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No Easy Fat Loss Shortcuts

woman standing on a scaleMost of the people that read this blog want three things:

  1. To lose weight.
  2. To do it fast.
  3. To have an easy time while doing so.

Everyone is looking for a shortcut to fat loss. Everyone is after the “next best thing” or the “amazing discovery” that can provide a fast and easy weight loss. Is it any wonder that the bogus acai berry diet was so successful a while back or that ridiculous fitness gadgets like the Free Flexor get so much attention?

Marketers know what people want and they create hyped up ad campaigns to feed on those desires. I could probably take part in some of this trash, and I have been approached to run ads on this blog for one useless product or another multiple times. I chose not to. I like to give exposure to good stuff.

But since I don’t control the internet (I wish) or all sources of media and information, I can only use my voice to try to save you from falling into the mindset that makes you vulnerable to these types of products. To do that, I have to speak my mind openly and tell you how things really are.

Weight Loss Can Be Easy

This is a fact. You don’t have to torture yourself in order to lose weight. It can be a simple and easy process.

As weight loss is all about calories, all you need to do is create a small calorie deficit and you will lose weight. You can do that by cutting down your food consumption a bit or by increasing your calorie expenditure a little, by walking some days, for instance.

This type of calorie reduction or activity increase is not very challenging and it will surely lead to weight loss. However, you cannot expect it to produce really fast results. What you can achieve is a gradual weight loss which can bring you to your desired weight after a while.

This is actually a pretty good way to go about things. It’s easy, safe, and it works. However, it doesn’t give you fast results, so you don’t get all that you want.

Weight Loss Can Be Fast

You can lose weight quickly and anyone who says differently is either preaching, lying, or just plain ignorant. However, there is a problem with fast weight loss: it’s never easy.

You can either cut your calories down drastically with very low calorie plans like the General Motors Diet or the Israeli Army Diet, both of which are not pleasant to be on and may not lead to long term results, or you can use a very intense diet and fitness plan like Joel Marion’s Xtreme Fat Loss Diet or the 1000 Calorie Challenge. These programs can lead to a big fat loss, but they are far from easy. The workouts that you need to do on these plans are no joke.

So, if you want to get a fast fat loss, be ready to put a lot of effort into it.

There Are No Easy Shortcuts

The important thing to know is that there are no easy fat loss shortcuts. Yes, weight loss can be easy, but it will likely take time this way. It can be fast, but it will be hard. You need to realize that and make your choices accordingly.

Where does this leave you?

It leaves you with a few decisions that you need to make:

1. You need to decide to never allow anyone to sell you on the notion that you can achieve an easy and fast weight loss. It’s most likely a scam.

2. You need to decide whether the goal of losing fat quickly is worth it to you. Are you ready to put in the work?

If so, you can find a variety of fitness and nutrition plans that should work. One of the promising ones I learned about a few days ago is the 24/7 Fat Loss plan, but there are others, of course.

If you’re not ready for this kind of energy and time investment, don’t feel discouraged. There’s nothing wrong with losing weight slowly. It may even be better for long term results. All I want is for you to know the real score. There are fat loss shortcuts but they are never easy.

Date published: October 24, 2011. Last modified: October 24, 2011

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