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Shake Weight For Men

shake weight for men banner The Shake Weight has already become a fitness selling phenomenon both in the US and in other countries around the world.

The original product was made for women but now a male version has been released: The Shake Weight For Men.

This is the product that I wish to review on this page. I feel that due to the remarkable popularity this device has that it’s very important for you to have the full picture about it.

What the Shake Weight For Men Is

The Shake Weight For Men is a product that resembles a regular dumbbell but that has two weights with springs on either end. The product weighs just 5 lbs, making it highly portable and easy to carry.

The way you use the Shake Weight For Men is to hold it in one hand or both, depending on which body part you wish to train, and then shake it back and forth very quickly. Watch the short video below to see how this product is used.

One thing to note is that this device does not have batteries. It is not moved due to some external power but only due to your own efforts. The shaking motion causes the weights on either end of the product to vibrate, sending pulses through your muscles. This method is called Dynamic Inertia and its supposed to provide you with an awesome upper body workout in a short time.

The official website claims “incredible results in just 6 minutes a day” can be had. You’re supposed to be able to build strength, definition, and muscle size by using this machine alone.

The only question is whether the Shake Weight For Men really works or not. This is something that is a bit difficult to answer with certainty:

On the one hand, you have the official website claiming that you will get a much better workout using this product than you would with regular weight training and that you’ll achieve more muscle contractions per minute than with regular weight training. This stands to reason as they range of motion of the Shake Weight is very small, something that helps generate more muscle contractions.

Mixed reviews of the Shake Weight For Men

Whether this is really beneficial or not is another question. You can read a study done by a company hired by the Shake Weight manufacturers, that states that this product does deliver outstanding results (read the study here) but many fitness experts are still not convinced by this.

One of the main problems is that there seems to be a discrepancy between the claims for the Shake Weight for Women product and the male version. While the first is claimed to help you tone your arms without bulking up (something most women want), the male version is sold with the explicit promise that you will get an increase in size.

How can this be? If something gets you bulky, it should work the same for both genders. I believe that you can get an increase in size with this product (as with regular weights) whether you’re a man or a woman. It mostly depends on your genetics and nutrition. This is what I know.

On the other hand, there is no doubt that the Shake Weight does give you a workout. You can try shaking your hands back and forth even without the device and still feel your muscles straining. The people who say this product doesn’t work at all do not have the full picture.

However, I don’t believe that this product actually replaces regular weight training. It may prove to be a nice addition to your current routine but it certainly won’t make it unnecessary.

The good things about this product is that it’s affordable, easy to use, lightweight and portable, and can be used everywhere. You need to decide whether it’s for you or not.

Date published: June 3, 2010. Last modified: March 11, 2014


  1. I’ve just bought the shaker weight today but not to gain big muscles but I’m having problems with left shoulder with which my works physio has told me to exercise or it will lead to a frozen shoulder so I’ve never been to a gym in my life got no room for a dumbell set up so seen this and had a go its okay but if you don’t have the area for a home gym and short of space then this is the one bravo

  2. I just have a doubt, would this product be very helpful to those who are overweight to lose their fat and build muscles?

  3. I’m 52 years old started using Shake Weight 3 mos. ago. Muscle I have never had in my neck, arms, forearms and chest it really works and I am a trucker. I use it outside in the truck stops it comes w/video and for six minutes a day I shake! Also bought a dumbbell and will workout with both.

  4. sebastian says:

    Hey. I am 14 years old. Does this works to build muscles? I’m not the thinnest boy in the world. Does it works?

  5. Abie Mckellepp says:

    I LOVE THE SHAKE WEIGHT!!! Really works. people that say its a scam or doesn’t work are SIMPLY IGNORANT!!! I was wondering if you can over do it? I have been doing it for about 20 min a day which is triple the regular so can I do it more like 40 min a day? PLEASE REPLY.

  6. I started using the shake weight about 3 months ago I do it probably 3 times a week 1 minute in each arm and 2 minutes front and 2 minutes back….it makes 6 minutes. The result honestly was quick, my wife told me about 1 month later that my chest and arms were growing a little. Before the shake weight I was doing push ups (just push ups) and my chest was toning up but it was until I used the shakeweight that I saw some growing in my arms. You have to be patient results do not happen over night, plus I run 3 times a week too maybe that helps too, I would say itworks if you want to tone up your arms and chest but moderately, if you are expecting big arms and chest you will need to do a lot of work out and diet, I’m satisfied with the results since I’m not looking for huge arms or chest my goal is to be fit and tone up a little, I’m more concern to lose fat than grow big arms or chest…bottom line I think it works!

  7. I am 68 yrs old with various health problems have used the shake weight for only 2 weeks and I am very pleased with the results. Will absolutely keep using it. Very excited about the possibilities. To Matt the exercise science major, I hope you put a lot more effort into your studies than apparently you did with shake weight or you will soon be Matt the EX-exercise science major.

