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How to Suppress Appetite Naturally

woman eating Weight loss hinges upon a simple equation: burn more calories than you consume. To lose weight faster, you need to either: increase your calorie burn rate or to eat less calories. One way to reduce the amount of calories that you eat is to suppress your appetite to make sure that you never feel like eating too much.

In this article I’m going to share some foods and ways to suppress your appetite in an effective way. If you go through these ways then you’ll be able to control what you eat and how much of it you eat. If you don’t, then you’re likely to continue be vulnerable to hunger and overeating.

But before I get started, let me just say that I am always in favor of trying to increase the number of calories that you burn before trying to curb your appetite. This is because trying to eat less is always less fun than turning your body into a fat burning furnace system that allows you to enjoy the food that you love and still shed weight. However, knowing how to NOT overeat is always a useful thing to have.

Ways and foods that suppress appetite naturally

1. Eat lots of protein and make sure to include some in your breakfast

Some of the best foods to suppress appetite are those that contain a good dose of protein. The reason is that protein helps you to remain full for longer and so decreases your sense of hunger. Research has shown that this effect is enhanced further when you consume a good dose of protein at breakfast. This is why I love to include some eggs with my breakfast as I know that I’ll feel full for hours afterward.

2. Smell your food instead of eating it

This sounds a bit silly but research has shown that just by inhaling the scent of certain foods, your mind is “tricked” into a sense of satiation. Studies have shown that people who regularly sniff peppermint, bananas, vanilla, and green apples, tend to consume fewer calories. The decrease in consumption can reach 2,700 calories per week, which translates to nearly a full pound of less weight each and every week. Sensational!

3. Snack often

Not all appetite is bad as it signals our body when we need food. The problem is that many people overeat when they’re hungry. One of the reasons is long breaks between meals. I found by my own experience and that of others that snacking often is a great way to control your appetite. However, you need to snack wisely. Eating hundreds of calories for a snack is not wise. Go for a piece of fruit or a fresh vegetables to quench your hunger and keep your energy level up. Eating more often is an excellent way to control how much you eat, something used by many excellent programs such as the Truth About Six Pack Abs plan, for instance.

4. Eat Some Grapefruit

grapefruit While the famous (or infamous) Grapefruit Diet is not the magic solution to weight loss that some people claimed it was 20 or so years ago, it seems that grapefruit is one of the best foods that suppress appetite.

Research has shown that people who ate grapefruit regularly as part of their regular eating routine lost more weight than people who didn’t. While I don’t advise to go crazy and start eating grapefruit for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it seems that this fruit (in its fresh form) may help you to consume less calories.

5. Drink more water

While I don’t advise to do the sort of crazy ‘model diets’ that advocate drinking water instead of eating real food, making sure you’re dehydrated is an important way to reduce hunger and control appetite. Often, when your body is thirsty is actually signals to you that it’s hungry. This can be very confusing and may also ruin any diet plan.

You have to drink lots of water each day to make sure this doesn’t happen to you. In a previous article on this site I talked about how to make sure you drink enough water each day. Make sure to read it and apply the tips I provide.

6. It’s all in the mind

Hunger is not always physical. It is often emotional. You have to differentiate real hunger from emotional hunger by learning to identify your own emotional eating triggers and reduce stress in your life. Everyone of us can benefit from this kind of emotional process though some of us may suffer from a full blown emotional eating issue while with others it is merely a nuisance. If you feel that this is an area in your life that deserves some attention, I recommend checking out this program: Emotional Eating Solution.

7. Keep things interesting

One of the many life situations which can make you want to eat is just plain boredom. Eating out of boredom is a big problem for many people as eating occupies the hands, the mind, and the mouth. The way to overcome this issue is simple: just keep yourself occupied with interesting activities that you can do. Don’t just squat in front of the TV but really do stuff that intrigues you.

In conclusion

I’ve given you 7 ways to suppress your appetite naturally. Now is the time to take these tips and use them in your life. Remember, reducing appetite and calorie consumption is just one way to shed weight. The other is to increase your metabolism and fat burning rate. You can do this while still enjoying your favorite foods as Jon Benson shows in his EveryOtherDayDiet plan. You just need to make sure you control your food and that it doesn’t control you.

Date published: July 12, 2010. Last modified: July 12, 2010

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