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Shake Weight Reviews

shake weight image There’s another fitness product that’s creating a craze in America, the Shake Weight.

This fitness equipment came to popularity (or notoriety, some say) due to its suggestive infomercial and consequent mentions of the product on various TV shows. I particularly enjoyed the clip from the Ellen Degenres show (clip included below).

Note: there is now also a Shake Weight For Men

Is this a good product or not? I hope this review will clarify that.

The ShakeWeight is designed to help you tone and work your upper body: arms, shoulders, and chest. The original product was marketed to women but recently a men’s version was also introduced.

The original product resembles a regular dumbbell, is 2.5 pound in weight with a spring on either end. According to the official website, this device works with a method called Dynamic Inertia.

The claim that the official website makes is that by just shaking this weight for 6 minutes a day is enough to help you get lean and toned arms. You just hold it in various positions and shake it.

This is not an electric product. You create the shaking motion. This back and forth shake is supposed to work your muscles. The claim is that this movement is much better than traditional weight training.

Is this true or is Shake Weight a scam?

There are a few claims that I have trouble with concerning this product:

1. The infomercial suggests that regular weight training causes bulky muscles while the Shake Weight will give the long muscles women crave more. This is a great marketing angle but one whose connection to reality is flimsy at best.

Let me state unequivocally. I believe this suggestion is baseless. Some people just tend to bulk up more than others. There is no reason to believe that this form of exercise will give you non-bulky muscles and weight training will.

Most women simply don’t have the genetic and hormonal makeup necessary to bulk up regardless of the kind of exercise they do. Unless you workout at the gym with the specific goal of becoming bulky you shouldn’t really worry about it.

The conclusion is that being afraid of bulking up is no reason to get this product.

2. The infomercial and official website claim that a scientific study proves that the Shake Weight is more effective than regular strength training. But where is this study?

I looked for the study on the official website but could find no reference. This makes me suspicious. I want to see who conducted the study, how it was conducted, and exactly what it found. I can’t really accept only the conclusion of a nameless study without knowing more about it.

Update (March 6th 2010): I was recently contacted by the ShakeWeight team and they sent me a report they received from a simulation company that did a study on the Shake Weight. Let me state that this is a simulation study, not done on real people but it does say pretty good things about the product. For anyone who is interested check it out: Shake Weight Report

3. I don’t believe you can achieve real results by working for 6 minutes a day and that’s it. Toning up really requires you to workout hard and to eat right. I don’t like these claims because they’re very hard to measure and either refute or confirm.

4. But the biggest thing which concerns me about this product are the conflicting ways in which it’s promoted to women and men. While the infomercial for women states that this device helps to avoid bulky muscle growth, the infomercial for the Shake Weight for men basically promises bulky muscle growth. For a full review of the male version visit Shake Weight For Men Review

What is the truth?

I’ll leave that as an open question to you.

However, I will say that there are lots of people who do report good results with the Shake Weight.

Shake Weight Pros and Cons


  • Shake Weight are affordable at $19.95 a piece ($29.95 for the men’s version).
  • They’re easy to use and carry with you
  • I have no doubt that the Shake Weight does stimulate the arms muscles
  • Has a money back guarantee


  • I find it hard to believe that this device gives longer muscles than regular weight lifting
  • Dumbbells come in many weights, shapes, and forms. This product has just one weight.
  • You can get a harder workout with regular dumbbells
  • Some of the marketing claims for this product seem to be stretching the truth.

1 Missing Ingredient

While working out is important, you can’t expect to get real results without a super-effective eating plan. No matter how good the Shake Weight will be for you, unless you eat right, you will never, ever be able to really lose arm fat and tone your body.

In Conclusion

I don’t believe that Shake Weight really works better than regular training. Yes, it looks like fun and it does cause the muscles to flex, but I don’t believe it will get you better results than doing regular workouts especially if you workout hard and regularly.

However, it’s better than not exercising at all, that’s for sure you if you feel like having this around will get you to train more, go ahead and buy the Shake Weight.

So, don’t put all your hope in this product. Use it only in addition to traditional strength exercises because it is still unclear how Dynamic Inertia really works in the long run.

Here is the clip of The Shake Weight which aired on Ellen Degeneres:

Date published: December 16, 2009. Last modified: March 11, 2014


  1. BIG DAWG says:

    Ive played sports my whole life and taken several forms of martial arts and this device, if used properly with diet and cardio can be an effective tool in anyone’s workout “tool belt”. I normally use it to warm up my upper body before i do a weight routine..and it is awesome for a quick arm pump before you go it…it actually does work!

  2. Hi I have the male shake weight and been using it 6 months now.
    Its Great. I have builders arms now and for hardly any effort.
    You can shake it when ever you have the urge and while watching telly etc.
    Take seconds to get a burn and I do say 4 burns a day on each arm.
    Its better than any weights I have ever used and so easy to use.
    For the normal person who just wants shapely arms and doesn’t want to go brain dead counting out reps for hours on end I would highly recommend this thing.

    Regards Steve

  3. I have had mine for years. everytime i get pregnant i gain weight and want to lose it fast. The shake weight diff works. I lose the arm fat fast. let me tell you six mins might not seem like a long time but you will see that it is hard. My husband who is in great shape and lifts way more weight than this has a hard time keeping up with the six mins of shaking the weight. of course if you go to the gym and eat right you will lose more weight but if your like me and love food. i will not be changing my diet anytime soon. i only have a problem with my arms and the shake weight checks that easy

  4. Hi there, I bought the shakeweight and love the idea of it but mine doesn’t move? If I pull at either end I can see that it should, but the resistance is so high it doesn’t move up and down when I shake it. What should I do!? If no rememdy then – terrible! And have no further use of it.

  5. I’ve read your thoughts on the product and you didn’t use it often or long enough. I use it everyday and it works great. And because I notice it works it had me change my diet to keep improving. One little product can change a person’s diet and way of life. It’s clear you went into this half hearted about it and already thought it was a joke. For those asking if it works, yes. I have the mens black model and use it everyday for a good 20 mins.

  6. Jennifer Magelitz says:

    I bought my shake weight 12/23/2012 and it is cheaply made. Broken already with little use. I Do Not Recommend This Product.

  7. What is the difference between the Shake Weight SW2000RT and the Pro Shake Weight SW2300RT-DLX ? How do I know which one is better for me?

  8. Kevinskywalker says:

    Can we have reviews of people who have used it for more than one year?

  9. The graphs in the study look like they were made with a simple sine wave and Microsoft Excel. Also, the dumbell was lifted once per 3 seconds, and thus most of it’s force line was flat because it was held at rest.
    The study is bogus. That’s a pure and simple conclusion.

  10. I’m not sure if it’s broken or not. But mine doesn’t shake easily as it looks on the adverts. It feels stiff or stuck.

  11. Hey, I’m 17 now and thinking of buying a shake weight, any ideas if I should buy the original one, men’s black one or the shake weight pro (yellow one).

    • Jonathan says:

      Hey John,

      I couldn’t find details about the max resistance of the Shake Weight Pro, so I would go with the regular one.

      Just make sure to add some traditional workouts to that.

  12. Will it add size to your arms

  13. I’ve had it for almost a month, and let me tell you, perhaps regular weights do the same thing, but using the shake weight and watching the video makes it much more fun… also, knowing it will be over after only six minutes actually motivates you to use it more often than just doing weight repetitions by your lonesome. My 4 and 2 year-old have a blast trying to do the exercises along mommy, oh, and my arms are most definitely showing the results!

    • I suffered a spinal injury 7 years ago. I cannot do regular weights or calisthenics. I lost muscle tone to an alarming degree. I twice suffered intensely painful injuries trying to do what had been routine tasks. I saw the
      Shake Weight advertised and decided to try it. I felt results almost immediately. After six week I no longer felt progress. I upped the repetitions to 35 seconds each. Six weeks later I upped repetitions to 40 seconds each. I keep improving each time. I had bought a rifle but I could not steady it on target. Now I can hold it on target for as long as I need with no problem. This product works. You also need healthy diet and cardiovascular exercise for health, in my case walking, but this product works.

      • John,
        Thanks for sharing your story, it’s very helpful. I myself suffered a spinal injury about 7 years ago and now I’m a quadriplegic. I’ve been continually searching for a great product that I can use to strengthen my upper body. Which of course I’m not able to walk for cardio exercise, but do you think this product will benefit me?

        • Ryan,
          Don’t mean to appear rude, if you’re a quadriplegic, how can you move your arms? Also, for anyone with a spinal injury I would question the safety of the jerky (sudden acceleration/deceleration) required by this device.

  14. Has anybody here ever tried the dvd using two shake weights? I figure you could work both arms at the same time and get twice the workout. I’m thinking of trying this as I feel the dvd workout just isn’t long enough. Good product though if you use it every day!

    • I bought this a week ago to shake up my weight training. I find that it does work your upper body very effectively. Like all those infomercials the key is eating right and doing cardio to burn the fat.

  15. I was given this by a friend and I used it while watching the dvd that comes with it. I was doing the one handed action shown and it broke. Now its useless. What a waste! Can I get a refund now? I doubt it.
    Save your money people!

  16. I bought one of these just before Christmas and have been using it (almost) daily since then (sometimes twice daily, if I’ve got a lot of free time!) and I can honestly say it’s made a difference to my arms.

    The only exercise I get really is walking the dog once a day and horse riding 2-3 times a week and my arm muscles are definitely the least used.

    I have always been very conscious of my arms as they have always been quite flabby and the circulation problems make my skin look red and blotchy but since I bought the Shake Weight I have lost quite a bit of flab off my arms and shoulders.
    My shoulders look less rounded and more feminine. My arms are less flabby and slightly more toned – there’s actually some muscle there when I tense!
    They’re not perfect yet and I think I’ll need to start a proper diet and exercise routine to make any real difference but it’s definitely a good start and I’ll be keeping it up!

  17. I’m an Ex-soldier, since leaving the Army I put on a lot of weight I started going to the gym for a few months and during that time my arms never really improved, had the shake weight for 2 weeks and already I’m starting to see the curves of my muscles… yes it works

    • Hey Andy,

      Thanks for your comment. I hope it continues to work well for you.

    • hooverbm says:

      You went to the gym for a few months and didn’t see improvements? Right. You must be the type of gym member that skips on their lifting schedule, doesn’t lift properly, or doesn’t balance lifting with a high-protein and lean-fat diet. Going to the gym works. It works wonders in fact, so long as you’re doing it right. In a “few months” I went up ~100 lbs in weight for my bench press and worked up to 250 lbs with squats. Trust me, it works. Glad the shake weight is working out for you.

