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Quick Trim

Quick Trim is a line of 4 weight loss products which is run by GNC (one of the most reputable supplement companies in the world) and promoted by Kim and Khloe Kardashian, former reality stars turned to weight loss presentors. Khloe Kardashian has lost a considerable amount of pounds in the summer of 2009, at first claiming it was due to extensive exercise and later stating that it was, in part at least, due to her using the Quick Trim products.

Sister Kim had no need to lose weight, having the kind of body many women would kill for, but she too announced that she’s using these products to help her boost her metabolism and burn more fat. It seems that the Kardashian sisters are paid endorsers of these products but I have not seen any clear disclosure that this is indeed the case. The only question is does Quick Trim really work or is it just another useless weight loss supplement? There are many trainers and fitness experts who claims that no supplements are really needed to burn fat and get lean. The QuickTrim diet line consists of these 4 products:

QuickTrim Extreme Burn quick trim image

This product comes in the forms of tablet and is claimed to help you burn up to 8,000 extra calories each month and 300% more calories (according to the diet’s website). The tablets, 2 of which should be taken twice a day,  are said to help curb cravings, boost energy, and burn calories. However, it is unclear where the numbers came from, where is the research to support these claims or the testimonials from people who’ve used it (apart from the Kardashian sisters). I’m writing this review on the eve of Dec. 5th 2009. I had a look at the GNC own webpage for this product. According to the user reviews on their page, this product got an average rating of 2.1 stars out of a possible 5 and only 33% of responders said they would recommend it to someone else.

QuickTrim Celluslim

This is a gel that’s supposed to reduce cellulite. You rub the gel into your trouble spots once or twice a day and that’s it. Not much known about this product as there are not too many reviews of it.

Quick Trim Fast Cleanse

The QuickTrim Fast Cleanse bottle is supposed to help you kick start your weight loss process by doing a 48 hour cleanse. You’re supposed to have 4 servings of this product mixed in water between meals and try to stick to veggies, fruit, and clear soups to help you cleanse your body. There are many ways to achieve cleanse your body so it’s unclear what makes this product stand out from the crowd. In addition, according to the GNC website, this product has an average rating of 2.3 stars out of 5 and only 41% of people said they would recommend it to their friends.

Quick Trim Burn & Cleanse

This seems to be the product that users most liked as it got a 2.6 star rating (still not really high) and  46% recommendation rate. This is a 14 day weight loss supplement combining different tablets for various times of the day. This product also comes with its own diet and exercise manual which certainly makes it more appealing in my eyes. I have to say that I am impressed with GNC for allowing open reviews of their products, even when these are mostly negative reviews as in the case of the Quick Trim products. The 4 products are said to be synergistic, meaning that they work better together. Naturally, this also makes them more expensive as you need to buy them all to achieve the finest results. But do you really need to? Let’s go over the pros and cons:

Quick Trim Pros and Cons


  • Made by GNC, a reputable supplement company
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Can be bought online or in GNC stores around the world


  • Most of the products have more negative reviews than good ones
  • As with any supplement, none of these products and their claims have been evaluated by the FDA
  • It’s unclear how this product works for regular people and not celebrities with access to personal trainers and dieticians
  • No testimonials I can find (apart from the Kardashian sisters)
  • Does not promote a real lifestyle change

In conclusion

I don’t like quick fixes or weight loss supplements. Perhaps this is why I have a natural aversion to QuickTrim. I have the utmost respect for GNC and their products, but I believe that real permanent weight loss comes from a real lifestyle change. Yes, cleansing can be a good start but it isn’t a long term solution. I believe that, as the many reviews show, that there are better and cheaper solutions than Quick Trim. I suggest using some diet plan before using any supplements.

Final note: here is the Quick Trim diet infomercial. I’ll leave the final judgement to you:

Date published: December 5, 2009. Last modified: September 23, 2012


  1. Ok so I am on day two of my QT 14 day cleanser and I take Prozac daily and I’m not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I feel like I’m on drugs I can not sleep, like the night time till says take an hour before bed because it makes u tired……ya well I took it at 7pm hoping to get some early sleep well I was up until 5am, like I know I’m tired but my body wont let me sleep, should I stop taking it?

    Please help someone-

    • Jonathan says:


      I’m not a doctor, so I won’t give advice on this, but it seems like you know what you need to do. Lack of sleep is unhealthy.

  2. I did not lose a thing. Waste……….

  3. I have been taking quick trim for about two weeks now, they do work. I’ve noticed change in my body. The only problem is they make me moody and some times jittery other than that take them with some food in your system, drink a lot of water and work out, everything will eventually trim down.

