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How to Turn Fat Into Muscle Fast – Time For The Truth!

One of the reasons people have a hard time in getting really good results from their diet and fitness plan is the results of misinformation, falsehoods, and myths. One of these myths is manifested in one of the most common questions I hear which is “How to turn fat into muscle fast?”

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This is what people really want when they begin working out regularly and eating right: to be able to get rid of their excess fat and build some lean muscle tissue. However, can these two goals really be combined? Can you really turn fat into muscle?

The answer is a flat NO. It is not possible to turn fat into muscle as it’s not possible to turn lead into gold. This type of biological alchemy is just a myth and a way for shady marketers to sell some useless products.

Fat and muscle are two separate types of tissue which can’t be turned from one to the other and back again. They’re totally different and the amount of these tissues that you have in your body is totally distinct from each other.

However, when people see someone who lost a lot of fat and gained a lot of muscle mass, it’s customary to say that he turned his muscle into fat, even though it’s a ridiculous statement.

Time for the truth

You can’t turn fat into muscle or the other way around. What can happen is that you can lose or gain fat and lose or gain muscle. However, these two actions are distinct. You can actually gain fat and muscle or lose fat and muscle. You may even lose fat and gain muscle (which is probably what you want). You just can’t actually switch up fat tissue for muscle tissue.

Lose Fat, Gain Muscle

What you should be focusing on is to achieve your goal without falling prey to myths or scams. You need to lose fat and gain muscle tissue (you don’t have to bulk up) in order to look fit and firm.

This can be done with the following tips:

1. Engage in intensive interval cardio training, the kind that really challenges your body and gets you to sweat considerably. You need to make every cardio workout count. Doing intervals is the best way to maximize the results of your workout while minimizing your workout time.

I recommend focusing your time on some of the more naturally intensive aerobic workouts such as:

  • Running
  • Jumping rope
  • Kickboxing
  • Mountain climbing (also a massive strength workout)
  • Rowing (which can also help you tone your back and lose upper back fat)

These workouts will naturally burn off more body fat faster than many other cardio workouts.

2. Do more intensive strength training sessions. Building lean muscle tissue is, in fact, one of the best ways to boost your metabolism and get rid of fat faster. More muscle mass equals a higher calorie burn rate.

You can do bodyweight workouts as well as weight training. One excellent strength training and fat busting plan that I recommend is the Turbulence Training program.

3. Follow a healthy and sensible diet plan. Don’t cut down your calories too low or you’ll lose muscle and enter into starvation mode, something that can halt your fat loss. One way to be able to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time is to alternate (strategically) between high calorie day and low calorie ones). One program that teaches how to do that is the Holy Grail Body Transformation by Tom Venuto.

In Conclusion

You can’t turn fat into muscle. Forget about it. What you can do is work hard to burn off body fat and build lean muscle tissue. This can be done by intensive workouts and correct eating habits.

Date published: June 1, 2010. Last modified: May 8, 2012


  1. Garrett says:

    Is swimming a good way to burn fat/build muscle along with running, jump roping, etc.?

  2. lee millard says:

    I want to turn the fat tissue into muscle so I need that extra push to get me there. And I want the rest of my body to do the same as well so will you give me some tips on that please.

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