  18. I doubt seriously most claims made by this product but I bought one and use it and it does make you feel pumped and tired if you work it hard my main interest in this is that I believe and this is my own conclusion that this product will help stimulate your fast twitch muscle fibers where curls and free weights can not this is a completely different way to train your muscles and looking for any edge I can get in conditioning tired of being too bulky too so first days work out and I must say im feeling fatigued! 6 minutes

    • I have a degree in Biology, and when I read this, I remembered some stuff from my introductory coursework about the different types of muscle fibers, and I think you’re on to something here. The different types of muscle fibers may make a big difference to the effectiveness of the Shake Weight. I haven’t bought one yet, but my triceps have always been a problem area, no matter how fit the rest of my body is, so after reading these reviews, I think it’s worth a shot.

  19. Can I use it more than one time a day??

  20. I bought one last month and I have to say that it actually worked for me. My strength has improved. But the first two weeks I was realy sore.

  21. Hello, I’m a young girl in college and I hear great reviews about this. I want to just lose arm fat but not gain much muscle. Would this not be the best choice for me?

    • Hi Kay,

      You can’t lose arm fat by working just on your arms. You can’t choose where to burn fat from. What the Shake Weight for women can do is help you tone you arms.

    • If you just want to lose fat, you should focus on what you are eating.

      • Cardio will also significantly help fat loss if you keep with it, along with a diet plan. The more intense the better, so long as you don’t over exert yourself.

  22. Does it work on belly fat/muffin top? of course along with a good diet that is. I am 33 year old mom. I brisk walk for 1 hour on treadmill, do yoga for 15 minutes, deep breathing and pranayama.
    I feel good overall; however, belly fat is still there.Also I have a tendency to gain belly fat even with a good diet.
    I will buy it if it works on my core even a little.
    Thanks for reading.

    • Hi Adi,

      The Shake Weight mostly works the arms and may work on the shoulders as well. It doesn’t target the stomach muscles. Check out the exercises here: http://www.worldofdiets.com/exercises-to-lose-belly-fat/ to help you get rid of belly fat.

      • I’ll disclaim by saying I haven’t used this product much; I just bought it yesterday.

        However, you comment that “I will buy it if it works on my core even a little.” It does. When doing any of the exercises, it forces you to hold your core tight, especially the one-sided arm exercise.

        I can’t say how “much” it will work your core.

    • Lynnette says:

      Hi Adi,
      As a Lifestyle Wellness Coach, I would be curious to know what your normal diet consists of? With belly fat there can be food and hormone imbalances which can trigger it. What you may want to do is a food cleanse by eliminating known food allergens (dairy, wheat, soy, gluten, high starch foods, sugar & processed foods), stick primarily to veggies, lean meats and fruits. If you can do this for a couple of weeks, then slowly add back in foods you may be able to find your trigger foods that way. Typically when working with a client and myself, I find eating this way 80-90% of the time keeps us feeling our best.
      Good luck

    • Revenwyn says:

      Two weeks into my Shake Weight routine (I use the men’s 5 pound weight) and I am seeing a difference in my core. I have lost two inches in my waist. The key is to hold it at belly level.

  23. Leanne Smith says:

    Can somebody help? I think mine is broken. I received my Shake weight today and when I start doing the exercises, it does not move back and forward as shown on the advert. Can anybody help me?

    • Hi Leanne,

      It may be broken. I think you need to get a replacement.

      • I have the exact same problem with mine. I bought one a few months ago, noticed that it didn’t feel like it was shaking, so I did my exercises in the mirror, no shaking like in the video, even my husband noticed (and I didn’t even mention it to him), so I took it back to T—-t for a replacement, and the new one was the very same….. stiff! So I figured that maybe that’s the way it was supposed to be, and that I wasn’t shaking hard enough, so I shook as hard as I could, ….big mistake! I hurt my wrists and hand muscules! I put it away for a couple of weeks, then went to W—–t in another city, (took each one out of the box for testing) and all of their Shake Weights actually shook properly. And yes…… they DO work. I’m seeing results after 4 weeks of 3 6min sets 5 days a week! Give it a try. I’m so glad that I didn’t give up.

  24. I initially thought the shake-weight a scam. But I admit I was still intrigued. So I bought one. I got divorced 2 years ago and had to move into a small apartment and give up my weights and bench. So in an effort to stay in shape I consolidated to equipment that is portable and compact. Hence I got a hefty kettle bell, Pilates rubber/elastic bands, iron gym for my door, perfect pushup, and now the shake- weight. The shake-weight has riled my muscles out of my routine and is light enough to tuck in my bag with a band for a quick workout on a break at work. The key is know your body, find what works, if your muscles feel worked/sore they are growing, lean or bulky? Doesn’t matter.

    • So do you think if you were trying to tone your arms and lose arm fat it would help? Or do you think it is just best for keeping what is already in shape, in shape?

  25. I’m a 59 year old man in a wheelchair due to a stroke and amputation of my left leg above the knee, I got a shake weight for men for Christmas, today, since I’ve been in the wheelchair not being able to move about I’ve gained a lot of weight and man boobs, hope the Shake Weight For men helps to lose some of the fat and tone up my muscles again.

  26. I am 65 years old and was going to the gym 3 times a week for a few months with good results. I quit the gym because of the price of gas and gym fees. I bought a shake weight and have used it for about 3 weeks. I also do a excercise bike, sit ups, leg lifts. push ups and a set of 20 lb. dumbells. At the gym I felt like I was staying at one level after getting some good muscle tone. My muscles feel like they get a better workout with the shake weight. I have noticed that my muscles are getting toned better at home than at the gym. You can’t do it on the shake weight alone but I have done better with it than the gym weight machines. I would tell my friends to buy one. It works.

  27. I bought mine a few days ago and can tell that it does work at least somewhat. I like the idea put up above where someone said they exercise for 30 seconds then rest ten then repeat.

    I still can’t help calling it the “Strokemeister!”


  28. As a woman who is blessed with a naturally muscular body & has been lifting heavy weights for a long time, I have to say that the marketing line that regular weight lifting will make women bulky is such a BIG FOOLISHNESS. I may gain muscle more easily but I’m not getting bulkier & in fact my body is even shrinking more. I have tried this thing but all I can say is that its nothing compared to my 15 & 30lb weights.

    Note: I’m also working as a Marketing Officer & that line, along with the “6 minutes a day” thing is very much a TABOO & shouldn’t be used in all sorts. There is a better way to market the products without misleading the customers into false ideas.

  29. I just got one and my arms feel like jello so that’s a great sign. I just hope it gets rid of the extra baby fat I gained and doesn’t make me look like a linebacker.

  30. I have recently ordered a shake weight, I play badminton and also use the exercise bike I have read loads of reviews about this and thought I’d give it a try myself. When you watch all the videos of people using it on youtube then Im not suprized it does not work, use it correctly and sensibly and hopefully you should see results. I will post back when I receive it and see how it works.

  31. I am considering purchasing one. I am mid-fifties, have lost 75 in the past 5 years, am in a wheelchair due to broken leg 3 years ago. I am looking for something to help my underarms from waving goodbye before I am ready to leave somewhere. Will it work better that just using weights?

    • I’m sorry about your leg. You should be proud to have lost so much weight.
      As for the Shake Weight, I wouldn’t give up on dumbbells quite yet. However, some people here report good results.

    • I am very satisfied and have seen results. It’s easy to use and all it takes is about 15 minutes a day. This product works and I’m no weight lifter.

  32. This thing is amazing… just my first two days I could tell a difference… those who doubt it… actually pick it up and shake it and then tell me it’s a scam.

  33. Mike N. says:

    I got the Shake Weight for Father’s Day. I started adding the exercises suggested to my regular exercises. I am impressed with the Shake Weight. I have seen leaner muscles. The longer and faster you shake that weight, the better results you get. I am impressed with it.

  34. jake hoss says:

    Seriously the product works well… And for 30 bucks… Actually get off the couch and use it… Half of these people claiming its not working are probably still sitting on the couch they saw the commercial about it…. If you guys are gonna be lazy go get lipo and stop griping… Otherwise give it an honest try and you’ll see the results.

  35. I was very skeptical at first. Three excercises didnt seem to be enough. I made up one and increased the reps and it is working now. And I am a retired USMC combat vet. I know fitness. This is a hot item.

    • I own a shake weight for men, it seems to work a little for me, I would like to know more about the exercise that you made up to use the shake weight to make it more effective.

      • I added a modified hammer type curl. You will definitely feel the burn in your forearms and triceps.

  36. I’m 20 yrs old preparing for the Navy. My upper body strength is lacking at best, I’ve used the shake weight for 3 days and i can notice a difference in my arms. They feel tight. Oh, and i use the product 5-7 times a day, 10-15 mins each time.

    • If you are preparing for the Navy. I would suggest you actually workout and don’t tell anyone in the navy you use the shake weight. I don’t care if your a female, step it up. Do some push ups or pull ups for upper body strength stupid.

      • I think u was a little harsh there, Ronnie. Come on brother, at least she’s trying man. I thought this board was for advice and positive feedback!!

      • That was totally rude and disrespectful. She never said that the shake weight was the only thing she was doing. She simply said that it is something that she tried and had success with. My husband is in the Army and uses the shake weight for men with great results. He obviously incorporates many other things besides this into his routine but there is nothing wimpy about this product. And just FYI, my husband is airborne infantry. Definitely not a sissy job. Please be more respectful and apologize to this future sailor.

        • While Ronnie’s reply was unnecessary, Brenna definitely isn’t some poor victim worthy of praise & honor. She has left more than her fair share of rude, immature remarks to others on here as well. Being a future sailor doesn’t automatically entitle you to respect. You must earn respect by showing respect to others.

          • I agree with Angel…I read down & Brenna has earned everything (negative comments & rudeness) but respect. You can not come on a forum/webpage & post negative replies & expect respectful replies on your comment. She was rude & honestly she did NOT state anywhere that she does any other exercises. So after dishing out disrespectful replies to other people’s comments, she got disrespect back,… & then some. She needs to remember Karma..You get what you give 10 fold. Props to those who notice everything. The shake weight works if you let it & definitely do it more than 6 min. I use it along with other exercises 2x a day 17 min intervals (morning & evening). Don’t have time to exercise all day (work/school/life/games etc.). Definitely feel the burn.

  37. OK i am 29, i do go to the gym and also use Hydroxycut hardcore pro series. ( you can pick it up at ebay for about 30 bucks. ( 120 capsules)

    The winter time i just worked out for gain. Now because its summer wich is best for cutting yourself. I have used the shake thing for about 3 weeks now ( NO IT PROPPER) Nobody can go 2minutes straight if ytou do it right. I go 30 secs rest 10 secs. Rinse repeat 10 times. I do it twice a day. I have lost a total of 15 lbs. So yes indeed this is working.

  38. Shirley says:

    I purchased this today. My bad I thought it worked on batteries not to mention I thought it was at least a five pound dumbbell. I get more out of just shaking my 5 pound dumbbell for 6 minutes. I will return for a refund I was not satisfied.

  39. I purchased a Shake Weight, watched the DVD — twice in fact. No where does it indicate how to start the darn thing to shaking. Went to their website concerning returning for refund. that was no help. If I could use it, it might work. But not know how to ‘start’ it, just another waste of money.