  4. leslie falls says:

    It makes you sick with fast heart rate do you think its worth it!!!!!

  5. Janice Thomas says:

    I started the fat burn supplements last week, lost 5 pounds in 3 days. Wow. You have to eat, drink and workout to see results. It works. I only take 2 pills a day, because I have the lapband. I lost over 70 pounds w/the band, but my metabolism slowed down, this has given me the boost I need to lose the rest.

  6. Which of the Quick Trim’s would you girls recommend. I weight about 190 5’7. Im Really trying to loose weight before my anniverssary in July. Just wanted to get some feed back if the pills are better or the 14 day cleanse plan?

  7. I’ve been taking quick burn for about a week now. The first day the pills made me really warm and a little sick to my stomach. But after the first day I have no complaints so far. I think the water and exercise is the key to this. None of works by itself, you have to do some work as well. I’ve noticed I have more energy when I go the the gym and my clothes are much looser. But are these results just from consistently working out or the pills, I don’t know.

  8. I can’t deal with the explosive bowel movements! If you have no life, by all means try it. Think I will hang on to them for future laxatives…

  9. I have been taking this for a couple days now. I have followed the directions correctly eat the correct food worked out have already noticed the difference in how I feel & Look!!! I have not gotten Sick ONCE! Everyone reacts differently to any kinda medicine. IF you are becoming sick take it with food! Drink the correct amount of water and you have have a GREAT outcome. Again Its only been a few days and already feel and see the difference! EVERYONE TRY IT! IT IS WORTH IT! Do it wrong and yes you will become sick. Follow the directions and you will be pleased!! I usually drink at least 3 cups of coffee each morning for over a year, I have not had coffee in days and have energy, no problems sleeping.

  10. I just started quick trim today. i feel kinda jittery, and my head hurts a bit. if i dont constantly drink water i feel very uncomfterble. i also feel a bit nausiated. I just hope it gets better as the days go on, and it’s worth it. Right now i’m on burn and cleanse. i also have extreme burn, for after.

  11. DncrGrl says:

    Does anyone know if I can do the 14day program for only 7 days now then go back to it at a later time? I am unable to alter my diet now and want to take these when I can really focus on it. Should I just finish this now then start again when I can focus?

  12. LanaKane says:

    I have been using as directed- complete with diet plan and exercise… Just for fun, I did a week with no supplements to start- just the diet plan and the exercise plan- I lost 3 lbs… but now I am in the middle of week two of my burn and cleanse- I have lost 15 lbs total… I felt a little lightheaded the first day, but after that, I felt great. my energy is up, and oddly enough, I am sleeping better. I wonder if those who complain about, well, um, intestinal discomfort just don’t generally eat a lot of veggies and fruit (ie fiber, folks…) and are not used to what that does. It does make you have to urinate a lot more- but if you read the packet of info that comes with it, it does say that you will because of the diuretic involved. I wonder if those who feel very nauseated for more than a day or two are having some kind of allergic reaction or sensitivity to the ingredients- which are printed clearly on the box, so check that out before you buy. It worked for me, but everyone is different. I feel so much better, and I feel it has helped me break some bad habits and start some new ones.

  13. You do lose weight kinda quick but its because when you gotta use the bathroom you explode (sorry TMI). It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to go so often. It also makes you nausiated (sp).

    • Stats:
      Height – 5′ 0″
      Weight – 118 lbs
      Age – late 20s

      Totally agree with you. I’ve only been taking it for a couple days now and I can’t take the side effects- light-headedness, anxiety, shakiness, nausea.. extremely moody- everything irritates me but it might effect me more since I’m a lacto-ovo vegetarian. I feel faint a lot after I take the Iso-Burn pills.

      To me, its not worth taking. I don’t like feeling impaired. Its almost like lying in a hospital bed- so many things you have to do, need to get done or want to get done but you’re not in any condition to be able to do anything. Ugh, I honestly don’t think the Kardishian sisters take the Iso-Burn pills with all the traveling and promoting they have to do. They’d be too disoriented and scatterbrained to work and focus from all these symptoms it causes. I don’t recommend this product.

  14. hey. so i am younger and im wondering if that matters. i have been struggling with my weight for a year now and no matter what i do i get no results. so i wanted to try this i plan on still stay healthy just need something to help m. im 17.. does that matter?

  15. allison says:

    does this work

  16. for those of you that left comments or are leaving feedback about how much ur losing, can u tell us ur height and weight? im asking because id like to see feedback from people near my build/size..etc.

