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Metabolic Surge Review – Nick Nilsson’s Fat Loss Plan Exposed

metabolic surge image When I first opened a copy of Metabolic Surge which Nick Nilsson, the program’s author sent me to review on this site, I was astounded: the ebook is over 500 pages long, not the sort of light reading I like to do at night.

However, I heard from other experts that Mr. Nilsson was known for his unorthodox methods of fat loss and I was intrigued. In addition, I wanted to review this program for you my reader to help you decide whether or not this is for you. After going through the program I can say right out that this program is not for everyone. Let me explain…

While many of the weight loss programs which are reviewed on WorldofDiets tend to be targeted more for beginners or even for people who don’t want to work out, MetabolicSurge is a different story. It is a program mainly for people who do workout regularly and are willing to exercise even harder.

It’s all about how to push your body further than before, losing fat while gaining muscle at the same time. With the main program there is a scaled down version which is right for beginners-intermediates but have no doubt that you’ll be working out harder than you ever did before.

The key is to push your metabolism into unknown heights causing your body to use the energy in its fat stores to build lean muscle tissue. This is done with unique and ultra-intensive workouts and special nutrition tricks. You’re not likely to have any trouble with stubborn fat after going through this program.

Let me stress this again: this is not a program for the faint-hearted but for men and women who want to get super lean and firm. It will require you to make a determined effort in the gym and to follow a detailed eating plan. If you do follow it, I have no doubt that you will see remarkable results.

How Does Metabolic Surge Work?

The way Nick Nilsson arranged this program is in 3 main phases of 12 days each. Every phase is explained right down to the finest detail. You get specific exercises, nutritional guidelines, reps, rest periods, and special techniques to burn more body fat.

For instance, one of the techniques which Mr. Nillson teaches is circuit training. This involves you working out with no rest. During the times between weight training sets you do some cardio workouts. Let’s say you take a 60 second break between sets, you spend those 60 seconds sprinting on a treadmill or jumping rope. This pushes your body to burn even more calories and boosts your metabolism even further than ever before.

Naturally, you do get resting days to allow your body to recuperate from these intensive workouts, but have no doubt, you will be working out like crazy the whole time. After the 3 phases which last 36 days in total, there is a recovery phase of 10 days to help your body rest from the hard workouts of the past 36 days. Believe me, you will need it.

You just follow the instructions, do the workouts, change your nutrition as required and you will see results, I am sure of it.

Nick Nilsson does have some unorthodox methods. For instance, he teaches how working out when your muscles are sore can actually produce even better results. He also has a segment on what he calls “Muscle rounds”, lactic acid training, as well as other techniques in which he challenges the muscles to push harder, build faster, and burn more body fat.

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What’s Included in the program

  • Specific workouts for each day of each phase, including exercises, reps, resting guidelines and so on
  • Nutritional guidelines for each phase
  • Meal plans for men and women of different body weights. You will also have guidelines on the best way to prepare those meals.
  • Specific section on carbs, how to eat them, different sources of them, as well as a counter of carbs
  • Unique workout concepts, all focused on burning more fat and challenging the muscles further

Pros and Cons


  • Can get rid of stubborn fat without reducing muscle mass
  • Helps to build fitness levels and boosts metabolism
  • A very affordable program
  • Extensive and complete as you can hope to find
  • Full of ideas on how to push your body to new levels of leanness and firmness
  • Works for men and women
  • Has a money back guarantee


  • Super intensive program. Definitely not for everyone.
  • Slightly too long for my taste. However, it has practically everything you need

In conclusion, Metabolic Surge is an exceptional program if you’re willing to put in the effort. It can deliver spectacular fat loss results if you follow it as it should be followed. Nick Nilsson has really over-delivered here in terms of breadth of knowledge and comprehensiveness.

I have no doubt that you can get leaner than you’ve ever been by following this program. For more visit www.MetabolicSurge.com.

Check out this short video I made which reviews the program:

Date published: November 29, 2009. Last modified: September 29, 2012

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