    • Hi,

      You don’t “start” it. You need to actively shake it. It doesn’t run on batteries.

    • There’s a *start switch* located on the *pick it up, and shake it physically.*

    • It’s not a waste of money. Keep trying. Balance and just move back and forth several inches and you’ll feel when it’s hitting the right place. I’ve used my Men’s one every other day for 10 days. I could tell by the second time. I may get the women’s one since I see such a big differene and don’t want to build my arms. try, try, try, then you can complain that it’s too hard and gets you sore. You want results, right? Do it!

    • You shake it yourself lol it’s not battery powered

  40. Daniel C. says:

    I’ve been useing shakeweight for men for the past two months and up to this day I still feel the burn and my friends have notice the tone and deep cuts in my biceps,, triceps, shoulders and chest. People are noticing my the “V” shape in my upper body. But here’s the thing, you must combine it with a good diet and cardio. I walk to the gym with a backpack carring my shake and a 15 pound iron ball. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far from 244 to 229. Funny when I take the shakeweight to the gym, the other fellows look at me funny and some have even asked if it really works. I have them try it and they shut up. I have several guys who have already asked to join in on my work out with it but eventually they will have to purchase their own…. Best $29.95 I have ever spent!

  41. I recently bought a shake weight from Walmart. I am NOT someone who works out regularly, but I thought this would make it more fun. I am more into cardio and tend to avoid weight training because it’s boring.

    I have to say, the shake weight HAS given me results. I like putting on some upbeat music and doing cardio as well as using the shake weight. I HAVE SEEN RESULTS in my arms and shoulders. You need to use this daily, as much as your arms will allow, and you will definitely see results.

    I WILL say that this is more for someone who is getting into weight training, or is new at it. Not for someone who is a seasoned work-out person. DEFINITELY was worth my $20. I really like using it!

  42. Daniel, says:

    You can’t just expect the “shakeweight” to do the work for you. You actually have to work to get muscles. And getting into shape doesn’t take one or two weeks. And also not eating unhealthy food. Like snack, candy, chocolate and other unhealthy take away’s. So before you go judging “Shakeweight”, try changing your diet to a healthier one and do the exercise correctly…

  43. courtney says:

    I brought the shake weight from my local wal-mart a week ago and I have been doing the 6 minute workout and I have to say I see the results already my upper body’s starting to form you just have to give it 110% everytime plus a great diet helps too

  44. I had to come look at these reviews. All I can say is that from basically working out my entire life at one point or another. The one thing I noticed when I saw this infomercial was the amount of repetitions this thing but your arms through. Typically your elbows. If any of you have tried to vary your programs from one time to another, you may have noticed when you increased your reps or done too many exercises in one session that worked different muscles but used certain muscles like shoulders or arms. If you over train any area you will develop problems. This is why alot of experts say to alternate your workouts. I have been so excited at workouts that I over trained, like doing triceps,biceps,chest,shoulders in the same session. What did I get from that? Tennis elbow,bursitis,etc. I enjoy going to the gym at 40,but am doing things alot smarter these days. If you find yourself a reliable,honest personal trainer and ask them what works best. They will tell you that your diet is 80% of your success. Good luck to you all, and I hope you take the time to research smart and sensible ways to get the body you want.

  45. I got it to hopefully get rid of that loose arm weight; however after using it for several weeks my elbows became extremely sore, even to the touch. I watched the video to make sure I was doing it right and it appears I was. Two months later my elbows are still sore only not as badly. And yes I did stop using the Shake Weight.

    • Tina your problem is that you probably don’t eat healthy!
      You probably are not eating right! So the shake weight is not showing results, start eating really healthy then do it 3 times a day(shake weight) and results will come!
      how do I know? My cousin invented the Shake weight!

      • Ha, Davis… a healthy diet isn’t going to effect how her elbow is affected by the product, and she didn’t say there were results or weren’t results

  46. I just got done using it, I can feel it work in my arms!

  47. Joan Cortez says:

    I bought my Shake Weight 6 weeks ago. I can return it if is does not work. What do you have to lose but jello arms. I do yoga and Zumba. My arms still look out of shape and fat. I use it everyday and increase the time for biceps and tripceps to overload when I am ready. I started at 30 seconds for biceps. I am up to 4.5 minutes. I started at 20 seconds for triceps. I am up to 1.10 seconds. I cannot believe my eyes. For the first time in my life my arms are looking buffed. It gives me the motivation to use it everyday. My husband lifts weights and he thought it was a joke until he saw what it did. When it gets too easy, I am buying the Shake weight For Men. This product won’t help the gym rats, but for many of us it is a great start. As we get stronger, we can move on to other machines. It is just like diets, try something and it might work for you. Don’t take the word of others. If you get your money back, you have nothing to lose but jello arms. Also, it helped my stomach because I hold it in while shaking and my chest. I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond and used a $5 coupon. It cost $15. That is well worth the risk.

  48. Jesus E. Ruvalcaba says:

    1 Month Ago,. This product is great,in simple words it works

  49. Bernard Fekete says:

    I use it for 6-10 minutes a day since Sept ’10! It Works!!!
    I developed bigger upper body and great looking upper arms. I’m 56, my girlfriend loves it how I improved. You just need to shake it really hard, focus and do like 70-75 seconds at times. I do 6 in the morning, 2-4 at evening. Must stand straight up and hold it horizontally.
    Cannot cut corners. Otherwise I hate weights…there you have it….

    • I’m curious, how long were you using it before you saw visible results? I just got one, only been using it for a week but I do the 6 minute workout 3 times a day. My fiance is gone until the end of February and I was hoping to have at least some kind of visible result by the time she gets home.. any information is much appreciated, thanks!

  50. Yes, it really does work. I’m in my 50s and did not like my arms especially my elbows. Even tho my weight is normal my arms were not very tone and I had loose skin around my elbows. I’ve been using the shake weight every day for about 5 weeks and see a huge difference. I now don’t mind wearing a sleeveless top and feel my arms look more toned and fatty skin at my elbows is gone. I make sure that i grip the weight tight with both hands and shake for several minutes, then do behind my back over my head for 50 counts (work up to 50) then in each hand at my side for 50 counts each. That’s it -I do it while I watch tv. It works!!!!

  51. I’m going to try it, I’m actually fairly in shape but I would like to build up my arms muscles without the use of push ups. I believe that the shaking motion does work as whenever I am making the pancakes where you shake the bottle for 1 minute I find it difficult and see this to be that action, only without eating all the calories afterwards!

  52. I purchased it a week ago and have used it religiously since, all I do is the 6 minute workout. I was definitely sore in places that I can’t even reach, and if you do it correctly you can feel the burn. My arms are digusting and I am hoping this will help even a little.

  53. Its nOt worknin For ME!!

  54. Jose Body Builder says:


  55. Ms Toni Smith says:

    The Shake Weight Does Not Work I received one for Xmas I used it like the DVD showed for about 3 months. And my arms are still waving in the wind. I also had girl friends of mine who bought it and it didnot work for them either. The money back is joke because it’s only good for 30 days,it will time more then 30 days to tone your arms. So we are just screwed all around No toned arms and No money back. So when all my friends ask did your shake weight work I tell them HELL NO, don’t waste your money.

  56. yea so it dosent work.

  57. It is funny that many people that bought the shake weight were hoping that batteries would do the work for them. I am an athletic person who runs 4-5 miles a day and I can’t always get to my gym. I bought it to keep tone on the days that I don’t go. It seems to do that for me and I have noticed an improvement in my arms. I think the people that purchased it on an infomercial are regular couch potatoes. I saw it at Rite Aid and thought to try it. If I had poor results, I could get off of my couch and take it back. Look in the mirror before you critize the results. It took you years to get out of shape. No product will get you back into shape in a week. Get off of your infomercial couches and get outside and start working out.

  58. I’m a male 55 and just bought one has anyone been hurt when the end came off their Shake Weight?

    • Steve, if the weight sounds loose just pop the end cap off and there are 3 screws there. Just tighten the screws back tight. I’ve had mine since last July and I tightened it once.

      • Is it supposed to make a “clacking” sound when you shake it? I got mine (it’s called Shake & Tone) from the local fuel station. It’s the same product but has no video with it. Is there a video on line?

  59. It is pretty good. Some die hard fitness freaks might moan about ‘fads’. Bottom line is if this puts a bit of new interest into my work out then it’s a good thing. I have had one a few weeks, I consider myself fit and fairly strong with regular gym use and I can feel results. Whether I will outgrow this in a few months time will tell. But so what if I do. This cost the price of a takeaway pizza and if it adds a new dynamic to my fitness regime, If only for a few months then it’s still good value – if it last longer even better value, well worth buying

    • I’m gonna buy and try it. I think it seems interesting. Regular weights are boring. I think I will use it more because it is quite different. All the news fads may seem stupid for the die hard gym fan, but any new fad that actually gets me to exercise, is a keeper. I’ll go to the gym next week.

  60. OMG if you wanna see results you need to actually TRY its not just gunna come off by itself!!! and the people who say its impossible it not and seriously if you say its impossible its because you are not using it right it works great!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Please stop falling for ridiculous scams and marketing ploys. If you want to learn about strength, read “Starting Strength.” If shaking a 5lb weight dramatically improves your current level of physical fitness – you must be woefully out of shape. I don’t mean to insult all of the people here who love the shakeweight, but I am suggesting that you pursue more vigorous forms of physical activity.

    • when people who call this a scam start their comment “hey I just bought one a few weeks ago” then I’ll listen to them, but nobody here has except the people who thought it would shake itself. All the people who love it claim to own it. I’ve picked one up at the store and shook it and can easily see how it would work to tone your muscles.

      • Heather Stevenson says:

        Well I used it for about 3 months (20 min a day)and I CAN CALL IT A SCAM! It doesn’t work in anyway, I don’t believe anyone should ever waste their money on something that doesn’t work. Once I realized it didn’t work I went and started using the total gym and it was only $1 for a free 30 day trail and in 30 days my arms were better then 3 months using the shake weight. DONT BUY IT!!!!

  62. “Who orders that…besides me!” Bwaaahaaahaa! That’s exactly what I thought when they came out. No other jokes necessary. Although, a guy I work with swears by it, even though I always make fun of him for it. “That’s that Shake Weight power right there!” My elbow pops when I take it through its full range of motion, and that’s especially bothersome under weight. It doesn’t hurt, I just imagine a rope being pulled across a jagged cliff edge and I can feel the resistance. I maintain my initial impression of the Shake Weight, but don’t doubt its effectiveness. I might get two.

  63. devin haymond indiana says:

    sabrina i believe you bought the wrong product you might want to go to a cirillas or spencer gifts

  64. I purchased mine yesterday from Walmart. I too thought it was suppose to vibrate but soon realized that’s where the workout comes in. After using it for the first time I noticed my arms feeling noticeably tighter. My father also purchased the one for men and he also noticed firmer arms just after one use.

