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How To Start Running Again

woman starting to run again

If you want to know how to start running again after a long break, this post is perfect for you. I recently started running again after a long pause of months. In the past I used to run frequently and did two half-marathons each week. Eventually, I lost the interest in running only to find it again recently. I want to share with you some tips that helped me get back to running as well as other advice which can help you do the same.

Table of Contents:

  1. The Right Mindset To Start Running
  2. Keeping The Running Fire Alive
  3. Starting To Run Again Tips

The Right Mindset To Start Running Again

Let’s talk about how you can create the right kind of mindset to get back to running with enthusiasm:

1. Hang Around Runners

What reignited my interest in running was spending time with someone else who loves to run. Seeing how excited they were about running – and how sad they are when they miss a run – reminded me of how I used to feel. I was just like them once. I enjoyed running tremendously. I may have forgotten what it felt like, but now that memory has been awakened. My craving for running has returned.

So, I recommend spending time around other runners to get that excitement back. If you don’t know any runners personally, join a running online forum and chat with some there.

2. Buy New Shoes and Gear

One way to get excited about something is to invest in it. With running you can buy shoes or other gear that makes it safer and more comfortable. I’m talking about running shorts, shirts, and shoes

As I got the urge to run again, I bought two pairs of new Adidas running shoes. Once I had them, I knew I had to try them out as soon as possible, so the the next morning I was already running. The new purchase made me return to running very quickly, before my new found enthusiasm had a chance to wear off.

3. Set New Goals

Some people run to lose weight, others to get fit, and some for the challenge of it. You need to set new goals that you want to achieve with your running. Setting goals gives you more enthusiasm and drive. It provides you with something to run for, apart from the running itself.

I won’t tell you what your goals should be. Each person decides this for themselves. Just make sure it is something worth working hard for, because this is what you will be doing in your future runs.

Keeping The Running Fire Alive

Once you start running again, you will need to make sure you don’t lose interest again. Here are some tips to help you do this.

1. Find New Tracks

If you used to run at the same place time and time again, it would be good to switch things up. Change the scenery and make a trip out of running. Don’t just run indoors or around a track. Go out into the country and explore nature while running. Run through different parks in your city. Go to the beach and run on the sand. Just keep it fresh and diverse.

2. Run With People

Either find a partner or join a running group or start your own. If you feel that your running-resolve is a bit shaky just now, running with others is highly recommended. It’s easy to make excuses to yourself about why you shouldn’t run on one day or the next, but letting other people down is a bit harder.

3. Challenge Yourself

You need to keep your runs challenging for them to be interesting as well. These challenges can be in terms of length or speed or both. Your choice of terrain may also help to keep things challenging, as the angle of it may lead to much harder runs.

General Tips When Starting To Run Again

Here are some tips that can help you to start running again as smoothly as possible:

1. In Case of Injury Get Approval From a Doctor and Start Slow

If you took a break from running due to an injury, make sure that you’re now well enough to resume it. Talk to your doctor and make sure that your injury has healed sufficiently for you to run. Don’t take any chances with injuries. Start off slow and build up the intensity gradually.

2. Have a Plan

Make a plan for your runs in the near future. Know where, when, and for what distance you’re going to run in the following month. This will keep you focused on your running while you make it a habit again. After a month has passed, this will be part of your new routine and you will likely feel like running more and more, even without a set plan.

3. Be Ready For Some Initial Discomfort

If you haven’t run for months you will likely find your initial runs a bit slow. You may feel heavy (as I did when I got back to running) and a shadow of your former running-self. After your first run you will likely experience some muscle pain. This is to be expected and will pass within a few days. Walking the next day may accelerate the passing of the pain.

In Conclusion

I hope that this post has helped you see how to start running again in the best way possible. It will require effort, some thought, and will include some minor discomfort. However, running is an excellent cardio workout and great for weight loss. It is worth having it as part of your workout routine.

Date published: June 3, 2012. Last modified: June 5, 2012

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