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MediterrAsian Way

The MediterrAsian way Ric Watson and Trudy Thelander set out to understand why people from certain cultures live long and healthy lives. What they found was nothing short of amazing. This interesting first book is a detailed plan of how to live healthy the MediterrAsian way.

Author Ric Watson was the victim of a tragic accident. Although he was lucky enough to survive the accident, his path to recovery was long and arduous. He managed to survive by altering his lifestyle and diet to a healthier one, namely a Mediterranean one.

Trudy Thelander learnt the basics of Asian cooking from her sister-in-law. Later, Ric and Trudy found many similarities in the food habits of the Mediterranean folks and the Asians. They now understood why people from these cultures were naturally healthy and disease free.

Here are some of their findings:

-         Both cultures took in large amounts of fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and nuts

- The main source of fat is from fish and vegetable oils

- Red meats and animal fats do not figure much in their meals

- Alcohol consumption is low to moderate

- They are physically active

- They lead lives that are mentally and emotionally balanced

To their great surprise, the authors found that although these cultures ate large portion sizes, they still managed to take in fewer calories. This was due to the inclusion of large quantities of vegetables and fruits in their diet.

The book emphasizes the importance of sane and healthy eating but balances this with an active lifestyle. Such a combination is the only way to achieve long term, natural weight loss. So, followers are advised to indulge in lots of physical activity through ordinary, everyday happenings like walking the dog, gardening or playing with children! For those who want a really strenuous workout, there are always activities like tennis, yoga, tai chi or martial arts.

The MediterrAsian Way: A Review

This diet is based on the principles of eating and living right. These are no exotic principles, but the approach is so commonsensical that the book can well produce a light-bulb moment (or several such moments) in readers. The premise is as doable as it is simple: eat foods that provide all the right nutrients and make exercise a regular part of life. That’s all there is to good health and optimal weight.


- Supported by research as well as real life practices

- Encourages the intake of healthy foods

- Emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet

- Diverse varieties of foods

- Physical activity is given lots of importance

- There are lots of interesting recipes

- Could become a model for healthy living


- Some suggestions seems contrary, like the one on taking processed soy foods.

- Allows the intake of carbohydrates like pasta and rice

- Menus are not accompanied by calorie counts.

In conclusion

There are some who criticize this diet plan because of the amount of carbohydrates it allows. However, it must be remembered that most native cultures depended heavily on whatever food was locally available.

The strength of the MediterrAsian Way is that in spite of a high carb intake, followers can still keep their weight down and lead a healthy, vigorous life. The suggestions in this book can easily be translated into real life. Therefore, all those people who wanted solid ideas on how to live healthy may follow these suggestions easily.

Date published: February 9, 2010. Last modified: July 14, 2011


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