    I think the ones it doesnt work for maybe were looking for a “get toned quick” scheme. But I like it and look forward to using it!

    • I bought the Shake Weight 2.5 weeks ago, the first week I used it for 3 minutes a day -every other day(too out of shape for anything more)-into the end of the second week I am up to 6 minutes, every day, and have to say I now see muscles on my arms and have more strength for other exercises. Wow, I didn’t expect to see those kind of results in just a few weeks! I bought this at Target, with full intentions of returning it if I didn’t see results, I won’t be returning it to Target. I have another one on the way to do more exercises. I am not a large person, so I don’t need everything a conventional taller person might want/need. It is perfect for my needs.

      • I’m getting it today. I was thinking that 3 minutes a day for a while would be good for me, too. My arms are mush!


  66. it does work i reccomend buying one from ebay i got mine for 5GBP ($10) i can see results in chest arms and abs now im eating lighter and less id give it a month and ill be seeing huge results and 2 months i wont need it anymore, ive been using it for a bout 9 days now too

  67. I boutght the Shake Weight for men maybe 2 months ago. I can definately see and feel the difference in my arms, but my chest doesnt seem to be getting any results. Isnt it supposed to be for ur chest too?

  68. I bought a shake weight about 1 week ago from wal-mart..Worked great and could feel muscles working I didn’t even know I had..This morning I got up to use it again and a spring or something broke in the end of it..Bummer..I am not giving up on it though..I’m gonna go exchange it for another one and see what happens.!

  69. Can someone tell me what im doing wrong? Mine wobbles when i do it and inthe video hers stays so strait. Any ides ??

    • oops i mean ideas….

      • Tim Bakerff says:

        The reason it looks like she is holding it straight is because that’s where the exercise comes in; you need to use it through the awkward stage to develop the muscle tone to use it like the people in the video.

        My only regret was that I bought it online and paid the shipping and handling and then the next time I went to Walmart there it was for the $19.95!

  70. Hi, I bought the shake weight at walmart.. When i took it out of the box i immediately noticed that it really doesn’t shake at all.. actually the kettle bell that i use seems to be much more effective.. On the infomercial the weight really noticably shakes back and forth, this one does not at all.. In conclusion i’ll stick with the kettle bell and am returning the shake weight tonight..

    • Hi Lara,

      It’s not supposed to shake by itself. There are springs on either end. You do the shaking yourself.

    • It does shake if you do it correctly. It can give you amazing results, you just have to put some effort into SHAKING the weight.

      That’s why it’s called the SHAKE WEIGHT.

  71. I used the shake unit four times and one end broke off. How do I return this piece of junk and get a refund?

    • You’re the second person I’ve noticed here to mention one of the ends falling off. Very dangerous! I don’t know how you purchased yours, but I bought and returned mine online through their web site. A true rip-off!! Here is their customer service number. 1-800-997-6917

  72. Got my 2.5lb at Walgreens, 2 days in I’m loving it! When I was younger I had physical jobs & great lookin arms. 15 years ago I got self employed (cool), working at a desk (not cool). Since I’m 50, my muscle tone went south, leaving cottage cheesy flab. Doing 6 minutes on my kitchen timer, while watching TV or dancing to the radio, is easy, fun, and kind to my schedule. Going thru all 5 basic moves, & If it burns too hard, I break just till I feel ready to try again! The 2nd day I definately felt more strength, I could shake the weights better. My biceps look & feel firmer than they were on day 1! Shake weight seems a great addition to my home gym, which also includes hula hoop, large medicine ball, speed walking,jogging, total gym, mini tramp and floor excercises. I’ve been having trouble with situps & pushups,only able to do 5-10 a day. I think after using Shake weight, I’ll be able to do more pushups & situps. They say us older folks need strength traing in addition to cardio and this is one fun & easy method. I haven’t spent much money, but have enough variety to keep me busy. Use it or lose it, that’s what I believe. Oh, and I LMAO at that South Park episode!

    • That about sums it up. If you’re a 50 year old then this might be ideal, because it’s low impact, low weight.

      It is only good for getting a little bit of exercise, and minor endurance and toning improvement. It is basically worthless, unless you’re older (fifties and above), or your just looking for a really lazy way to pretend to work out.

      • I’m actually nineteen years old and I’ve gotten about the same results as Patti. I’m sorry that you’re so negative about a great product.
        It’s low weight which makes working out subtle and not so harsh.
        I’ve had amazing results so clearly it’s not a ‘pretend’ workout.

    • You use the expression, “Us Older Folks”, and you’re only 50!!!!!
      Come on, 50 isn’t old it’s the new 40! I’m 53 and feel like I’m 33. Don’t make yourself older before your time.

  73. Does not move by itself like as it appears to in commercials. It’s just like any other dumbbell. I sent mine back for a refund.

    • I have been using mine for over a month now 5x a week with no results!?

    • Lol, it’s funny that people are mostly sending this back, because it didn’t do the working out for them 🙂

      What did you expect it to do? It’s a spring loaded item, not a machine.

      • just pointing out that it’s false advertising. in the commercials it does appear to be battery operated -looks like it vibrates. i’ll stick to my regular kettle bells, they work much better than this piece of crap.

  74. I just bought one today and im not sure if works, does it actually shakes by itself? I’m shaking mine but nothin really happening.

    • If you’ve actually read other people’s comments, you will find out that it doesn’t. You said you bought it… Perhaps you should try taking a look at the MANUAL before you use it ((HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)). It is spring-loaded and not electrical at all. You do have to literally shake the weight back and forth… so don’t bother looking for a turn on switch or anything. Good luck to you.

    • You fools,…YOU are the macnine that powers it. Remember,.. you bought it to (exercise) that was the Idea! Make it move. Next day, repeat. Once you get stronger, it will look like on the commercial, with the man Beast! I promise. Give it a chance.

  75. I got the Shake Weight 5 days ago and I can feel a diference already. I like it and it’s fun to incorporate into an aerobics workout.

  76. I just bought myself one for $29.95. I watched the dvd and read the instructions. I then used it for approximately 12 minutes and one end flew loose. Fortunately it was the end pointing down, or it would have hit me in the chin or face.

    They are junk. Don’t waste your money.

  77. the only person who can do the shake weight for 6 minutes straight is Chuck Norris, for everyone else it’s impossible.

    • You must not have used it correctly. I didnt have any problems with it and I could feel results right away.

    • i used the shakeweight for men for two minutes, and my chest is bright red. I dont believe any of the people that say they used it for 12 minutes, especially because they imply that they just started working out

  78. the shakeweight is a great product ! After using it only twice i noticed a new vein going to my bicep. after only six uses i noticed a big cut in my arm.it really works and you will feel the burn

  79. Got this as a gag gift so i figured what the heck an did the workout an im impressed ive noticed results in the first week! great product

  80. I try to exercise everyday. I am 69 years old and find that walking 3 miles a day is easy for me. I also have several other DVD workouts that I use, trying to get in a variety and an hour a day. I picked up the Shake Weight as something extra to do while watching TV rather then just sitting around. I think those of you who are work out fanatics will certainly think that is a scam…..but keep in mind, that for some people, even just a little bit of extra exercise is betting then NO exercise at all. Some of us cannot spend hours at the Gym, plus the time that it takes us to get there and get back…..so find whats best for you and include the Shake Weight if you wish. And with that being said, you must eat healthy!

    • I forgot to mention that I am a 69 year old woman……I find that the shake weight for women is light and I am not sure if I should try the mens version.

  81. shutup all of you its the best product ever for ur arms and if you want to get rid of your stomach just do 50 situps a day…….simple

  82. I like the shake weight. i feel it in my arms everytime

  83. Just got the Men’s Shake Weight. Have been lifting steel most of my life, was one the strongest on my college division 1 football team. That said this product works, have only used it slowly since I’m not in top shape, but I can feel the potential of getting strong and having a good workout without a lot of various equipment. You will definitely feel the burn and see the results. Good luck. Greg

    • Greg,

      I saw your ad regarding the Shake weight. I’m seriously considering purchasing one. You seem to have had a good experience with it. Is there anything else you could tell me about this product before I purchase it? Thanks.

      • Hi,
        You mean comment, right? No guy named Greg left an ad here.

      • Mike,
        I have used the shake weight for 3 consecutive days now and I am starting to SEE improvement in my arms. It doesnt work the chest muscles as much as people say(at least I have not noticed it). A lot of people think the device does the workout for you. it really does not. As silly as that may seem for me to have to say that, it’s true, you actually have to do work. Yikes, right? lol. But really it all depends on your skill level. If you are in really good shape, follow the DVD. I, on the other hand, am not in the greatest shape, so i made my own routine. i do 30 seconds on each of the positions in the morning then do another set at night. Also when I can during the day I do a rep of the front exercise. Hope this works for you.

  84. I just wanted to say the joke comments made me laugh. But I recieved the mens version as a gift. I thought it’d be a joke. I have done P90X which is an intense workout. But when I tried the shake weight, I must admit. I could feel it activating muscles and feel it does work. I keep it in my car most times and use it in spare time. My wife has tried it and thinks it’s fun. I’ll be purchasing the womens Shake weight in march after she delivers our son. I recommend it, especially for someone who’s looking to get arms toned but may not be able to do other things or just don’t want to. And for the price, it’s the best thing out there in my opinion.

  85. The girl on the video is anorexic and hard to watch. Her body is VERY scary and I sure hope I never look like that!

    • I did not think she looked anorexic. I was amazed by her muscle tone in her arms. I’m certain that she had done more then just using the Shake Weight, but in any case…..She looks good…..and I am sure that others would like to be slim & trim, and anorexia does not look like she does.
      Although I cannot believe that only 6 mins a days is enough.

  86. first of all let me just say, the amount of negativity on this review page is ridiculous.if you really dont like the product then dont use it and find somethin else to do on ur spare time i mean seriously the product works! but just like everything else in this world, it takes time if you stick with it, it will benefit you ive been doing it for 2months nd its great and easy!

  87. i think its a good product for people who dont have the extra time and money for a gym membership, i’ve used the product for around 2 weeks, 2 weeks is to early to tell for good results. i dont have room to put the product down because i can tell a difference in my Tris and deltoids. although i dont think this product is a good alternative to chest and stomach as they instruct. but you could always add some push-ups to the exercise to increase results. but remember just like any other weight lifting technique your body will eventually adjust to your constant exercise and weight, and unless anything is added to your routine all gains will stop.

  88. A $25/month gym membership is more expensive though…

    • joethepersonaltrainer says:

      Yeah Jim, but that $25 you spend every month at the gym will serve you much better. Remember, you can work your entire body at a gym, but not with the shake weight.

      • Joethepersonaltrainer, It does not mean that the shake weight will be the only thing used when working out. I have treadmill at home and I can use my shake weight while I run on it. ITS WAYYYYYY cheaper than a gym membership FOR SURE!!!

