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26 Ways To Lose Stomach Fat Fast

If there’s one type of fat which both men and women would love to get rid of, it’s their stomach fat. The following list contains 26 effective ways to lose stomach fat fast.

Each of these tips, by itself, is very useful. Doing them all together will lead to awesome results.

Losing stomach fat will not just make you look and feel sexier, it is also important to your health. Excess abdominal fat has been linked to diabetes, heart disease, and an increased risk of mortality.

So, following these tips will not just help you to get a flat tummy, but it will also improve your health.
woman with a flat stomach on the beach

Killer Ways To Lose Stomach Fat:

1. Don’t Try To Spot Reduce Belly Fat

Even though your belly fat is what you mainly want to lose, trying to spot reduce fat will only lead to mediocre results at best. You can’t limit fat loss to any specific body part. Doing stomach exercises, no matter how hard or often, will not burn more belly fat specifically. You need to focus on doing exercises that burn the most body fat in total and your stomach fat will also melt off.

2.Do Ab Finishers

I recently received a copy of a special fitness plan called Ab Finishers which is an excellent way to lose stomach fat quickly.

Ab finishers are short circuits that you do at the end of your training session. These are workout finishers with exercises that target your ab muscles. If you’re looking to burn more fat with your workouts, then ab finishers are a great thing to do.

3. Add More Protein to Your Diet

Protein is one of the three macro-nutrients that your body needs (along with fat and carbs). Many of us don’t eat enough of it and it’s time to change that. Protein makes fat loss much easier for the following reasons:

  1. It helps to reduce appetite which means that you won’t feel like eating too much.
  2. Protein actually gives your body a short metabolic hike which means that you’re burning a little more calories during its digestion.
  3. Muscles need protein to develop. More muscles produce a higher metabolism.

You can find protein in eggs, meat, fish, nuts, beans, and various seeds.

4. Follow Hara Hachi Bu

Okinawans follow a rule that they call Hara Hachi Bu which is said to be one of the secrets that make it the place with the longest lifespan in the world.

But Hara Hachi Bu is not just good for longevity, but for weight loss as well. It translates to “Eating until you’re 80% full” and there are very few weight loss tips which are more potent.

You see, it takes your body about 20 minutes to register that it has been adequately fed. This is why eating until you feel just shy of totally full is a smart idea. When you feel about 80% full it really means that you’ve eaten enough and in 20 minutes you will feel so. This is an excellent strategy to reduce your total calorie consumption and to lose weight fast.

5. Do a 30 Minute Cardio Activity Each and Every Day

woman doing cardio Doing cardio can help you burn extra calories and stomach fat. While you should do intensive cardio as part of your regular workouts, you should also include some low-intensity cardio in your daily routine to increase your calorie burning even more.

I recommend doing a 30 minute cardio session each and every day. It gets you out of your chair and adds to your total fat loss. You can choose which cardio to do, as long as you do it regularly.

6. Don’t Fall for Useless Products

I realize that the desire to have flat abs can be overwhelming. This is exactly what makers of various ab machines and ab belts count on.

You need to resist the urge to spend your money on these products. Most of them are either useless or offer no real benefit. You can do excellent bodyweight ab exercises for free. So, save your money and your time.

7. Measure Width and Not Weight

You can lose stomach fat without losing weight. When you do strength exercises you will gain muscle tissue which actually weighs more than fat tissue. This means that you may actually be getting fitter while gaining a little weight.

This is why I hardly use the scale at all. I prefer to use a tape and measure inches and width. This is really what you want, isn’t it? To lose inches and be tighter and slimmer, not just lighter.

8. Reduce Portion Sizes

One of the reasons that more and more people are overweight is that our portions have become bigger. You can super-size nearly everything these days, buy jumbo packs, and so on. Even our plates have become bigger. We’re basically encouraged to eat more. It makes the food companies more money.

If you want to be thin you have to reduce and control your portion sizes. Eat from smaller plates. Experiment with portions to see how much you really need to eat, and don’t go for seconds. This should be a good start.

9. Limit your Desserts to Once or Twice Per Week

I love desserts just like everyone else, but I know that if I eat them too often I will get fat. I recommend limiting your desserts to once or twice each week. You’ll still be able to enjoy your favorite foods every now and then, but you won’t add too many calories to your diet.

10. Do Stomach Vacuums to Have Flatter Abs

One of my secret exercises to get flatter abs is the stomach vacuum. You can do this exercise when you’re sitting, standing, or lying down. While it won’t burn belly fat, it does strengthen your abs and makes them seem flatter.

To do this exercise you should sit or stand with a straight posture. Inhale and suck your tummy in. Strive to bring your belly button inward as much as possible. Hold this position while breathing normally. Release after a few seconds and repeat. In a few weeks you will see how good this is.

11. Use a Bosu Ball

You can make almost all ab exercises much harder by using a Bosu Ball. It creates an unstable platform and forces your core muscles to work harder. You can also use it to perform various strength exercises which don’t target your abs. When you do so, your ab muscles will be forced to work to maintain stability.

