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How to Stop Eating At Night

half moon To lose weight you have to be able to control your eating. One of the hardest times of day to do this is nighttime. For some reason people tend to overeat at night.

In this article I’ll go over some tips on how to stop eating at night. I hope this will help you to eat less calories overall and to lose weight more easily or to avoid weight gain. But before I do that, I have to talk about one of the most common myths regarding eating and weight loss…

The Myth of Eating Late at Night

There are many diet plans and products that order you to not eat at night or after a certain hour. For some, it’s 8 PM for others it’s another time. Whatever the specific time may be, there is the suggestion that if you eat late in the evening or at nighttime, you won’t be able to lose weight.

Why is that? Well, there is the suggestion that if you eat before you go to sleep when your body naturally slows down, you will somehow be able to burn less of that food during the night and you will gain weight.

This is not really the case as the only thing that determines whether you will gain or lose weight is whether you have a calorie deficit or surplus. It doesn’t matter when you consume those calories.

In fact, this recommendation of not eating at night is one of the ways by which low-quality products try to still get you to lose weight. More on how that works a little further down this page…

Here’s how to stop night time eating

Don’t come home hungry

It’s no wonder people eat more at night. They just got home from work after a long day and they feel hungry and crave some home cooked food or their favorite dishes. Some of this craving is due to the fact that a lot of people either don’t eat right during the day when they’re out or don’t eat enough.

If you’re going to come home hungry you are likely to make it up by overeating at night. Your resistance will be very low, physically and emotionally. So, the first key to stop eating at night is to eat right throughout the day.

Limit your favorite food

Have you ever wondered that as soon as you get home (and sometime when you are close to getting home) you begin to feel hungry. There’s something about home that makes us psychologically hungry. We just crave our own food, the one we’ve got in our kitchen, our favorites.

Often, this hunger is not really physical, it’s an emotional hunger. However, this doesn’t make it any less powerful. One way to make sure this hunger doesn’t cause you to overeat is to limit the amount of your favorite and most tempting food in the house. I’m not saying to give it up entirely. I’m not for total deprivation but I am for making it harder on yourself to overeat. Limiting your food is one way to do so.

Don’t get bored

A lot of people don’t really have all that much to do at home. Even if they have kids and need to take care of them, much of the evening is passed away idly. This is  something you have to avoid as boredom is one of the quickest ways to being mindless eating. If you spend your evenings in front of the TV it’s quite easy to slowly munch away on something and suddenly discover you consumed a 1,000 calories without even noticing it.

You need to keep yourself occupied, you can’t be bored out of your mind. Even if you’re tired, make sure you do something that really interests you, don’t just pass the time in front of the TV watching silly shows.

Learn to control your emotions

Nighttime eating is just another form of emotional eating. At night whatever feelings of loneliness, fear, stress, or sadness that we may have tend to be magnified. This is really the key reason why people overeat at night.

To make sure you stop eating at night, you need to learn how to control your emotions and prevent them from causing you to overeat. This is a something that you can work on and improve. You can use the Emotional Eating Solution program which can show you steps you can do yourself to improve your own emotional control.

Final Note

We all tend to feel hungrier at night because we’re home and our hectic day is over. Many people tend to consume the bulk of their calories at night. This is why so many diet products advocate not eating at night. By doing so, they’re trying to force you into a calorie deficit which has nothing to do with their product. It would have worked anyway.

So, the next time you see a weight loss powder, potion, tea, and so on, realize that the reason why you’re supposed to not eat at night is to make it seem like their product is responsible for your weight loss. It’s not. By forcing you to not eat at night, they know that a lot of people will have a calorie deficit. Whether this is healthy or not they care very little. It makes their product look good. That’s all.

Date published: June 20, 2010. Last modified: July 16, 2011

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