  89. That report is very misleading.

    LifeMOD did NOT compose that report. They sell the software that was used. The appendix was simply taken from LifeMOD’s documentation (you can tell from the link at the very end of the report). Also note the lack of citations or authorship that a legitimate research report would have. Should it have been done by an outside organization there would also be a numeric identification number for the paper.

    The report also consistently uses the marketing terminology of shake weight, which is NOT real terminology that a research company would use. This is most seen in the conclusion section.

    Nowhere does the report show results for contraction (though it claims that shake weight results in more contractions).

    The force on the muscle is more of a concern for trying to determine if injuries are likely. The energy consumed from this motion is different from calories burned. For example while you hold a weight above your head, there is no net change in energy or net force. But you are burning calories.

    The software was likely licensed by the shake weight company, and they ran it, but lacked the expertise to properly interpret the results.

    This does not mean that the shake weight does not work, simply that the report should not be considered reliable.

  90. My finance and I have been doing it for about a week now…Not sure if there will be major changes…One thing we can say for certain is WE CAN FEEL THE BURN!!!!

    • joethepersonaltrainer says:

      Jan: The burn you feel is probably the microtears the shakeweight is likely creating in your tendons and ligaments. While motion is the key to any resistance exercise, decreasing the stability of a motion increases the risk of injury. Regardless of the low weight, this product has been aimed at beginners and carries even higher risks due to the fact that beginners do not generally have the musculoskeletal durability that is gained through real resistance training. While I won’t say you shouldn’t use this product, it’s your choice after all, i will recommend that you return it and spend that money on a month’s membership at a local gym, something that will provide you with guaranteed results should you properly avail yourself of the facilities.

    • Yes Jan, spend the money on a gym membership. Cause the personal trainers can’t hound you like used car salesmen when you are at home.

  91. i bought shake weight frm bed bath and beyond @15 dollar.its actual cost 19.99,but in bed bath we can get 5$ coupon.its really working.

  92. well I bought one, i have been using a 10 lb weight for the past few months to tone up my arms, shoulders.. so I thought I would give this a go.. i will say.. i got thru the first 30 seconds no problem.. then 15 seconds to cool off and stretch the muscles.. and the 2nd set has really been difficult LOL i used to work out alot, got married and got COMFORTABLE so I gained weight, but using the 10 lb weight I have been doing like 30 curls each set and some shoulder exercises so my arms and shoulders were already starting to change and get stronger, but its difficult to do this workout.. that being said.. time will tell if it really makes a difference.. I think this is a good product but shouldnt be used as your ONLY form of exercise.. i plan to get me a 20 lb weight, being that the 10 was only for really toneing up my arms.. we’ll see how it goes

  93. Is there a difference in the shake weight,other than weight, for the man’s or the woman’s? I’m wondering if a woman would benefit more from the 5 lb. Is there something about the configuration that would convince me to by the 2.5 lb?

  94. As for the study. I read it was done @ San Diego State U can’t say all that much but if you want to check the study I am sure you can chech with SDSU.

  95. everyone who says this is garbage and is a scam is a straight goof try it for 5 mins n then tell me its garbage

    • Brent! Does the shake weight actually work? Have you noticed a difference in your arms? Got any photos of results? Hit me up please thanks.

  96. I have used the Shake waight for five weeks and my wife has noticed the difference.. I think it does work if done correctly. I bought my wife the one for woman at Acadamy Sports. And she never sticks with anything, but she is with this because it is easy, fun and not that difficult..

  97. I was waiting to read some reviews online before I decided to buy one. I hate to order things and then have to weight for them but I see now I can go to Walgreens.
    You cant say that I am a lazy, gullible slug since I am in the army where we do an hour to an hour and a half of physical training daily. But coming home from Afghanistan my last go around I developed blood clots in my leg which has greatly restricted what training I could do.
    I am an infantry soldier so we are always out in the field do some sort of training that causes strenght and endurance.But since I have the clots I am not able to do this training and as a result I am gaining weight. For the most part I have a good diet. The army put me in a job now where I sit behind a desk all day.
    I am going to get the shake weight as soon as I can so while I am sitting behind my dest I will still be able to get an upper body workout through out the day.
    You can get a workout from just about anything around you if you have any kind of imagination without spending any money. The trick is finding the right thing that will keep you motivated whether it be lifting a pencil over your head a thousand times or using the shake weight for six minutes a day, EVERY DAY, as long as you keep doing it you WILL see results.
    So you sceptics just need to get a life and quit trying to rain on other peoples lives.

    • Tim Bakerff says:

      Greg, I agree with most of your post. The thing that surprises me is that when you got blood clots in your legs that the Army would put you behind a desk. My doctor says I was fine until I decided to sit at a desk all day typing on a keyboard. This lack of movement in the lower legs is what the doctor told me led to my blood clots in my leg.
      The shake weight itself is a great product to tone the upper body (not so much the pecs).
      My recommendation would be buy it at Walmart or Walgreens so that if it doesn’t work out for you, then take it back.

  98. Hi, I have had it for about a week now, and it is working. My stomach has gotten flatter however, I am also eating better. So of course that also helps.

  99. Justin R. says:

    i have used it for about 2 weeks, 10 days. not on weekends. i feel a little different, and i have noticed a slight change in my arms. mainly my shoulders and traps. i turned a few guys and my mom and grandma on to this product. they all love it.

  100. Clarence Settle says:

    Im a young looking 72 year old male in fairly good physical shape. I’ve been using the men’s Shake Weight for about 2 weeks now for 6 minutes a day. Yesterday at work a female co-worker asked me “What are you doing? You’re starting to look really buff?” WOW!! It really surprised me that anyone would notice because I had felt some changes in my arms but didn’t think anyone would notice, especially when I haven’t said anything to anyone else. So does Shake Weight work? An unequuivocal YES!!! I’ll keep using it faithfully because the results are definitely noticable by others…

  101. I bought mine about a month ago and do the DvD workout 2 times a day. It has worked out great for me. Its just not as effective as they want you to believe on TV but I already expected that. It does work great for toning you arms and somewhat for your shuolders. I would recomend using it as a warm up before you go and seriously work out or if you just want to do a quick workout to burn some extra calories.

  102. I bought the women shake weight about a week ago. I feel the burn just not sure its going to get rid of the flat already under my arms. I think its good if you already tone and just want to stay that way. Im also lmao from a comment in July from Matt
    July 11th, 2010 at 5:50 pm · Reply
    I lost 70 lbs with the shake weight in ONE WEEK!!! I bought this from walgreens 9 days ago and then I took it home and simply did the workouts for 12 hours straight
    per day. It really works!!

  103. I just bought mine today because I know 2 people who have it. they both love it and both of them said that they see themselves slimming down not just in their arms but overall. My co worker said today that it seems like her stomach went down and yesterday my cousin showed me the cuts and definition in her arms. (but it was months of using it)I figured Id try it and if it doesnt work ill sell it on ebay for half the price…lol

  104. I am fully willing to bet that 95% of these success stories is some guy who works for shake weight (many companies know about these forums and use them to talk up their products), and the other 5% are very overweight, lazy slugs. My bet would be every dime I have because there is no way this many people actually think this joke of a product actually does anything for anyone. The models in the commercials have only ever used the shake weight during the commercial,I’ll leave you with this brilliant claim:

    “scientific results from a prestigous californian university”

    • I am not from the Company..I got mine at the local Walmart..it was 20 bucks. I workout doing Circuit training 5-6 days a week, and walk/run my Bull Mastiff 6 miles a day. So as to say..I am in good shape. I did this 6 minute workout, and I could feel it as quick as several reps of 10lb dumbbells, (and I am using a Woman’s one, 2.5lbs),
      So, my opinion is just this an Opinion, BUT I felt it after maybe 10 seconds, and have only used it 1 time, but I am sure it works the same as dumbbells, just in less time!
      Maybe that helps.

      San Diego

  105. this kind of reminds me of the body blade. that exerciser used the same “technology”.

  106. Its always amazing to see another gimick thrown into the exersize craze without any valid science backing it up. I hate to burst anyones bubble when it comes to your shake weight,but you can’t lose weight without changing your diet and that means lowering calorie intake. As far as the shake weight developing so called long lean muscle? No exercise what ever your choice is be it Nautilus machine,free weights or weighted milk contaniers for that matter will change your genetic and herdity makeup. Again another so called easy way to get in shape by lighting your wallet. And thats the lose by reducing you by total of 19.99. As far as building fast twitch muscles? This is more nonsence.Your either born with fast or slow. But you can’t develope them.

  107. I just purchased the sw. After following the instructional video I had to stop b/c I wqas worn out. I’m not that overweight but I do need to get the arm flab off. We will see what happens.

  108. It is worth noting that the “scientific study” used the five pound shake weight and a five pound dumbell. Who does curls with five pound weights? I use forty which seems exponentially harder than five.

    • hello en wow … what a discussion.

      I’d like to challenge the people here that do not believe this shaking dumbell will benefit anyone at all – well-trained and toned or untrained and overweight.

      Shake the shaft of a dumbell for intensely 7 minutes and tell me this does not pose a challenge at all – that would not be the truth.
      Even if you achieve shaking for 7 minutes, you will have pumped up your arms.

      Fact : shaking this costs you power.
      Result : you have burned calories and activated your muscles.

      Burned off 10 calories ? 20 ? Who cares.
      Do this exercise 10 times and the question would be 100 calories ? 200 ? Sounds better already.

      If you over-eat 400 calories each day and burn off 100 using this
      dumbell : it’s still 100 calories you do not need to burn off in your
      other exercises.

      Who cares if you do not achieve the perfect body using this one tool – it is just another way to burn calories. Look at the product, not at the overpromising ads.

      And if you can burn off calories (again, who cares how many) while watching TV when you otherwise would not have lost any at all – it helps.

      Best regards to anyone that managed to read this far 😉


    • maybe you should work out the rest of your body??? just a thought

    • LOL, I was seriously reading through these then I read this post and just started cracking up.. Spider, LOL. That’s funny, but seriously I got one and if you do it right, along with cardio and eating right, It can help tone your arms. Just don’t expect a miracle in a week!

  110. I bought this and it did work great…on week two though I picked it up and on side of the weight became unsecure and FELL off!! The customer service was no help and said they couldn’t help me? Whaaaat? It’s your product! I’m so upset.

  111. Bottom line is, do you see results relative to your baseline, does it work for you? Does not matter what anyone thinks, I was curious so I integrated into my normal free-weight workout as both warm-up and specific muscle group complement and results are definitely tangible, the muscle pump is more intense and sustaining when strategically implemented. Now before you get all defensive about your way of life, not saying this could not be achieved some other way but just giving some real testimony. Just another tool to add functional variety to your workout, get creative, use in various positions and you can get blood flowing in just about any muscle group. So do not know about its function as stand alone item but works as part of my system and keeps monotony at bay. For those just beginning I would recommend getting some small free weights, and perform sets for each muscle group starting with shake weight then follow set with free weight set, this worked very efficiently in practice for my wife who is just starting workouts after baby. Just some input, hope this helps someone.