12. Swap Sweets for Fruit

Mindless snacking can ruin any diet. This is why I recommend that you swap sweets, candy, chocolate, and other unhealthy snacks with fruit. This will give your body more fiber, vitamins, and will reduce the amount of calories that you consume.

13. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Some people don’t eat breakfast and they are thin and fit. So, this tip is not a must. However, I found that on days in which I eat a good breakfast that I’m more energetic during the day. I am also less hungry and hardly have any cravings.

I usually eat a breakfast which is rich in protein and fiber. I recommend that you do the same.

14. Eat Slowly and Focus On Your Food

Research has shown that people who eat slowly tend to lose weight faster. You should chew your food carefully and take small bites.

When you do so, you give your body more time to trigger the fullness signal (remember the 20 minutes rule?). This makes it easier to eat less and reduce hunger.

15. Add Activities to Your Day Whenever Possible

man with a flat stomach

You can find a lot of ways to burn extra calories if you just set your mind to it. I call it “To become an activity seeker”, someone who is always looking for ways to move more. Whether it’s climbing a flight of stairs, parking a little farther than you have to, or mowing the lawn, you can create an active lifestyle. When you do, it’s almost impossible not to lose weight.

16. Join an Exercise Class

For those who are looking for a little extra fitness motivation, joining an exercise class may be a great idea. Being in a class basically forces you to train more often because you’re paying for each session and you’re creating a relationship with the other students. There are plenty of classes to choose from: spinning, kickboxing, step-aerobics, etc. Just choose something you want to try.

17. Don’t Starve Yourself

While watching your calorie consumption is a good idea, starving yourself is not. It may seem logical, but it will likely backfire and leave you fatter in the long run.

When you cut your calories too low three things happen which make additional fat loss harder to achieve:

  1. Your energy level plummets leaving you weak and tired. Do you really think you can do proper workouts at this state?
  2. Your metabolism becomes slower. This is a biological mechanism in all of us which springs to action when our body has too little calories over time. It doesn’t happen in a day or two, but if you continue to starve yourself, expect to find it harder to continue losing fat after a short while.
  3. Depriving yourself of food is mentally difficult and may lead to increased cravings. You don’t have to suffer to lose weight.

18. Create a Workout Schedule

If you want to train regularly without skipping workouts you need to have a workout schedule. Once your workouts are written down with an alloted time for each of them, your chances of skipping them are much slimmer. I recommend creating a schedule for two weeks in advance.

19. Have a Bottle of Water Nearby

Drinking water is healthy for too many reasons to count. It is also important for fat loss. Drinking keeps you energetic, helps to reduce hunger, and gives you a greater ability to avoid drinking high-calorie beverages.

At zero calories, water should be your default beverage. Carrying a water bottle with you will help you to stay hydrated throughout your day.

20. Forget About Fast Food

Fast food may be tasty and it may make life easier, but it should be off limits to you right now. Fast food is often rich in calories and fat and you simply can’t afford to have it while trying to get leaner.

21. Throw Out All Bad Food from Your Kitchen

In the Fat Burning Kitchen manual, authors Mike Geary and Catherine Ebeling start their nutrition education by instructing you on which foods you should throw out of your kitchen.

This is sound advice. What you have in your kitchen will likely end up in your mouth. So, get rid of all the tempting, fattening food and you’ll be safer.

22. Eat More Meals Each Day to Reduce Cravings

I recommend that you eat 5-6 small meals each day. I found that when I follow this eating routine that my energy stays high, my hunger remains low, and I hardly have any cravings whatsoever.

You need to keep your meals small so that you’re total calorie consumption is kept low. I usually eat 3 meals and 3 snacks each day.

23. Do Exercises For Your Big Muscles

woman doing a barbell chest press If you want to burn the most fat with your workouts you need to do exercises which target your big muscles. This is done because the more muscle tissue you train the more calories you burn.

This is why I do a lot of squats, pull ups, push ups, lunges, and other exercises which work your back, chest and legs. These are some of the best belly fat burning exercises even though they don’t target your abs directly.

24. Have a Cheat Day to Avoid Cravings

While you need to watch your diet and reduce calories, you should also indulge yourself every once in a while. This is mentally and physically useful as it helps you to stick to your overall fat loss plan for as long as you need to.

This is why plans such as the Xtreme Fat Loss Diet and others include a cheat day once every 5-7 days in which you can enjoy some “bad foods”. Just keep it to a reasonable amount.

25.  Make Smart Food-shopping Decisions

To be able to eat the right food you need to buy it first. This means that you need to know what is healthy and what isn’t. This means that you need to educate yourself on healthy nutrition and to carefully read product labels. Don’t buy any food item without knowing what’s in it.

26. Train With a Friend

woman exercising with a personal trainer Working out with a friend can prove to be very useful when you’re trying to burn off stubborn belly fat. You can push each other to train harder, support one another when things get rough, and make sure the other is not missing a workout.

Choose your workout partner carefully to ensure that they are motivating and not negative about fitness. Choose someone you enjoy spending time with, but a person who is serious about getting fit.

Putting It All Together

If you can commit to implement these tips in your life, I am sure that you will see results. Make habits out of each of them and you will lose stomach fat fast. Of that I’m sure.

Date published: February 24, 2012. Last modified: October 13, 2012


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