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Killer Lower Abs Workout

woman doing a reverse crunch In this article I want to show you how you can do an effective lower abs workout at home with hardly any equipment. All you need is your body to provide resistance, a comfortable rug or mat to lie on, a couch or a sturdy chair, and a stability ball (very cheap). That’s it.

Thw Lower Abs are one of the main body parts that people get frustrated with. People just can’t seem to get that body part as flat as they would like.

This has all sorts of reasons: partly because these are muscles we generally don’t work in our day to day routine and some of us are genetically inclined to accumulate fat there.

It’s important to note that targeted exercises won’t burn off the fat directly located in the lower abs. For that, I always advise a complete nutrition and fitness plan such as the Truth About Abs. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t tone and strengthen your lower abdominals at home. Just do the following workout and you will see results.

My Killer Lower Abs Workout

I will usually do my lower abs routine as part of a more complete home workout and I always leave the belly exercises for last so I don’t need a warm up. If you want to just work on your abs, you will need to warm up a bit. For that, I love to do jumping jacks. They quickly get the heart rate up and get your body into the workout mode.

After you’ve warmed up, it’s time to get right to the exercises themselves. For the first lower abs exercise I do I use a couch. You can do it on the floor but I find that I can get a bit more stimulation for my muscles if I do it with a couch (or a chair).

1. What you need to is to sit on the very edge of the couch and hold onto the edge with both hands. Your head and back should be at about a 45 degree angle to the couch. Bend both legs and lift both legs off the floor so you’re supporting yourself with your butt and hands. Holding this position alone is already straining your stomach muscles. Try it.

By clenching your abs, bring both knees together toward your chest. Make the motion hard and long. I want you to aspire to actually touch your chest with your knees. Do this exercise 20 times at least or until you feel that you can’t do another rep.

2. The second lower belly exercise that I do is the scissors exercise. This is a powerful exercise that  involves static and movement stimulation of the muscles. To do the scissors, lie on the rug or mat you have with your body stretched out on the floor. Your arms should be also stretched at your sides.

Lift both legs about 4 inches off the floor and cross your ankles so that one foot is above the other. Hold that position for a few seconds and you’ll be able to feel how your abs are straining.

Doing this exercise is simple: just uncross and recross your ankles while keeping your legs elevated. You will feel like your lower back wants to get off the floor. It’s your job to hold it firmly against the floor with your abs. The scissors is a tough exercise so I’m not sure how long you’ll be able to do it. Time yourself and each workout challenge yourself to do it for a bit longer.

Reverse Crunch starting position 3. The third exercise I do is the classic reverse crunch. To say that this is simply a lower abs exercise will be misleading, it works the entire abs. I love this exercise.

To do the reverse crunch you need to lie on the floor with both legs bent and your arms stretched at your sides. By clenching your abs, bring both knees toward your chest. You can lift your butt and lower back a bit to extend the range of motion.

The return movement should be slow. Make sure to not let your feet settle on the floor until you finish your set. Do at least 25 reverse crunches.

woman doing a side plank 4. I love the side plank even though it’s not specifically a lower belly exercise. It is simply a great core exercise and I can feel it working my waist and abs together. This is an exercise you can’t miss.

To do the side plank, you have two options: the first, like you see in the picture, is to support yourself on your palm and the side of one foot. The second is to place one forearm on the floor instead of your palm. I prefer to support myself with my forearm. I find that it’s better and more stable.

The exercise is simple: do nothing but maintain this position. Just remain as you are and breathe normally while keeping your body straight. If you can hold this position for two minutes, you’re in pretty good shape.

knee tuck 5. This final lower abs exercise is also the hardest one. It’s the stability ball knee tuck and I’m still having trouble with it since it requires excellent stability and strong abs.

For this exercise you need a stability ball which you can get on Amazon for very cheap. Assume the position you see in the picture with both shins on the ball and palms on the floor. If you want an added intensity, place your toes on the ball instead of your shins.

Slowly roll the ball toward your hands while bending your knees and tucking them to your chest. Hold yourself stable and slowly roll the ball back to the starting position.

There you have it. These are 5 lower abs exercises that you can do at home to really tone the lower belly. I love each and every one of these exercises and I recommend them all to you. If you’re looking for even more exercises, check out this workout plan: Amazing Lower Abs – exercises that work. It’s a special fitness plan for the lower abs by Craig Ballantyne, author of Turbulence Training.

Just remember that, while this lower abs workout is effective, you also need to eat sensibly to burn off body fat in order to see the best results. Simply working on your abs won’t do.

Date published: March 31, 2011. Last modified: March 31, 2011

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