendering to an emotional impulse that drives us to eat.

One way to stop emotional eating is to think before you eat. Whenever you feel hungry you need to take a 30 seconds long pause and think about whether you’re really hungry, whether you really want to eat just now, and whether your emotions are driving you to feel hungry. In many cases you will find that you’re not really hungry. You will be less likely to overeat and more likely to lose weight.

2. Write a workout plan

If you exercise in order to lose body fat (which you should), then you need to make your workouts as effective as possible. As part of your pre workout routine, you should write a short list of what you plan to do in the gym. This should take about 30 seconds to complete. Just jot down a list of exercises that you want to do. You will find that your workouts are more effective as a result.

3. Do 30 seconds of meditation and breathing exercises

Stress does a lot of things. It can ruin your mood, make you irritable and unpleasant to be around, and it can also make you hungry and increase the secretion of the hormone cortisol which may boost abdominal fat storage. Let’s just say that stress is bad for weight loss.

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to do some meditation and breathing exercises. This can give you clarity of mind, help you escape reality for a bit, and ease your worries.

4. Do some affirmations

Do you ever feel like you can’t lose weight no matter how hard you try? Do you feel that there’s no hope? If so, you need to change your thought processes and instill a little faith. One of the top ways to do that is to use affirmations.

An affirmation is a technique by which you create and solidify a positive thought process in your mind. You do this by repeating a certain phrase a few times a day. This conditions your sub-conscious to believe that this phrase is real and this helps you to actually achieve it.

For instance, you can say “I am going to lose 20 pounds in 4 months” or “I will get flat abs by next summer”. You simply need to repeat this, out loud, 2 – 3 times a day and you will slowly feel how you not only believe it more firmly, but also start taking the right actions to make it true.

5. Drink Cold Water

This is a trick I picked up from the 7 Minute Diet. It’s about how drinking cold water can actually help you to lose weight. I’m not going into the question of why drinking water is healthy for you. This is a broader issue. What I want to focus on is how cold water can actually make your body burn more calories.

The reason why drinking cold water can actually burn more calories is that your body has to expend calories in order to heat up the water to your body temperature. It’s not much, but it adds up.

6. Add some cinnamon to your food

Cinnamon is one of the most potent fat burning spices that I know of. Others include garlic and ginger. Adding cinnamon to your food can give you a short, but powerful, metabolism increase. It takes mere seconds to sprinkle some cinnamon on your food and it tastes great. Check out my energy bars recipe for one option to using cinnamon.

7. Smile and laugh

Take a moment (or just half a minute) to smile and laugh. If you can’t think of anything funny, laugh anyway. You may find the fact that you’re laughing for no reason funny in its own right. You cannot believe the positive effect that laughter has on you. I recommend it because it can help you reduce stress which, as I’ve already shown, can help you lose weight.

8. Sniff peppermint or banana

An interesting study that I’ve read lately shows how sniffing certain foods can actually help you to curb your appetite and eat less calories overall. Two of the foods you should consider sniffing are bananas and peppermint. It’s unclear why the scent of these foods is such a potent appetite reducer, but it works.

9. Write a goal for the near future

Goal setting is a crucial step on the road to any success. Weight loss must also be preceded by simple and definite goals. Once you set goals you’re more likely to achieve them. It’s a psychological thing. You become more determined to achieve your goals once they’re written down before you. So, take 30 seconds and write a goal for the near future.

10. Do a set of exercises

Got 30 seconds to spare? Good. Do a set of exercises. You can do squats or lunges, or pick up a jump rope and hop. Or, if you’re at home and you have some dumbbells within reach, do some bicep curls, shoulder presses, or dumbbell swings.

11. Find a healthy recipe to cook tonight

Nutrition is the ultimate key to fat loss. You need to eat good, healthy, and lean food in order to lose weight. The best way to do that is to cook your food yourself. Why don’t you take a moment and find a healthy, fat burning recipe to cook for yourself and your family tonight? There are plenty of great sources for recipes online. All you need to do is pick one.

Take a look at your watch. Have you got 30 seconds to spare? Choose a tip that you can do right now.  Here’s to the power of small things.

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Date published: September 2, 2011. Last modified: October 9, 2011


  1. Poornima says:

    I have used these tips in the past and lost 35 pounds ,but after giving birth now I am currently not able to lose my weight. Thanks for re-enforcing.

  2. Thanks so much for the tips and recipes.

  3. Helen Holmes says:

    I have one of your books and I am trying to be more positive about losing weight, I think the tips are very useful and I enjoy reading your newsletters.

    • Hi Helen, I’m not sure which book you’re referring to. I’m not selling any book of mine here. I’m glad you like the tips.

  4. Sonja Yeager says:

    Excellent recipe. I look forward to receiving more.

    Thank you.

  5. thanks ,, your tricks really help me a lot. i look ahead of more tricks from u.

  6. beginning to lose weight is not that hard. the hard part is having a cheat day and stepping on the scale the next day. You helped me have less cheat days and more routine into losing. Thanks!

  7. I am going to tried those tricks there are easy to do !!

  8. great article, very interesting

  9. I heard about cinnamon but didn’t realize that it could make that kind of difference I will start putting it in my protein shakes

  10. Deanne Brohier says:

    I love cold water and had no idea it helps to lose weight. I am going to drink more of it. Thanks for the great tip

    • Hi Deanne,
      Don’t expect miracles from it. You still need to exercise and watch your diet, but any little bit helps.

  11. Mary Ann Bradley says:

    Wow- easy as. I knew some and am certainly going to try the rest. Thanks :)

  12. now winter is over, I am definitely going to try the cold water tip

  13. I like the one about thinking for 30 seconds before you eat. That could definitely cut down on mindless munching and binge eating.

  14. Jim Cannon says:

    I tried sniffing a banana and had the whole damn thing eaten in seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!! Besides bananas are good for you!

  15. Akpan Julie says:

    It is great to discover that sniffing banana and peppermint can reduce hunger strike. thanks so much for the information

  16. Thanks for these! I already do some of the items listed and did not know about the others. I will be adding them to my daily routine! Working out with weights, eating the right proteins, carbs, fats and drinking whey protein shakes has put me on the right course for fat loss.

    • Awesome.

      Thanks for commenting, Saralyn. Looks like you’ve got everything covered. I’m glad I could help a bit.

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