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Turbulence Training Review

turbulence training cover Turbulence Training was created by expert trainer, Craig Ballantyne. The program was intended to provide busy men and women, people who have children, work, and have little free time, with the knowledge of how to do intensive but short exercise sessions intended to provide maximum fat loss and muscle conditioning.

Craig Ballantyne has several academic degrees is physical education and has been a trainer for over 15 years. He created Turbulence Training in order to provide himself with the ability to keep in shape while maintaining a busy lifestyle.

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At first, people in the fitness industry didn’t know what to think of this program. It was pretty revolutionary for its day. But when the results of user started to pour in, this program started to get excellent reviews in fitness magazines.

To this day, thousands of people worldwide have used Turbulence Training with impressive results.


The Pros and Cons Of Turbulence Training

Here are the pros and cons of Turbulence Training:


  • Very short exercise session so it’s the perfect fitness solution for busy people
  • Most of the exercises can be done at home with hardly any equipment
  • Contains a massive amount of up to date fitness information
  • Has impressive reviews by many fitness specialists
  • Provided excellent results for thousands of users
  • Has great customer support by Craig Ballantyne himself
  • Has a money back guarantee


  • The intense nature of the Turbulence Training workouts means that you will not have the time to socialize at the gym
  • Contains intense exercises. If you don’t like to work up a sweat, this program isn’t for you

Turbulence Training Results and Testimonials

A few months ago, Craig Ballantyne announced the Turbulence Training Transformation contest, a prize winning challenge between users of his program.

Some of the results are pretty impressive, as a one guy lost over 30 pounds!!!

You can check out the contest results here: Turbulence Training Contest Pictures and Results.

What does this program contain

Turbulence Training is made up of short and intense workout sessions which are made up of about 5 minute warm up and between 12-20 minutes of strength and cardiovascular exercises. This means that each session is at the most 45 minutes long.

However, each session is very intensive which means that you’ll work up a massive sweat.

The way this program works is by using strength training circuits and high intensity interval training to create short and effective workouts. You will need some fitness equipment to do some of the exercises although there are many bodyweight exercises that you can do in their place so a gym membership is not a must to do this plan.

In conclusion

Turbulence Training is a proven plan with many positive testimonials from men and women. It’s a program that requires hard work and Craig Ballantyne has a no-excuse kind of approach to fitness.

However, this is also a plan which is time efficient and it delivers results. Of that there is little doubt.

Apart from the exercises, Turbulence Training also contains nutritional information (though it’s not as good as the exercise sessions). So it’s an all around program.

Date published: September 19, 2009. Last modified: January 9, 2012


  1. im talking about turbulance training it was no good for me,i love nick nilsons metabolic surge i wish i could give it 100 stars

  2. in short this program will never compare to metabolic surge so stick with nick nilson

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