    • thank god someone stopped ragging on the product and actually put out a good answer for christ sake.honestly if you expect results ONLY using this your are stupid. This needs to be incorporated in the rest of your workout if you want any results.

  112. A friend of mine had it at her house and we were all messing around with it as a joke but it was making my arms burn. She told me to take it home so I did. I looked up the instructional video on youtube and today is my second day doing it. Yes my arms are sore. I dont have flabby arms to begin with (so maybe I’m not the best canidate) but the most excercise I get is carrying around my 3 month old. I will test it out and seee what happens; what the heck I guess I can spare 6 minutes of my super busy days for the good of all mankind. Michelle Obama arms here I come 😉

  113. What should I choose? Womens or mens shake weight? I’m a man

  114. It looks like I’m the only one who has had a big problem with the shake weight..My inside upper arm is killing me and its keeping me up nights..I used it properly saving the instructions..I did it for three days only for a minute or two each day..Now I have an appt with a physical therapist because something happened to the inside of my upper arm..Just be careful everyone.

  115. I bought the ladies shake weight. I like it a lot. I am a senior and do other exercises, and I always have. I believe it is firming my arms, which I need very badly.

    I went for the 2.5 pound, ladies version, because of my age. However, I fully intend to buy and use the men’s version, now that I see how great the product is.

    It is a good buy for the money. I bought mine at Walgreens and will purchased my next one there, as well.

  116. Let’s be realistic here. Neither man nor woman will see results in a week or two so you can erase that thought out of your head. It takes approximately 3500 calories to burn one pound. It takes at least 20 minutes for the bodies fat burning mechanism to start working. And they’re sayin 6 minutes a day will get you sculpted….you people better get real. From actually testing one for a short period of time I could see how one would eventually meet results stated on TV but anyone saying that they’ve seen results in a week or two is only convinced mentally because you’ve most likely either never exercised or that muscle hasn’t been worked before.

  117. Christina & Kenny says:

    We have purchased both the man and woman version, we are both seeing a difference!! Buy one! my arms are flabby from weight loss and the shake weight is not failing me at all. My husband is getting size and mass results. Not a waste at all especially those with stubborn flabby arms.

  118. Diana W L. says:

    I’m very interested in the Shake-Weight and am 8 and 1/2 months pregnant. I’m just curious but should I try it during my pregnancy? And if i weight until after my pregnancy, do you think it would still be around in stores?

  119. I can say that the video showing the women using the shake weight was hot! This thing is garbage. I had to laugh about the one woman above who said she had used it for four days and it was already making a difference in her arms. There is no exercise device or exercise in existence that will make a difference in four days.

  120. i bought this shake weight about two weeks ago. i weighed myself at the beginning of the two weeks and i weighed about a little less then 350 lbs. a large amount of this weight is in my arms. cellulite is perhaps an understatement. i used this shake weight for approximately 5 minutes a day or if i felt like i was going to faint, whichever came last. im happy to say that in the past 2 weeks i have lost the grand total of 2.7 lbs! im very satisfied with this product.

  121. have mine today from target, and can say , i really like it ,and think , can do the job..

  122. I’m hoping that this just came out wrong, but I stopped reading after I saw this:

    “Let me state unequivocally. I believe this suggestion is baseless. Some people just tend to bulk up more than others. There is no connection to weight training.”

    There is no connection between weight training and muscle mass? Either you’ve found something rather revolutionary, or the millions of other articles, journals, papers, studies, and books out there understand things a bit better than you do.

    • Hi,
      The intention was to say that the form of exercise provided by the Shake Weight should not have a different result than weight training. It’s not as if one training will give you long feminine muscles and the other will make women bulk up.

      I do agree with you that the phrasing could have been better. Thank you for your comment.

      • I understood exactly what you meant, although I suppose it could have been worded differently. But this article was interesting and I enjoyed it. Thanks for addressing some of the pros and cons.

  123. I bought the shake weight about 2 weeks ago and im not sure how long i used it at a time, but I would randomly do it just during a commerical break when I was watching TV (so a couple differen’t times a day). The reason I bought it was to tone my arms it seems like the only place I was unable to loose any weight (granted I never was good about working out my arms) anywho I can already tell that my arms are becoming slimmer and I am gaining muscle in areas that were lacking! I would highly recommend doing the shake beind your head I believe that one works the best. The first couple times I would do it you could tell it was working muscles that don’t normally get used becasue after a minute or two my arms would get stiff and I wouldn’t be able to shake it anymore. But now I am able to last through the whole commerical doing it that way! Hopes this helps!!!

  124. Rachael says:

    I am 5ft8in,150lb,my main concern is arm celulite, I have used my new Shake Weight 5 times. IT WORKS !!! This time next week, I expect my celulite to be gone and my arms to look great. Thank you-Shake Weight

  125. in what store can i buy the shake weight?in brownsville tx.

  126. What’s the difference between the men’s & the women’s shake weight?

  127. I lost 70 lbs with the shake weight in ONE WEEK!!! I bought this from walgreens 9 days ago and then I took it home and simply did the workouts for 12 hours straight
    per day. It really works!!

  128. donna viera says:


  129. natalie says:

    Did Shelly get any responses to her question on the rotator cuff problem? I have a similar situation ( a shoulder tear). I still do the weights but recently did a exercise that irritated the shoulder big time and had to lay off the weights for awhile. Need to know if the SHAKE WEIGHT will work without doing more damage?

    • Hi Natalie,

      It’s very difficult to give an answer to this as I’m not a doctor and I don’t even know your condition. I think you need to discuss this with your doctor.

  130. There is no substitute for a good workout, but I have had this product for a week and it does help to and build fast twitch muscles its kinda weird at first and takes some getting youst to but great for watching tv

  131. Gerald, sorry to give you a physics lesson, but inertia is a the tendency of an object to resist acceleration which means if its moving it wants to keep moving at the same speed, and if it’s at rest it wants to stay at rest. So dynamic inertia can mean an object that wants to keep moving. What they are saying is that the spring energy released by the shaking of the wieght wants to keep the weight going in one direction while your arms are resisting it trying to force it to go in the other direction.

    Contrary to what the author of this article says you can actually get a good cardio workout this way. its just like comparing a sprinter to a distance runner. You use different types of muscle rapid twitch vs slow twitch respectively. I don’t know if six minutes is enough time, but maybe the traditional 30mins isn’t always enough either.

    The product is definitely a valid workout tool, but should be use in conjuntion with a complete diverse routine just like any workout profile.

  132. do you ppl really just sit on the internet all day and write comments? you guys are awesome

  133. i ordered long time ago but i didn’t receive the product yet…..

  134. I made a lot fun of this when I first saw it, but now I am lookong for alternatives since I’ve damaged my rotator cuff tendons & I am not supposed to “lift” weights for awhile. Can anyone tell me if puts a lot of stress on the shoulders? Rotating my left shoulder & can’t do military press etc without pain.

  135. I just bought mine for 20 dollars at Bed , Bath and Beyond and used a 20 percent coupon so I paid 16. I will try it and report back. i am optimistic but if it does not work, back it will go!

    • how do you like the shake weight? seeing or feeling any results?

    • aww man I should have done that. they always send coupons but i never use it but now that I need one theres none to be found until after i open my shake weight and it cant be returned then one will magically appear! ugh

      • jasmine, you can bring your receipt back to the store with a $5 off or 20% off coupon and they will give you the money back, even if the coupons are expired!! bb&b is awesome that way . . .

  136. Dynamic Inertia? Really? Any doubts I had to the effectiveness of this product flew out the window when I heard this oxymoron. Inertia is an objects’ tendency to stay in place while dynamic means change or movement. This reminds me of the bottled water that was on the market some time ago which touted it worked faster since its water molecules were smaller so it could rehydrate your body faster.

    What a load of nonsense. Does anyone really believe the models in the commercial got their bodies from this device?

    • Cher Stewart says:

      Dynamic Inertia is NOT an oxymoron.

      Anyone who has ever studied physics knows what dynamic inertia is. Static inertia is an objects’ tendency to stay at rest unless acted upon by an unbalanced force.

      Dynamic, or KINETIC, inertia is the objects’ tendency to stay in motion.

      The idea is that since the springs are passing energy back and forth through the weight, it will become increasingly difficult to stop you from shaking once you start. I doubt the energy in the weight is conserved enough to do this as effectively as they claim, though. Obviously friction in the springs is going to be a source of heat energy loss, decreasing its dynamic inertia with each spring depression.

    • I don’t believe it any more than I believe that the female models on the covers of fishing magazines actually fish!

  137. I have seen the infomercials for this product and I have wanted one for a while. I have extra weight left over from my last pregnancy. My arms are way bigger than I would like. I have to be in a strapless dress for my sisters wedding at the end of August but let’s face it the treadmill doesn’t tone arms. My husband bought my shake weight and brought it home to me this morning. I am just like everyone else being skeptical about only having to do it for 6 minutes a day so I did the dvd 3 times and I can really feel it in my arms. I hope this product works.

  138. Adrienne says:

    Do you people know what a review is? It’s an opinion a pro or con for a product. It’s not a bunch of people saying they wanna try it or just bought it and their arms burn. A review is a commentary about a product’s effectiveness in this case, after it’s been used for a time that appropriately allows for some type of results, either positive or negative. No one cares that you bought one at Target and your arms burn. They burn because you haven’t used the muscles and you shouldn’t have done the full six minutes right away. Of course they burn!! Have you never exercised? “I think it works”????? Come on!!! Is there going to be a real review here? Something substantial that will tell us whether or not this is a worthy product? Use the damn thing for a month and then submit your review. Write a real review for God’s sake!!!!So far this is a bunch of useless information.

    • Gosh..you don’t need to be so sarcastic….people are just trying to be helpful.

    • wow,if you Adrienne have ever worked out yourself, you would know that after any good workout, youre going to be somewhat sore. Doesnt matter what shape you are in. Whether you have been working out for years or are just starting to there will be soreness of the muscles. I have been going to the gym for years but recently havent been able to fid the time to go as regularly as i would like. After seeing the commercial and understanding the physics behind the Shake Weight, I decided to try it. Although my arms were already tone, i did feel the burn and soreness during the workout and the following morning. I cannot say it has made my arms any more toned than they were, but I believe it has prevented to from losing what I had. So why don’t you get off of your computer chair and try the product out for yourself and then write a “real review” for all of us imbeciles who don’t understand what a review is and what our bodies are telling us.

    • Adrienne,

      Why are U so bitter? Get a life, be happy and loosen up!

