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Step Exercises To Tone Your Legs

fitness step Toning your legs may seem like a difficult task, but with the right exercises, this becomes much easier. One way to burn more fat and tone your thighs and calves is to do step exercises.

An aerobic step can be used for something other than aerobics. You can use it to do an awesome strength workout that targets the entire lower body.

In this article, I’ll share some killer step exercises you can do to tone your legs and butt quickly. You can do these at the gym or at home, provided you get an aerobic step. You can find affordable steps in sport stores or order one at a great price online here: Affordable high quality exercise steps.

General tips for doing these exercises

1. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes. Just because these step are bouncy does not mean that you can’t do with the extra cushion of sports shoes.

2. The taller the step the harder the exercises. However, if you’re going to be doing jumping exercises, there is a risk of tripping if the step is too high, so make sure you don’t over do it.

3. Do a short warm up before doing these exercises and stretch your legs when you’re through.

Here are some of the best leg toning exercises you can do with an aerobic step…

Step Ups

woman working out with an aerobic step This is the basic aerobic step exercise but it’s an effective one. Stand before the step, place one foot on top of it and raise yourself. This targets the quads and the glutes. There are a number of variations you can do with this exercise:

1. Just step up and place the other foot on the step and then go back down with both feet and repeat the exercise this time with the other foot. This is the easier version.

2. Step up but don’t place the other foot on the platform. Instead, bend it at the knee and raise it toward your chest. This will actually crunch your abs a bit. This is a highly effective exercise that will also burn lots of fat, not just help you train your legs.

You can also hold a small dumbbell in each hand to make this exercise even harder. However, this isn’t really necessary. This exercise is hard enough for most people.

Step Jumps

This is a more aerobic style workout, especially if you do it quickly. However, it is also an excellent exercise to tone your thighs.

Stand in front of the box and jump with both feet on to it. This is an exercise that becomes more effective the taller the step is (within reason). Most steps come with extensions to make them higher so use them.

The best way to burn the most fat with this exercise is to do it quickly. The second you jump back down from the step, jump right back on to it.

Lateral Box Jumps

Using a step as the box in this case, lateral hops are used to train the body in a different way than regular jumps do. Just by jumping to the side, you’re working your body in a totally different way than it’s used to. This is an excellent step exercise to make your workout more diverse.

To do this exercise, stand to one side of the step. Jump to the side with both feet on to it. Jump down to the other side. Repeat the exercise, this time to the other side. Again, to burn the most fat with this exercise, do it quickly. This will tone your legs and help you burn lots of body fat at the same time.

In Conclusion

Step exercises are an excellent way to tone your legs. You can do these exercises at home, in front of the TV. Get a step, either at the gym, or for your home and have fun with these exercises. For more exercises to tone the lower body visit Lower Body MakeOver.

Date published: November 2, 2010. Last modified: August 11, 2012


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