  17. I’ve barely started using the pills. You can really feel it working but I’d have to agree with everyone..if you don’t eat when taking the pills you feel sick pretty much all day. You need to eat! I did an hour run and didn’t get tired. I lost 4 pounds so far and it’s been my 3rd day. I’m not even sticking to the meal plan. I’m eating special k bars and yogurts fruits granola and cereal. For dinner I have a regualr meal but in really small portions.

  18. I just got the Fast cleanse and I want to start it, but can someone tell me what they are eating while on this?? It says to eat fruits but not with sugar.. Most fruit does have sugar. I don’t want to get sick or be on the pot if I eat the wrong thing. Any input would help.

  19. Phyllis says:

    Thanks for all of the helpful information. I am on day 1 and hope to lose 10lbs at least. When some of you say that you were sick – was it just nausea or more?

    The diet plan is pretty limited and I feel like I might need to cheat (I hope not!) but does anyone have tips they can share or if they have substituted other foods into the diet plan?

    Also, I assume that you can’t drink any alcohol while on the plan, right?

    I appreciate any feedback and support. Good luck to all of you!

  20. I just started it this morning. I will let you all know in a few days how it is going. I am very serious about losong ten pounds though so I plan on sticking to the diet and exercise plan for Extreme Burn.

  21. I’m planning on starting tommorow but i’m not planning on following th diet plan, is this bad?

  22. what is the diet that comes along with the 14day package?

  23. Take it with food and the nausea will disappear. It is day 2 for me and I am using the bathroom alot especially when I eat something not on the plan

  24. OK I just started this today and so far no problems. I did have to change up some food due to food Allegery.I did my 30 min on the Eliptical like I do every day. I need to loose 15lbs.

  25. on day 3 down 1.8 lbs no excerise have more energy, but m going to the bathroom a lot but thats good tho since im not reg

  26. I have all 3 products and did not start anything yet which one do i start first? i afraid to take them all together!

  27. does the gel work? anyone use it? overall, what do you think of all 4 bottles?

  28. I’m starting the Extreme Burn pills today. Taking them right before my workout like they suggest. But does anyone know if drinking caffeine has any effect? I’m taking them with a Special K bar. Hoping I don’t get sick!!

  29. Oh!
    Let me know how the iso fluch pills work…I think you have to take them the last 5 days of the diet

  30. Ladies,
    I started Saturday and I already lost 6 pounds!
    I am a little bit dizzy during the day 🙁
    It’s alright, maybe itz becouse i am desintoxifying(?)

    Keep updating!

  31. I just started and have lost 10 pounds so far in just 4 days!

  32. I would like to know if any type 2 diabetics are taking this? I’ve been on a life style change for a year and with a new low carb diet as carbs were my issue and it’s been working for me. I was considering trying Quick Trim as I’ve head you can have up to 20lbs of fecal matter just sitting in you if not more and I wanted to help my body regulate to make sure I don’t have waste in there. I also want to know some results if anyone has any as if they actually lost a decent amount of weight in two weeks.

  33. I am finishing up week one and so far, things have been fine for the most part. I’ve noticed some weight loss but could do without the side effects. If I take the pills without food, I get incredibly nauseous. I also can’t take the risk of passing gas because (and I apologize for being gross) because something unpleasant may come out with it. I actually ended up throwing a pair of underwear away. Anyway, while I have gotten some results, I feel that there are better ways to accomplish your weight loss goals.

  34. i am on day 3 and it did make me feel a little sick to my stomach..but i am determined to stick it out. i have been using the bathroom a lot. i think i may have lost a couple of pounds as well so far…i am enjoying the extra energy…we will see how it goes after these 11 more days!

  35. Ladies, please let me know if it has worked for you?
    I plan to start it tomorrow.
    I am pretty healthy and have no heart condition. i wish to lose at least 30 pounds.

    • hi i started the quick trim and i have had no problems with it eat like you should and you should be good to go i like it

  36. I just started these pills today….I will write back in a week with my review.

  37. this does not make you sick people YOU NEED TO TAKE IT WITH FOOD!! I HAVE an extremly sensitive stomach and if anything was gunna happen it would have happened to me! take with food not seeing huge results but have lots some weight and have a little added extra energy!!

  38. All add to the other previous comments. Sick as a Dawg!!! I’ve been on it for 9 days. The positive I’ll say is has been suppressing my appetite, but I stopped using it since I want to make a lifestyle change and not just use another fad diet.

  39. Please ladies, it only makes you sick in the morning, so take it with food and you will be fine. I’m on my 3rd day, no exercise and lost 6lbs. You must follow the diet plan that comes with the kit, otherwise it won’t work.

  40. will try the product will give you the real deal on if it works or not



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