    • i completely agree with you adrienne. these people here seem like they’re being payed to “review” and promote this product, which makes it seemingly impossible to find a good, honest review

    • You’re correct Adrienne; your definition of a ‘review’ is accurate. It would be helpful if this product were consistently used, as directed, for 60-90 days and THEN a summary of pros/cons be provided based on factual experience. I have read over 120 ‘reviews’ and only three have stated the product was consistently used, as directed, for more than five weeks. Furthermore, calling this fact out does not make Adrienne rude or seemingly in need of lightening-up. She’s correct.

      Would someone kindly write a true, time based review. Thanks.

  139. Where can I buy the Shake Weight for Men other than their site? I’m sure I could get it from a store and not pay the 10 bucks shipping. I can find the Shake Weight for Women everywhere but not the one for men. Any tips? I checked Wal Mart and they only have the one for women.

    • Well, I gave up and just bought the shake weight for men from their site. I just got it in the mail today. I thought this would be easy but it is not. It is a very challenging six minutes. The dvd has two sets using both arms in front of the body for 30 seconds, with 15 seconds recovery. Then two sets using both arms behind your head (triceps) for 30 seconds with 15 seconds recovery. Finally two sets for right arm only for 30 seconds, 15 recovery and two sets left arm only for 30 seconds, 15 recovery. I think this is going to be well worth the 40 bucks.

      • so mike wut you are trying to say is that the product works and it is worth every penny and that you would recommend it to people?

    • alexandra says:

      just saw it last week at walgreens 😉

  140. Justin G says:

    why is there a mens version…we have those exercises motions built in…and as for the womens version…you can use our “equipment” we might even throw in a skin toning “tonic” with every use.

  141. So yeah, I’ve just gotten this exact same burning workout feeling all you all are talking about from shaking a 3/4 full half-litre bottle of water for 6 minutes. Yes, that’s a standard bottle of deer park water.

    Just thought I’d share.

  142. “Does The Shake Weight Really Work?” I suppose the answer to that question depends on what you mean by “really work”. A “completely new workout technology?” Uh-Uh! Scientific results from a “prestigious California University?” The prestigious university, if it actually exists, is unnamed and probably would not want to be associated with the claims for this product. Quick! Easy! Fabulous results of all types. The ad has all the hallmarks of a scam…I wonder if Kevin Trudeau is behind this. Add in the double billing by those who ordered online or by phone. Ladies, please!

    Weight loss? (calories in)-(calories burned)= weight change. No way 6 minutes/day can cause a change in metabolic rate long enough to cause a weight loss.

    Long lean muscles? I don’t think so. You really need to move your muscles through a full range of motion (hint: stretch to increase your range of motion) to achieve that effect.

    Feeling a burn? Of course you are, my dears. You _never_ do any exercise. You barely move. You’re mostly all slugs. You land a boyfriend, husband, or give up trying and go to pot.

    You could achieve the effect you want by just staying active with washing and waxing your own car, doing some housework every day, etc. You could try some really drastic steps such as getting out of your car instead of using the drive-thru window at the bank, MacDonalds, etc. Or you could buy some cheap dumbbells, a cheap exercise mat (comes with instructions) and do a solid 30 minute workout every day.

    But stop this insanity. There is no quick and easy solution. I probably sound like a misogynist and I’ll accept that if you accept the definition of misogynist as “a man who hates women almost as much as women hate other women.”

    Sadly, there is now a Shake Weight For Men and it may be just as successful, in terms of sales to gullible men. But I say “no thanks” and I’ll push my lawnmower, rack my leaves, shovel my snow, wash and wax my car, do my own housework, and refuse to use a drive-thru window. On top of that, _I’ll_ continue to: walk and/or jog, bicycle, and lift weights. When did people get so lazy?

    • Why don’t you just go do some yardwork or something rather than ranting over how everyone else is lazy slugs. I am ordering one of these. Not because I’m a lazy slug, but because I enjoy hanging out with my husband and watching tv sometimes… and hey, why sit there like a bump on a log, when I can get a minor workout. We have a young daughter, so alot of our date nights are at home. And I don’t expect much from this, but why not?! And before you make any assumptions on my personal lifestyle (too late, but oh well)… I eat well, I get up early every morning and workout for 45 min- 1 hr, and I usually go for a walk with my daughter after work. I work hard for my body! So you can take your “misogynistic” views and shove them where the sun don’t shine! Just because your wife/girlfriend has let herself go (probably cause she’s had to put up with you!) doesn’t mean we all do.
      Oh, and btw, I clean my own car, I keep my house clean, and I rarely eat fastfood, so I don’t need to use a drive-thru! But if I decide to, that’s my choice. But thank you for going in… makes it faster for us “slugs”.
      Mind you, with the way you talk about women, I’m sure your arms get enough of a workout keeping yourself happy… you don’t need a weight to shake.

  143. Joseph, I don’t know if this works or not, and after reading everything I plan to try it, but not buy it online. But……you really need to be a man, and come and apologize for your statement. You don’t know other people’s problems, and your statement could be very hurtful to people with certain problems. I understand your statement….but you just don’t know people’s circumstances…..so again…..be a man….and apologize to the people that are not just lazy or over eat…if you don’t…I can’ only say I feel really sorry for you if you ever get an ailment that you can’t control.

  144. Jennifer says:

    My question: Wouldn’t it be beneficial for a girl to buy the man’s shake weight?? It’s 5 pounds, versus 2 pounds, and for the people who say 2.5 pounds isn’t enough, why not purchase the 5 pounder?

    Am I right or wrong? Someone let me know!

  145. These comments are hilarious

  146. I do martial arts, weight/resistance training, and cardio machines for a total of 2 hours a day 4 or 5 days a week and I have to say that the shake weight works my muscles in a way that the other exercises don’t. I was actually sore after I used it the first time. That said, I don’t think it’s a miracle weight loss solution without cardio and diet but it definitely will tone your muscles. I recommend it.

  147. if u buy shake wgt from a store how do u know how to do the ex?

  148. I think it could work. I lost thirteen pounds in a week with seven minutes of exercise on a Monday and Tuesday each.

  149. KAITLYNN says:


  150. I just got my shake weight today and when I did the six minute exercize my arms were burning like crazy and it took me forever to find one of these things because every store I went to they were sold out and when I actually did find one there was only one left. So I took that as a good sign that they must work and that people want them. I now see that if I continue to use this I might get results.

  151. I just bought mine from target and it burns, but lets just hope it give some good results.

  152. Griselda says:

    Well, I hope this stuff works. My husband saw the infomercial and ordered it for me (since I’ve always complained about how big my arms are). It took over 2 months for it to be delivered. When we finally got it, it was one shake weight with like 5 DVD’s on how to use it. BUT, now that I’m reading all of this…It’s crazy because my husband paid about a total of $50.00!! I guess he was charged for two, but they only mailed us once. We have since, learned that we should NEVER order off line nor should we order from these infomercials…Walgreens and Walmart are, now, very known for carrying “AS SEEN ON TV”

  153. bought one from tesco’s. Been using it for a few days. My arms are aching so i’m thinking this is a good sign. I too thought six minutes wouldn’t be long enough but even before the time is up my arms are screaming no more. I’m going to continue using it for the next couple of weeks with hope to losing the bat wings that had starting to form on my arms.

  154. I’m not sure why so many people doubt this product. What this product does is tone up the stabilizer muscles in your arms that support the larger muscles. It may affect the larger muscles like the biceps and triceps but not in any largely visible way. It works in the same way that holding a semi heavy object straight out in front of you for as long as possible will make your muscles burn after a while. Holding the weight straight out uses gravity as resistance. This product seems to you inertia instead. The concept is valid. I have no idea how well the product is built or whether it is made of quality materials, but the theory behind the product is sound. As suggested by others it should be used in conjunction with regular weight training for best results. It is something good to do at idle times like watching television. Unfortunately, I believe that after prolonged use this product will lose it’s effectiveness.

  155. I wish I had taken some before and after pics! Don’t give up, it works! I received one for Christmas from my daughter (its what I asked for) and can’t wait til summer… now if I can just work on the rest of my body too… lol. It works! I’m 50 years old with arms I am proud of, once again.

  156. So I suckered in and bought one from Walmart. The first time I used it with the 6 min workout DVD that came with it it BURNED LIKE HECK! I’ve been using it everyday for weeks (the 6 min workout plus whenever I’m sitting watching TV and think about it) and my arms have seriously toned up. This is coming from someone who doesn’t lift weights or anything, I only jog.

  157. I have no desire to try this product. I hate the commercial and the suggestive remarks that I hear from the opposite sex everytime that stupid commercial comes on. They need to change the ad. I can get a better arm workout doing pushups.

    • Maybe you should try it out before putting in your opinion. If you don’t want to try then just keep it to yourself.

  158. I bought my shake weight from as seen on tv. No issues with delivery. I thought what is six minutes going to do. Let me tell you, it burns like heck. If it isn’t doing anything then there would not be any burning sensation. I am going to keep using it and see if I get any results.

  159. I just bought one at Walgreens and the 6 minute work out does burn. You have to make sure you are in the right position and grip it well to make sure to shake it. Plus keep those abs tight ad your shake it baby!! Haha.. it is hella funny but it does burn. I also work out throughout the week yet it is cool to add to your work out. As for a miracle, well, excercise & diet works best We shall see what and if it helps me out.

  160. Seems like it would be good for your lympth system, the way a trampoline works. I’m surprised they don’t talk about that on their site.

  161. My question to the person who wrote the article… Why would you review something without even trying the product??? That is like giving a dining review by looking through the window of the restaurant. Shouldn’t you try the food first?

    My fiancee and I started using the shake weights today (not trying this instead of working out but along with it.) We leave them sitting out and shake it through out the day when we have a minute. We also are doing the 6 minute workout and it does burn. I already have muscular arms because of the manual labor I do at work. That didn’t matter… I still felt it burn. It has to be doing something.

    For those of you who think it doesn’t shake enough… it only shakes as much as you can shake it. It’s not magic.

    Point being is that if you pick up a weight and use it, you will get results. Compared to someone who doesn’t pick up a weight. If someone who doesn’t do much physical activity goes and gets one and uses it. Then at least it is getting them somewhat active.

    I will post back after my fiance and I use it more. It is something we are doing together and it makes us laugh at the same time as getting a bit of a upper body workout.

    Good luck to those that try it!

  162. I tried to buy this online thru their official website, it took forever because apparently i was a lucky shopper and had all these promotional add-ons available. There must have been about 20 different pages it took me to telling me about special offers and other nonsense, all i wanted to do was check out. after all i denied all the special offers it said there was an error and took me back to the beginning!!! I shop online all the time and this was the worst online shopping setup i have ever seen. Im just trying to get this stupid thing for my girlfriend as a gag gift for her birthday, and they are making it very difficult.

    • Try walmart or bed bath and beyond.

    • That’s why I love Ebay. you push buy it now and pay for and they send it to you! No ads. Just look for the best price, you don’t have to bid on buy it nows. It will save you about 10 or 20 bucks too.