  8. Started shaking 2 months ago, almost everyday as instructed, 30 sec per excersise. Supplemented work-out, with a Whey Protein drink after each work-out.
    - Beginning weight 122 lbs. now at 130 lbs
    - definite increase in bicep/tricep size and tone
    - definite increase in shoulder size and tone
    - definite increase in forearm size and tone
    - definite increase in size/shape ab muscles
    - definite increase in overall arm strength (L,R)
    - mediocre increase in chest size tone

    Proof is in the pudding, starting to fill up my M-tshirts which I never done before. Wife happy and so am I, will continue to be a shaker.

  9. Eric Bonk says:

    If,your fat like me in the middle the shake weight is not for you. However,If you need to build your upper body, The Shake weight is the ticket, but like any exercise program, if you do not do it everyday, your results will be limited. I purchased a shake weight to lose my spare tire. It did not work on the tire, but OH My how my upper body became more define and my pecs and arm muscles grew and My upper body became stronger and more defined. I now plan to purchase the T-Core to see how that product works on the spare tire department.

  10. To repeat, Shake Weight will replace ordinary dumbbells once they have other weight amounts from 10 to 50 and up.

    You will have the benefit of the springs and weights once they get the products going.

    They will make millions if not billions out of this patent!

  11. Just shake your ordinary dumbbells.

  12. I was 310 in June and thanks to the shake weight I’m 262 it is Nov. I guess it does work it toned me up real nice.

  13. Well I’m 6’6 290 and I’m considering using the shake weight to get back to exercising. Surely I will not substitute or suspend using dumbbells altogether, but I hope the shake weight stand up to its promise. Wish me luck. I’m ordering now….

  14. Star power says:

    @Matt the so called scientist maybe should learn to read because the shake weight for men & women weigh different maybe no one considered the fact that the difference of pounds between the two make for different results of course the one that weighs the more is for men so they can get better. And there is no claim that it will work on your abs maybe you should’ve chosen a better field of education one that shows you how to read and listen!

  15. Seams the review missed the possibility of mixing the shake weight with a regular excercise routine. Has anyone that lifts regularly using free weights, like at a gym, used shake weight at home for the 6 minutes each evening (or any other evening)? What were the results you saw?

  16. If you are skinny, like me, then you will build muscle and tone it. im 150lb and it build arm muscle and mediocre pecs. do other chest excercises instead of shakeweight. but using shakeweight for arms is good, especially for triceps.

  17. Are some of you guys serious? You think the shake weight is a good project? I am a Exercise Science major and I can tell you this product is a joke. They say it gets women toned and men bigger. How is that possible it is the same product and the same weight. So how would it not give the same result for men and women. Also for a muscle to actively get torn by working out you have to provide a resistance that is going in the same direction of muscle fibers. So for your chest you need to do exercises where you move in a horizontal plane, not vertical like the shake weight. Also this product does not work your abs. How would it? There is not resistance being placed on them. You could get the same results using a shake weight as you would turning on a blender and shaking that.

    • Auzzie W. says:

      I’m not an expert or anything, but the men and woman’s are not the same weight and they probably give the same bulking results. This does not mean “this product is a joke”.

    • Jeremey says:

      The guys and girls versions are not the same weight at all. The girls version is 2.5 lbs. The guys version is 5 lbs. The added increase alone is enough to cause bulking. If done while eating lots of protein and muscle building carbs. A person can actually get bulked up with this product alone. Learn to get your facts right mr excercise science major.

  18. Auzzie W. says:

    I’m a fairly skinny guy. I try to eat right most of the time and I live an cardio-active lifestyle. Unfortunately my upper-body strength is almost non-existent. Would this be better or should I just buy dumb bells? My main concern is whether or not the 6 minute workout could replace a dumb bell only routine.

  19. I’ve used the shake weight for two days and can tell a difference vs normal dumbbell work outs. I recommend using the shake weight than normal dumbbells :)

  20. Anthony says:

    i used to work out alot when i was younger i had huge arms but over the years most of the muscle turned soft and lost my former strength but i can feel it comeing all back thanks to this shake weight for men i only wish they would make a 25lbs 50lbs and a 75lbs shake weight

  21. Edward Navarro says:

    I am overweight by 30 lbs and had my 2nd Shake Weight workout last night was using a bullworker and 20 lb Kettlebell two years. In only two workouts my upperbody feels an enormus amount of muscle tone already over my previous workouts and using out of my personal time 1/20 than before, I am very impressed and can hardly wait to where this will take my 52 year old body.

  22. James A. says:

    Ok im 14 years old and really skinney can this make me build muscles?I dont wanna loose waight just build muscle.

  23. OK… If you shake a weight that weighs only 5 pounds, won’t you get better results shaking a simple 20-40 pound dumbell??? makes sense doesn’t it?

    • christie says:

      shake 20-40 lb dumbell? are you serious? this shake weight was designed with spring so that when you shake, the spring recoils and counter the energy you are using to shake it, thus requiring you more energy. imagine a 20lb shake weight and how much energy it will return back to you. shake that head john, perhaps you will get better results!

  24. george weaver says:

    started using the shake weight in august, have had great success,will keep
    using it.if it is used right and often it can and does make a difference!

    george weaver
    NOVEMBER 27,2010

    • Are these comments actually written by real people?

      • Hi Doug,

        Each of these comments is moderated. Naturally, I don’t know each of the people personally, but you can find a wide range of opinion here, so I believe the answer is yes.

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