  163. I purchased mine at Target last Monday, after a friend posting about hers on fb about it. As much as it seems funny, it actually works. I can tell by this week that when I try it, I can shake better. My arms are burning, but at first I couldn’t hold my left arm up and down and now its at ease.
    Ive tried on some jackets today and felt a huge difference in how I felt in them. I do it everyday! and hopefully will tone more!

  164. All I have to say is that the customer service is bs. First they charged me over the phone w/out telling me what my total was, then they ended up charging me for 2. Them when I calles customer service, they said I had to wait 24hrs so that they can make any changes my order. When I called back, they said that it was shiped already and they can’t do anything. I will have to receive it, pay for the shiping, and they will only pay for 20$ woth of the shipping(after they promised a full refund + paid shipping if we are dissatisfied w/ the product. I talked to the manager. She was rude and hung up on me, and they told me that if I have to pay more than 20$ for shiping it has to be out of my pocket. So I am returning it due to the terible customer service I received, and their mesed up system. I might end up contacting the Better Buisness Beure, and report them. I got doubble charges, hung up on, and extra money has to come out of my pocket due to their mistake. Pep think b4 u purchase it. Its at target for 19.99

    • I had the exact same thing happen a few minutes ago. Once they get ur credit info they charge u for 2 .Worst customer service ive ever had to deal with . wish i would have known about target !!!

  165. i hope it work just got my today i got it from ebay.

  166. what the heck? You can always buy it at Target, Walgreens, etc and if you don’t like it, return it!

    • PodRacerGirl says:

      Heh! If you can find it. They’re sold out around here. Can’t wait to get mine!! Thanks for the reviews everyone!!

  167. I am wheelchair bound. My arms are weak (polio) and arthritic and I try very hard to do what I can to exercise them so I can at least transfer. I do already use hand weights, I wonder if this would help, anybody out there who uses it have a clue for me?

  168. I have an even better idea…why dont you go to a gym and diet..Its ridiculous that people want the easy way out? Let me guess eat like a horse and shake the weight off!!

    That’s a joke..

    • You’re right Joseph, everyone should watch what they eat in order to lose weight, but not everyone can afford to join a gym sir.

    • Yeah, I joined a local gym that had a promotion before Christmas $400 for year family membership. Business has been here for 20 years. Come to find out they closed their doors 12/24 and going out of business. Now I am embroiled in a lawsuit. Screw signing up for another gym.

    • PodRacerGirl says:

      I have a gym member ship for my cardio and I count my calories to loose fat – but I think this little gem will do just what I want it to do, firm the BACK of my upper arms. The right tool for the job!! Dieting and exercise wont firm that up – and I tried the push up route…not so much. This is a better mousetrap. I don’t think anyone here thinks you can eat like a horse and that this arm firming device will make you loose weight. That’s ridiculous. YOUR mean comment is ridiculous too.

      • I work out alot also but for some reason i find it very hard to tone up my arms, and i must say i love my body, everything fits perfect, just not on my arms, they are huge for my body. If you end up getting this or try something that burns the fat, or makes arms thinner, firm, toned, let me know please.

    • B. .J.Grams says:

      To joseph- Ya know I get really sick of people like you and your comments which imply that if one isn’t working out 24/7 and a health food nut that they are lazy!! Yes, there are some out there who are lazy but there are
      many people who are not eating everything in sight and sitting on their rears all the time who put on weight or get out of shape due to factors such as hormone imbalance, surgery, tempporary immobility due to arthritis problems or knee problems. give people a break! YOU do not know them! your comments are not encouraging or possitive!

    • Joseph go to H*ll stiring up sh*t always an idiot in the group!! ignore him

  169. I purchase my shake weight from a website CarolWrightGifts.com and I try it out and it doesnt seem to shake very much, i shake it myself and nothing happens i though it suppost to shake on it own. Am I doing something wrong? If so, please reply back to me ASAP

    • Allie Striker says:

      I just bought this too. I got home, took it out of the box, and I was like, “This looks fake… is this a joke?” Honestly, it looks like a toy. But I decided to try it out, and it didn’t move very much. I really had to bounce myself to get it to move even an inch. I’ve read tons of reviews today, and haven’t read a one that gave insight on any results. I don’t think we’re doing anything wrong, I’m convinced that the inertia buisness is just a joke. I’m on my way to return it.

      • S. Legorreta says:

        You are the one that makes it shake, it doesn’t shake on its own. As you build up strength, it gets easier to use.

  170. I just bought one at walmart because it was fairly cheap and ive always had large arms though the rest of me is ok. I tried it out and it does burn, i think that that part of your arms are problem areas for women because really… when do you ever use your arms? Men work on cars and wax cars and lift everything, their arms get worked out … ours, not so much.

    • oh wow…thank you for the laugh!

      “when do you use your arms” that is gold.

      • LOL, you know, when you’re vacuuming or cooking or doing laundry or loading the dishwasher. God forbid you should ever wax a car or lift things! That’s for MEN.

    • When do you use arms?????? Really, ever carried an infant carrier, purse and diaper bag?????

  171. Jaime in Florida says:

    I’ve seen it at Target and Wal-mart…doing research to see if I should get one. If anything, the novelty of owning it might be worth the $19.99. I agree the website looks sketchy. I guess i’m just a sucker, cause back in the day it got a thigh master. (That didn’t do anything but bruise my inner thighs). I’ll get one and try it out. Can anyone report on length they’ve been using it and the results?

  172. I think it may be a good finishing workout in addition to your regular workout… I would not depend on the shake weight workout by itself … but the problem is .. do you want to take it to the gym to finish your workout with?? kind of embarrassing dont you think?

  173. there´s a lot of Shake Weight units at Walmart ($19.99) I bought one last week and i think it is too early to say if it works or not…

  174. Anybody know who designed/manufactured this product?? Thanks

  175. I’ve had my shake weight for a couple days. I lift weights and do the resistance band. I thought, for 6 minutes a day, no problem… It is hard to do it for the six minutes. I can tell the muscles burning. too early to see results yet but, from the burn, I’m sure it will as long as I keep it up!

  176. StrongWomen says:

    What a crock.

    Actually, you’d probably get better results shaking a crock. Add sauerkraut for added resistance. Eat sauerkraut for fat loss.

  177. Fatgurl in Florida says:

    i got mine yesterday at Target… I hope it works. LOL

  178. I tried to order just the shakeweight without the deluxe one and the workout tape, but it wouldn’t let me until I clicked the take advantage of this offer. They chared me for all the B.S…….I don’t think this site can be trusted

    • I recently ordered Shake Weight online and now I am seriously regreating it. After I gave my card mumber the website site down, I wasn’t even sure that the order went through. I now have different companies taking money out of my bank account. I called the companies and they said they got my card number from Shake Weight, so I called Shake Weight customer service and they were rude to me when I asked about it. They said they didn’t give my card number to anyone that its against the law to do that. Well I know that I NEVER gave my card number to anyone else but Shake Weight. This is the first time I have ever ordered something offline. I asked for Shake Weight corp number and they refused to give it to me. I have used the Shake Weight and I do feel the burn but like you said I don’t think you can trust the website!

      • shellie says:

        Never order anything like this online! They will “secretly” sign you up for a buncha other stuff that charges you automatically! I used to work for Bargain Network (Hopefully you HAVENT heard of it) and we would tack stuff on to peoples credit cards ALL the time. If I were you I would just cancel my card because even if you call them to cancel they will keep charging you.

  179. I purchased this, since I have always had problems with FAT arms. I could never wear a sleeve less shirt and such, but I will tell you..that this works. It toned my arms! and no i still cant wear sleeveless shirts, (cause i need to worout a lil bit more) but my arms look toner, firmer and better than before. so…try it out guys, i know its ridiculous but..it does work.

    Mahalo <3

  180. I tried to order one online and had a problem. The next day I got a phone call about my order, couldn’t understand the CS rep (broken English) and I told him to cancel my order. Two days later, I got an email that it was on backorder, I send a reply asking for my order to be canceled, next day another email saying that it shipped, two days later a reply to my email saying the couldn’t cancel because it already shipped. I will be returning my Shake Weight just because of the BS I went through. If I change my mind later, I’ll go to Target (it was advertised in the Sunday flyer).

  181. I just got one as a gift. I can feel it working my muscles. As far as results are concerned it is too early to tell.

  182. They do sell these on the Tesco website for £25

  183. This is an absolute lie, the website is poorly worded, they make up claims to what this product does, they claim its sold in tesco, i spoke to tesco, they do not sell or stock this product at all!
    I might buy one, just to sue them.

    • I bought one today from TESCO in store. Since it’s affordable I got it for the fun off it to try it out and add to my many other gimmicks. I wouldn’t rule out normal dumbbells and I don’t expect a miracle from the shake weight. To get results you need consistency and hard work.

    • corsajon says:

      In response to JOHN And to everyone who read his comment, Tesco do see the product, I know this As I am a duty manager for the company and sell the product myself after requseting it.
      I have just bought my own at £14.99 and after using it today my arms are hammered!

  184. I ordered two of them from the Shake Weight web site two days ago after CVS and Walgreens said they don’t have it. I was hoping to get it in the store so I didn’t have to spend money on shipping and handling. The web site said I would get a confirmation e-mail of my order. I never got it! And after placing my order, a phone number appeared because I never got a confirmation email saying how much the grand total of my order would be! So I dialed the number only to get a recording saying “please dial the 10-digit number you used when you ordered.” I didn’t order by phone since I ordered directly from the Shake Weight official web site! So I guess I won’t know how much these are going to cost as a total until it appears on my credit card statement! Should I trust this web site?

    • I don’t know their website or the quality of their service. Try contacting them about your charges.

    • Don’t know where you are located, but found one at Walgreens today (Jan 18, 2010) here in Austin, Texas. There was only one left and it was hard to find, but was with a lot of other “seen on TV” stuff in the back of the store.

    • found one at target

    • Linda Lee says:

      Hi, I had the a similar issue, I just put in any phone number, you’ll still reach customer service. They don’t reference your order by a phone number.

  185. you need the weight and the resistance that is in the device, it was hard at first but as your arms build up strength it gets easier to work out for 6 min. You also really feel the burn in your arms.

  186. Ok…my husband says it will work but you need something thicker than water to give it more resistance…something like slime. He’s so smart! 😀

  187. Couldn’t you get the same workout by shaking a bottle of water?

    • yes you can

    • Even shaking a pen will do the same, LOL! Seriously how in the world could anyone get fit & toned in just 6 minutes a day with a measly 2.5 lb. dumbbell? I have tried it & even the mens version but honestly I find its nothing compared to my 15 & 30lb. weights. Perhaps this product is perfect for those who are just starting to pump dumbbells otherwise its just a waste of time.

  188. I think it works. I purchased one from Target and it really works your arms and your back, it allows you to build up strength in your arms.

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